Aug. 24th, 2016 12:02 pm
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I don't know quite how that would translate into German.

Click for much, much larger version that you might actually be able to see.

All of the sketches except for one page (because Kelhan had fun and scribbled all over it) from my current small sketchbook dating October to present that I take to church with me on Sundays. A lot of these are Sunday sketches (especially the life drawings of people sitting around, standing, fancy lady shoes, etc.), though I do occasionally sketch in it other times as well. I like having a small, inconspicuous sketchbook to doodle and take notes in, especially since it helps keep me awake, heh. I use ink only so I don't have to worry about smudging and I use both sides of the paper so you do see some interference from drawings on the other side of the page on these and I can't quite be bothered with REALLY cleaning it up, thus you see paper edges and it's really haphazardly smooshed together as I tried to not let it get too horribly large.

The upper left has a sketch of Iren and several of Sray. Sray and trying to figure out her clothing is a recurring theme as she appears there, middle-left with some tunics, center top-ish and leaking over to the right. The puzzle is getting it to work with her Human form and also her natural form, which has residual flight membranes going from her elbow to the base of her ribcage. There's some sketches of full-blooded Clamon in there, Meilah, her cousin just to the right of Sray sitting on the stool, a random Brehtsohln with an itchy spot, and me figuring out their feet as they are roughly based on sugar gliders (yes, fantasy marsupials!) and the fusion of the second and third digit as a "grooming comb" is something that I finally picked up on this past year and another one of those little details that you don't always think about.

Middle left are some sketches figuring out things on the big Fjord painting, including tack and clothing. Random dragons. Kallon looking grumpy because that's what he does, Rirhe pops up a couple times, a Guenitha, and Maibenti Roek showed up the other night in the lower middle right (black and red sketches).

I have my first art class today that I need to scuttle off for. I have everything together, just need to load up and go.

I need to sketch more and share here. I know I've said that before, but I really need to just DO it.

I did manage to download the updated scanner software and hope to see some improvement in my slide film scanning. I just, once again, need the time to sit down and load up the film carriers and do it! Fingers crossed it works well, if not I might be looking at buying some different scanning software that definitely has the film presets for slide film (which I know one of their products does have and they had it in the past, which is the frustrating part!!!).

time to be off, enjoy!
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I introduced pen-and-ink today and we had some fun with contour drawings and playing with textures. I grabbed a nib for myself and did a little work as the students scratched away on their papers.

I am debating on the next project. If we go ahead and do the collage, gridding, and painting, or if we should do some speedpaints/drawings first. I have two weeks to think about it at least!

I did some sketching on my phone and need to do more.

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Finished my example for the complimentary colors project using oil pastels. This is 12x18" I think, canson paper. The boys wanted to hang out in the little house so I finished it off (or at least decided to call it finished) while the boys played and occasionally scribbled themselves.

I still have that colored pencil piece sitting on my desk. One horse, cart, and driver is completely, another needs more work on the horse and harness and the third group everything but the cart needs work on. I just hope it isn't another year before I have time to finish the silly thing.

Edit: I did 20 squats with Kelhan on my shoulders today and my legs have been feeling it all day. I must be the least fit, supposedly fit person ever.
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The end of Summer so far as the school year is concerned approaches. Some kids are going back next week, which as you might imagine stinks. Especially when it is hovering around 110 still. So for August I'll have to open up my evenings and be running 5-7pm Monday through Friday and my usual mornings (which I suspect to be rather empty) Tuesday-Saturday. Come the beginning of September I'll open up the afternoons as it should be only averaging around 97 for the highs at that point and I can get rid of the 6-7pm time slot.

It feels like I just barely got into the groove for Summer and now it's over. At least cool weather is on the horizon and I won't be sweating quite so much.

After going through most of the season I have to admit I really like my Icefil shirts. I was slightly skeptical to start, but with the long sleeves and mesh underarms as well as the fabric that is light and adds some cooling I am sold. I had tried one of those coolmedic vests a couple years ago, but I didn't like being wet all the time. These shirts also have the bonus of negating my need to apply sunscreen to my arms. I was also surprised to find that they felt cooler than my short sleeved polos. I'll be going back to the polos as it cools down, but it was nice to find something that makes the heat a little more bearable. I've also switched to wearing my breeches almost all the time (I think I wore my jeans twice this summer) because they are cooler than the jeans, plus I am a lot more likely to ride if I am wearing breeches than not. I dislike riding in jeans anymore if I can help it.

It looks like I am done with art lessons for the summer except for the open studio days on Saturday. No one signed up for the Visual Storytelling, which started this week and I don't have any prospects for Animal Anatomy next week, but it's all good. I've been using a little of the time to continue working on the drawing. I managed to beat the sky into shape yesterday and wrangled the shrubbery into somewhat decent order. The ground is giving me fits and I'm debating if the watercolor base was a good idea or not. I am also debating if I still like the Prismacolor pencils or if it is just because I am fighting my lazy, inconsistent watercolor base. I guess I'll find out when I get to the subjects who have a much smoother base to work on.

I should do a smaller piece and play with the Prismas to see if it's the base or just me. I've avoided them so long because I was enjoying the challenge of a limited palette (12-24) and the fact that the pencils with slightly harder lead don't shatter internally... I just haven't really been able to layer properly I guess and I am used to building it up very slowly from the white of the paper so the watercolor ground, especially with the various dark and light areas is throwing me for a loop.

I'll figure it out and get something halfway decent out of it. I am itching to do a large watercolor piece. I've had some 16x20" Aquabord laying around that has been calling to me. That will definitely require some sketching and thumbnailing, however.

Somewhat random I suggested to Marty puting E-va in the boys' names, inspired by [ profile] windy_withers latest post. While it will be a couple years before they rider her (she turned two in May) Dave and Marty took her in as a future grandkid pony so there you go. We're contemplating her name still. Current possibility is Esche, which is German for "Ash." Being grey dun/grulla she does look like she has ash smudged all over her and I was mulling over "ash" alone earlier, but I do have a cousin with a kid named Ash and there's also that Pokemon connotation with it too. Of course thinking about it today I remembered M. C. Escher,then thought maybe Escherin to make it feminine, but I guess we'll see. We'll try out the sound of Esche for a bit. I had liked the sound of Elna a little and then remembered Elbe, which doesn't sound too bad. Apparently I am stuck on "e" names and I am not quite sure why.

In still other news Chewy produced seven glorious piles today and is eating and drinking well. She went back to work today too. I am debating feeding her hay or keeping to the soaked pellets. I have fed her really small portions of soaked hay and she's eaten it, but I do worry slightly about her ability to chew it.
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Now I am trying to decide if I should go ahead and do the complimentary color piece as well or not ... I may work on my other projects instead.

In other news, four riding lessons this morning, three hours of art, going to pick up Bud because 5pm was sick and I have a 6pm lesson too. FULL DAY. Rinse and repeat tomorrow hahaha *falls over.*


Jun. 19th, 2015 06:22 pm
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Week one of art lessons is just about at a close. I have the open studio tomorrow and then it is week two of Color Theory and Graphite Drawing. I should probably work a little faster on my sample, ha!

That said here is day three of working on it. Since I am picking at it in the quiet moments as the students are actively engaged in their work it probably has less than six hours into it. Probably more like four.

I should post more art... I should DO more art!

Edit: The grain is a pain to render. My students got to hear me grumble about it. The wrinkles not so bad, but I misjudged the proportions on some of them and just had to run with it.


Jun. 18th, 2015 03:02 pm
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Monochrome example I am working on for my color theory class. Gives me something to do when the students aren't needing assistance.

I guess I'm not TOO rusty. I admit to fudging some of the wrinkles because they are insane and my proportions were not 100%, but I also just eyeballed it. Grids allow for more precision, but I don't have much patience for them. That and I enjoy the opportunity for artistic interpretation.

So I get to polish my rusty skills slightly as I teach, especially since the classes are small at the moment (three students!).

Open House

Jun. 13th, 2015 08:32 pm
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So I e-mailed a bit with the lady who is in charge of the private school and she invited me out to their Open House last night. She actually invited me to their "electives" orientation/discussion on Thursday, but I passed claiming other commitments (namely getting boys to bed on time as it ran to 8:30 and is a half hour away so not home until after 9 was a no-go for me, even if I just stayed a half hour it'd be 8:30). The open house started at 7pm, more workable.

The lady in charge, Kathryn S., was very excited to meet me from her e-mails. Chris drove me up and Marty and Dave watched the boys. We got there right on time and there was one other vehicle there.

I went in and Kathryn was just about done setting up. It was in an old Seminary building for the Jr. High nextdoor. She was very enthusiastic and excited to share their mission and what they plan to do.

It's a private school, but it is also geared towards home schoolers. Ultimately they want to be able to have several satellites throughout the valley and serve as a place where people could either enjoy their full curriculum or just participate in their (hopefully extensive) offering of electives.

A few others filed in and we had some introductions. I'll be offering an Equine Science class, Horsemanship (covering basic handling, groundwork, and riding and will be held here), and an Intro to Art class. They should also have things like sewing, music, sign language, and more. We'll see how this goes. The semester starts the middle of August.
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I worked with E-va today both on the lunge line and with the long lines. It gave me a pretty good idea of where all of her holes are.

Until today I had worked her in the roundpen a couple times, gave her a bath, clipped her, and took her on a trailer ride to the vet's for shots. Supposedly she has done some ground driving and Wendy said she was close to hooking to the tire, but aftet today I am not too sure about that.

It could be that she has some good time off and her work ethic is lacking (and perhaps she is getting more energy in her food than she is working off!). Lungeing she was pushy and disrespectful of my space. I had to thump her a couple times when she severely invaded my space and that is definitely the first thing that will be worked on as I start her training up.

I had some raised poles set up for the lessons I was doing and she went over those fine (not entirely intentional on my part, they just happened to be in her way as she was being a bit of a pushy goober). She even did a decent jump effort over two little rail razors rather than skirting around them (they're about 6" diameter and individually 4" tall so a 6x8" object on the ground was apparently jump worthy).

She didn't object at all to the surcingle being put on, even if I was purposefully clumbsy with it. I could have gone through all the steps before trying to ground drive her the first time, but after lungeing her I just snapped the lines to her halter and off we went to see what I had. Her stop was horrible. She'd pause half a second and then push on again (and Wendy thought she was a colder, less-forward horse...) so I would back her up, release, she'd move on again, rinse and repeat a few times until she finally stood still. She pushed into the lines and was a bit opinionated about where exactly her track should be and wasn't entirely fond of my corrections.

I think the ground driving portion of her training will be laid aside for now until I reestablish a solid baseline. This will include: working on the lunge in all three gaits, and halting, yielding, and changing directions smoothly, establishing her buttons with the whip aids (body control, moving shoulders and hip left and right regardless of where I am standing), and general respect of space when standing and working around her. She seems to have gotten into pushing into pressure and that is a tendency to redirect until it is needed (when hooking to something and pulling). I think once the things above have been established I will move on to the long lining and starting towards getting her broke to drive. She will be two next month and if her bloodwork comes back good when we get it done I don't see any reason why she won't be broke to drive by the time she is three and then back her in her three year-old year.

My goals for Tru-D thusfar basically include getting her ground driving by the end of the year. I am doing some basic lungeing with her, but don't want to do too much of it due to her age (not asking her to canter, only doing a few minutes to establish she will yield and turn when asked and not much beyond that). She also needs her buttons established, but she is also much more respectful of human space, probably because of her wild child roots. I imagine E-va was handled fairly regularly and allowed to mug people a bit so she doesn't have as much respect for humans as she probably could. We can work on that for sure, but it is annoying to deal with.

I think I am going to pick up a pair of those cotton rope traces from Clay Maier and figure out how to create an emergency release for our tire set up. I don't think I want to eliminate the singletree entirely as he does, but I do want a way to disconnect from the tire if needed.

Sunny is coming along and ready for my more advanced students. I may offer the ride on her to Mariah, but I need to ride her in one of the English saddles to be sure she is cool with that. I have been riding her bareback the last few times because I am lazy and have gotten comfortable with her reactions at this point. I do wish she would more conistently hold herself in a level frame. She has a tendency to bob up and down like a cork, wich is a bit annoying. She is better than where we started when her head stayed up and her back inverted 99% of the time and her canter felt like riding a pogo stick, straight up and down, but it is a constant reminder right now to ask her to round up, drop her poll, lift the base of her neck and at the very least keep her back neutral. Her downward transitions to the trot are a bit rough still and today was the first day I asked her to halt and she didn't initially throw her head in the air. Progress where I can take it!

She is getting less opinionated when I correct her way of going and I think she is much happier in her face with the continuous rein design versus the ring design on the Dr. Cook's (and most every other cross-under bridle). I think the end of the month I am going to try the Dr. Cook's again just to see if she really does hate that design or if it was linked more to her initial lack of work ethic.

I did use some frivolous Easter money to pick up a bitless bridle specifically for Kash. The blue one I got for him and Chewy to share is a bit large around the nose. I could have sworn the measurements were fine on it, but apparently his nose is a lot more petite than Chewy's or I was looking at the wrong thing (or even ordered the wrong size). It does fit Chewy just fine and it fits Sunny well too. But anyway, this time I am ordering the bridle from Running Bear and getting their sidepull bridle. Looking at it I am 99% sure that I can attach the Moss Rock reins to it and have it function as a cross-under bridle instead of just a sidepull. I also like the option of the bit hangers, which are more easily snapped on and off over the integrated loop for the bit that Moss Rock has. They also offer the hunter green, which Moss Rock can't acquire right now. It is $20 more expensive and I will have to buy a set of reins to go with it or just use one of the sets I have where as Moss Rock includes the reins (and shipping!). I do reiterate that Lisa at Moss Rock Endurance was absolutely fabulous to work with, but I am (and have been) curious about Running Bear's stuff and the opportunity to get Kash one in his color was too tempting. Had the blue one not been too big in the nose I probably would have held off and had I not ended up using it on Sunny too maybe so. I did think about contacing Moss Rock about getting a smaller strap for the underside of the noseband, but since Kash will be getting his own the point is moot. I do think once I see how it functions I will be picking up another set of reins from her (probably shorter as Kash carries his neck so that he doesn't take up much rein at all) and maybe see if she could rig up some long lines for them so I can work both Tru-D and E-va bitless to start, and maybe see how Charm-N does too, and even for students wanting to try out long lining save my horses from having to go in their normal bridles, but not using the lungeing cavesson or their halters (my cavessons aren't really designed for long lining, the rings don't stick out far enough and halters don't typically allow for as much finesse or control).

That turned into a bit more mindless rambling than I thought.

Business continues to be exceptionally good. I need to order more hay and I have zero stress about it (WHAT A NICE CHANGE!!!!). I think I am pretty much done splurging on tack as all of the things I had been holding off on (15" English Saddle, bitless bridles, leathers, irons, etc.) have been acquired. My testing is paid for, Spring shots done. The truck is on track to be paid off before the end of the year, and I think, in general, life is pretty good.

I had my first deposit made for art classes this Summer. They were a bit of a bust last Summer as I don't think I really got the information out in time. That's okay, I had an infant and a toddler to look after and now it won't be so stressful. As it gets closer I will need to do some cleaning at the little house (the studio will be used as a studio! WOO!) and pick up a table to use. I don't think I will need to acquire much in the way of supplies other than the table, but we'll see about that. I am hoping for a decent turn-out and students in all the classes. I did restrict the time down to three hours a day for the classes as the last time I did something like four or five and that was a bit much. It was fun, but a bit much, especially since we were still living in the little house and I was using Marty's place to do it.

I still have a video to do and that last question kicking my butt. I also have to figure out what the heck I want to do a presentation on. Last time I did a brief talk about biomechanics (how the rider's use of body affects the horse's) and I wonder about trying to address that again or doing something else entirely. Maybe about how horses respond to different types of pressure (steady, intermittent, etc.)? I need to make a decision fast. I think the presentations are supposed to be 3-5 minutes. I will have to recheck my paperwork.
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Last week was insanely busy. I had the tqo art classes at Marty's place, animal anatomy and a graphite drawing class. Essentially four hours with a half hour lunch break crammed in there. I also had riding lessons packed in pretty good during the week so I was working of some type or another six to nine hours depending on the day. I was pretty done by the end of the week.

The art students had a ball and I enjoyed snitching some time here and there to sketch myself, man I'm rusty. I did start a larger piece on bristol and am debating how to proceede with it. At 14x11 it's pushing the size I like to do colored pencils in, but being on bristol I'm not sure what else to do as it won't hold washes (ink or watercolor) as well as watercolor paper. Eh, perhaps I'll just go for it. Been a while since I did anything in colored pencil, it'll be good for me. Now I just wish my art desk wasn't still packed away. It'll be so good when the house is done and we can find some apace again! The cooktop and dishwasher are wearing out their welcome in my former art corner, but they can't go in until we get countertops, which are at least two weeks out if not more! Probably more, they haven't even been out to do their templates yet.

In better news they finished the stone work last week and it looks really sharp. The great room looks awesome and the lodge poles realky feel like they belong there now rather than sticking out in the white nothingness.

Tomorrow I take Appy in to have her little wart thing looked at. Next week I need to set up to have my car taken in and given a once over. We need to figure out where the freon is leaking and it may be due for some new breaks and the latch that adjusts my chair busted, which stinks. Silber just ticked over to 125,000 and I've had her for almost 11 years now. What a good little car, but we're geowing out of her. If the truck were paid off we'd be looking seriously at a new vehicle, but we're another two and a hakf years away from that, unfortunately.

This week is a little less hectic. My student from MA is flying back home. She did eight lessons straight essentially and showed some good progress for the time she had. I have severak students starting school back up this week and next so we're working on shifting everything to the evening. It is still too hot to do anything before 5 in the afternoon so I'm going to have to open Monday and possibly Friday up for evening lessons. The good news is I can start sleeping in and I think I've seen my last 6am lesson until next year.

Ruby and Kitt are coming along. I think I'm going to have to have Kristin come oit for Kitt. She's sound to the right, but off going left and I think she's irritated that shoulder with her gimping around with the rock and abscess and needs a little massaging bodywork boost to get her over it. Where the gravel ruptured is already hardened and starting to grow down and I think so long as I clean her feet out every other day she should be fine. I haven't seen any other wierdness going on in her foot.


Jul. 29th, 2011 10:40 am
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Yesterday we has a little excitement. We found a tarantula. It was wandering about, minding its own business in the small turnout close to the stalls. Poor guy looked like he'd been harassed a little as he was missing some hair on his rump. We (Roxanne, Keara, and Marty) oogled over this anomaly and observed him until he curled up in a cool, damp corner and we went back about our day. I've never seen one "in the wild" so to speak so it was quite exciting. Later in the day I found he'd managed to get all the way to our patio and was hiding in a dark corner. I would have missed him, but the corner just looked a bit odd out of the corner of my eye and when I looked closer there was a group of fuzzy legs in the corner. His body was two or three inches long and as he moved he was about as large as my hand. Unfortunately this morning he was on his back all curled in the center of the patio. Supposedly they're resistant to pesticides (Chris sprayed last week), but I wonder since he was crawling about in daylight if he wasn't already close to the end and just looking for a quiet place to be.

Last Wednesday I got to meet [ profile] myst_runner in person for the first time. She and her mom were in town visiting her Aunt (mom's sister) who lives in the valley. Managed to get together and have some really good breakfast at Chompie's in Tempe. Ate and chatted for two hours and had a good time. I apologized for the lack of "dry" heat and they noted it was actually a lot less humid than back home. I pity the Midwest!

I'm getting Panda back in the swing of work, getting her under saddle about three days a week. It's going quite well. She's finally starting to loosen up a bit so I can do some more lateral work with her (reintroducing shoulder-in, etc.). I'm hoping next week or the one after I'll be comfortable enough to put Keara on her and see how they mesh. I hope it's a good match. I really don't want to go through putting an ad together and having people that I don't know coming out to try her. My current plan is to grill them about their riding experience and throw them on Kitt first rather than straight on Panda. That whole expect the best, prepare for the worst thing. What I do not need is someone getting on Panda, clamping down on her or getting rough and having Panda mentally shut down and go. There's too many people out there that talk themselves up nicely and simply fall apart when it comes to their actual abilities.

Today after the lesson I pulled out Zetahra and put in some good ol' elbow grease. She was a bit filthy and her mane and tail haven't been touched in months and months. It probably would have gone faster has I hosed her down, but I didn't want to do that and didn't want to have to wait for her mane and tail to dry before brushing it. I was a bit lazy as I didn't just hand-pick through to preserve all the hairs, but once you see the pictures I think you'll agree that she won't be missing them.

Zetahra at a year and three months (closing in on four). When she's all cleaned up she looks a lot less like a scruffy little pony and a bit more like a maturing horse.

More pictures )

Not too much else going on. Art lessons are half over and then I guess I'll have to decide where to go from there. I might have some luck catering to the home-schooled crowd. I'm debating if I should do some Saturday stuff or not. It will definitely not replace riding lessons, which is part of the reason I was thinking I might not end up doing it during the school year and just have it as a yearly summer thing. I can't sacrifice the after school riding lesson times for art lessons so we'll see where it goes from there. I guess the important thing at the moment is that I've done some lessons and now have some experience at it.
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The air conditioning went out on Chris' truck and it appears that my Focus' ignition is toast. Not quite sure what is wrong with Greenie, but apparently the ignition switch is a known problem with the years surrounding the Focus.

We went to head home from church and put the key in, but it wouldn't budge. I've had it do that before, but usually it just takes a little wiggling and it unlocks, but today was a different story. After finally getting it to turn I drove it home (Chris following in the Lil'rig as we'd gone home with Marty and came back in our regular clothes). It turned once after I shut it off and then was stuck again. We'll call the local shop tomorrow morning to see if they're open. It sounds like I should be able to get the part and do it myself, no need to get new keys or anything, but Chris wants to take it in rather than spending possible hours wrestling with it ourselves.

From my researching online it sounds like they used cheap metal that flakes off and causes blockages in the lock in the original ignition, you have to buy a new one (pretty inexpensive from what I've seen) that doesn't have the issue and you're good to go. So long as you can get the key to rotate the dumb thing doesn't have to be drilled out. Let's hope it's a simple, inexpensive fix as we're pretty sure Greenie's air conditioning probably won't be!

In good news I have my first art lessons starting this week! I need to go and gather up supplies (will probably borrow Marty's car or something) Tuesday and we should be off and rolling! I'm kind of excited and also a little nervous. I'm going to try and keep it relaxed and fun and hope that the kids enjoy themselves and are fairly well-behaved.

Riding lessons are holding fairly steady. We have an EHV-1/Rhinopneumenitis (sp?) scare going on in the West so my horses aren't going anywhere for at least two weeks. The scary part is that it's the neurological strain and there's no vaccine for it yet. No strange horses on my property either!

Mom's going to keep Moab so I'll have money coming in from the three boarders (yay!). If I can stabilize my finances all the feed for the horses will be taken care of and then some from board alone (so long as hay prices don't go up much more...). Of course I have my equine insurance due this coming month plus aforementioned vehicle stuff ans still trying to beat back the stupid credit card (not as scary as it was, fortunately!).

Here's to hoping for some stability to come!

There's other stuff going on that I'm not going to/can't/won't get into at the moment, for another day.


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