Jan. 7th, 2017

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As usual I start with reviewing and commenting on last year's goals.
Conveniently under a cut )

Share some drawings here monthly.
Finish the driving drawing!
Start a painting of the house (at least do some thumbnails and get the final sketch transferred).
Use my Polaroid/instant film ...

Finish editing and properly name STP-REALLY!
Another 10 pages on Fire Forged Key. (Slow and steady wins the race guys.)
Start case report on Zetahra.

Tru-D pulling tire and drag. Walks around neighborhood, ponying, at least introduce the cart, start riding!
Cinnamon- break the Stink to drive!
Kitt dressage show, driving show, driving around neighborhood.
Get someone off-property a couple times a month, even if it is just across the way. Help keep them sane.
McKlintock- turn him into a good lesson pony who can fill Chewy's shoes.
Get McKlintock's eyes taken care of.

Take lessons myself for continuing education, maybe attend a clinic.
Promote driving side of business.

Temple work, idealy once a quarter at least.
Be a better visiting teacher (which means I need to take charge and not wait around for my partner to contact me...)
Continue reading Qur'an.
Read at least one book about religion and/or church history
Keep up with lesson reading for the Book of Mormon this year (preferrably in German!)
Build family history folder, preferably for both Chris and I, but at least get my side going first.

Self/Life in General
Have a healthy, baby boy #3 and get used to life with three kids.
Do some exercise daily outside of normal horse work, try toconvince Chris to join me.
Two-point for 15 minutes.
Do monthly goals and evaluations about overarching resolutions. This should help everything else fall into place.
Once things are settled see about doing counseling with my parents again. I've been at peace just leaving things as-is, but would like to have some sort of healthy relationship if possible.


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