Mar. 23rd, 2017

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We're getting information back from the NFHR membership survey. A little over 300 responses thusfar. The results are as postulated. Membership doesn't provide enough bang for the buck. A lot of people feel isolated and there is a lack of community. Our job now is to assess and figure out how to fix it, or at least make it better.

I'm also working on a new entry form for the draft show and Brenda and I are close to agreeing on an order of go. Then there is advertising and all that. Troy is supposed to get back with me on names for judges.

Yesterday I long lined Tru-D. I had some nice moments of her moving off the whip, though she does tend to get quick with it. We worked a serpentine over the poles. Her steering is getting better and we're starting to be able to make some large turns in the trot. It was a bit breezy so she was a little looky on one end of the arena, but we worked through it.

I need to keep working on her being responsive to the whipas a lateral aid and not just "Go Faster!" This too shall come.

Tru-d and her current set-up with the feather lines looped through the bridle.

After I brushed her off we took a walk around the house. We had a little spook when Chris opened a window so I asked him to open and shut it a few times until she realized it wasn't a big deal. We then returned to the arena and I asked her to move around the mounting block before leaning and rubbing on her. She looked at me as if to say "what are you doing there?" and stood solid.

I let her loose and fed the herd.

It rained last night so my morning lesson is postponing a couple hours to let it clear up.

I'm dealing with some allergies or a cold. It started as a lump of nastiness in my throat and then I started hacking it up and now my nose is getting stuffed and my eyes are thinking about getting a bit puffy. I'm drinking a lot of Chamomile tea with honey and lemon.


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