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Pokémon Go installed itself on my cell phone in a dream. It was really obnoxious as it would pop up at random with alerts about Pokémon while I was trying to send a client a text or something similar and I couldn't turn it off.

I don't have anything against Pokémon, but I never had much desire to move past Red and Blue. I also didn't get a gameboy past the Color version because I had other things to spend my money and time on. I think the one video game that I spent any substantial time on was Harvest Moon because farming!

Just one lesson this morning. The farrier postponed due to a family emergency until Thursday. I picked up a nail and the tire was hissing like mad as I walked around the truck to pull stuff out of the back after getting to my client's.

With the farrier abscent I went straight to Discount and am standing seventh in line because Tuesday morning at 8am is the perfect time for everyone to get their vehicle tires services. I forgot to grab my wallet this morning so Marty is loading up the boys and coming to pick me up. The truck tires are over six years old (four of those sitting outside garage in the weather 24-7) and after looking at them with the Discount guy (line went remarkably fast, but about an hour wait for the repair) the tires are in good shape. It's probably the trailer and Jeep tires that get replaced before the truck's.


Mar. 2nd, 2016 08:08 am
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I had a couple dreams last night. It had some "Edge of Tomorrow" themes. There was this couple and they were trying to keep this Very Important Thing away from the aliens. They kept getting do-overs and getting better and better at evading them. Their son (10-12) eventually ended up helping them, though they tried hard not to get him involved. The ultimate plan ended up with the parents essentially sacrificing themselves and the boy flying off on some home-built contraption over an expansive ocean.

There was a second dream, but it's fading now and I'm having to grasp at the pieces. I guess the first dream was like having 50 dreams reset over and over again, but each one slightly different.
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Last night was full of vivid, crazy dreams. I don't have time for all of the details, but the first one was about an old, dark, airy house with many empty rooms, and those that weren't empty had draped furniture.

The basement of the house had a hole that lead into the underworld and the previous owners, a married couple who had a deceased daughter had been doing experiments that centered around reviving their long-dead daughter who hung around in the basement where they did their experiments and staying close to the underworld. Then something happened. Someone killed her parents I think and this ghost of a girl turned into an angry mass of energy as her parents suffered. Then there was a realtor showing a guy the house and they got down in the basement and the realtor was explaining some things about the previous owner and they cane to the hole, which was like a small, volcanic spout, slightly raised and circular.

"And this is a hole into the underworld." The guy being shown the house was unimpressed and in trying to convince him the realtor, a heavy guy, figured the only thing to do was to climb down in and show him. They got down there and it was expansive and red and slightly curved and despite having climbed into a hole a similar one was at the crest of the curve and they would have to climb down in order to get out again. The lighting changed and instead of being normal people they were red and yellow. The yellow was highlighting where their bones were. The realtor got very distressed and told his client he needed to get out of there and to go first.

Then there was a dream featuring friends from High School. Tall Matt, Ben A., Russel D., and maybe someone else I can't quite recall. There were Star Wars costumes in frontbof a retail shop being worn and Matt had a girlfriend/wife, which made me happy. Towards the end I was helping Ben and Russel load up the costumes in the trunk of their car and at one point I think I was dressed like a Jawa.

Third dream I was driving Marty's Varoomba (what Tristan dubbed the Acadia) and had parked it in two spaces because half of one space was taken up by a shopping cart, but it still miraculously fit with maybe a tire's width over the line. This other vehicle comes in and almost missed it, making a sharp turn and just about running us over to cram into the spot at our right (despite there being plenty of space to the left). She nicked the front wheelwell. The girl was 16 or so, East Indian and her father was trying to convince me that it wasn't a big deal even though there was a pretty big dent. He wouldn't let me talk to the girl and was grumpy about giving up his insurance info.

There was probably more, but dreams fade as you wake.
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Sleep was unusually weird last night. It started with a dream that [ profile] glenatron and his mare Iris showed up in. We were working on horse/rider anxiety (partially triggered by an empty trailer rattling down the access road to our neighbors') and I was going to get on and demo some calming techniques when I woke up with my whole right leg numb and tingly. I managed to get back to sleep and had a couple other dream bits that didn't stick with me nearly so well, but they were odd. My right arm also went numb at one point and I just didn't really have any luck finding a comfortable position.
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I had a dream last night about a family. There were four brothers, the youngest was sickly and several years younger. There was also a sister. The times were hard and the youngest brother got sicker and sicker. For some reason, it is speculated for the father's health and also some strange hereditary and law-involved thing the older brothers decided it was best for their sister to pretend to be the youngest brother who ultimately died. They did this for years, so long that people thought the sister was the one who died. Towards the end the sister was getting frustrated and wanting to live her own life, not her long-dead brother's. Her brothers went on about having to keep up the ruse for the sake of their father's ailing heart.

There was also a brief but about their farm, which they also raised fish on along with the plants.

I have weird dreams.


Aug. 9th, 2014 05:26 am
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Slept like crap. Stress dreams. I need Z to get better.

I also want to know why my dream self would think it a good idea to go out naked in the morning to get horses ready and prep for a lesson and the the lesson shows up 40 minutes early and I have to grab a towel and stand there going "o hi!"

I need a nap and the day is just starting. I guess it is a good think I only have three lessons when there was going to be five today!


Aug. 8th, 2014 11:47 am
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I woke up off and on last night dreaming that Appy went down hilk really fast. She lost complete motion in her hind end as well as the ability to regulate her bowels and bladder. It felt like a Saturday or Sunday night and obviously the vets weren't avaialble and when I did get her somewhere they were pointing at her belly masses saying they should take her into surgery and take care of that and I'm thinking, she's paralized and compromised and she's fifteen, she doesn't need surgery and recovery she needs to be released from this pain and suffering.

Needless to say I'll be asking the vet today during her routine exam if they have a recommended emergency clinic. I do have Chatham, but he is more large animal and I am not calling him at 3am on a weekend for issues with my dog.

And I am a bad horse owner. I don't remember deworming the herd this Spring. So when we get the results from Z's FEC on Sunday we'll be doing that. I plan on doing Dakota too because ahe isn't putting weight back on despite her teeth bwing done in April or May.
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Had a dream last night that I was riding and on this horse, something Iberian, possibly a Lipizzaner and I was getting it to back and levade with just the merest suggestion of my seat, super cool. I have never asked or been on a horse who can do a levade and I know it actually build from the piaffe and not backing a horse, but it was cool just the same.

My Nibblenets came yesterday for Kitt and Charm-N. We'll see how this goes. It should shlow down their speed eating a bit and hopefully keep them a little happier longer. Hopefully Kitt doesn't eat through the nylon straps that make up the "mesh." Charm-N seemed to prefer to beat it slightly and then eat the leaves when they fell in her bucket.

I'm taking Charm, the little paint mare I'm working with, out to the San Tans for the first time this morning. Mom should be arriving soon so I'm going to head out.

Trying to get into the habit of posting more because it's good for me.
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I had a friend whom I met in Kindergarten. Yes, Kindergarten. When we first moved here from California I met her in the last bit of Kindergarten. We went to school at the same place up to the completion of High School. We went to Germany together twice. We met once while both of us were going to community college, but after that the connection drops off.

The last year at least, I think perhaps longer, I'd have to go back and look, but the last year at the very least she's shown up in my dreams. At first it was somewhat casual, she just happened to be there as many people just happen to be in my dreams, but more and more the last several months I've been trying desperately to get in touch with her. I've had dreams about trying to get her phone number so I could contact her (the old contacts I have for her have since gone out of service). They've pressed more and more and some of them have gotten a bit frantic as I try to write down or get the right number and I can't seem to write down the same thing twice and it keeps on changing on me.

I've searched her name online and in phone books, no luck. Some six months ago her name, just her first name as it was one of those unique names that you don't come across, showed up on a search linked to Facebook, but it dead-ended there. More dreams, more frustrations and wondering where this deep-rooted, urgent need came from as it rattled around in my head, haunting my dreams.

Then today, today. I randomly type her name in. I don't really know why, but I did. And there she was. I was almost beside myself. Months and months of dreams, years even, pressing me to get back in touch with her and then ... suddenly ... there she was.

I sent her a message. We'll see what happens.

I wonder if the dreams will stop...
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I don't have recurring dreams. I've never had the same dream twice, but I do have recurring themes. These vary from not being able to get a car parked (keeps sliding backwards out of the driveway) to trying to sort some rodent by gender, but never being able to manage to separate them fast enough for them to not reproduce more. The current theme that seems to be invading more and more frequently deals with a girl I went to school with.

To be clear I didn't just spend a couple years or a couple classes with her, I've known her since 1st grade at least, perhaps the end of Kindergarten when I came over from CA. We went to the same school from then 'til the end of High School and she went to Germany with me both times to boot.

I don't really know when she started showing up in my dreams, but it's always been in the context of trying to get back in contact with her. Last night I was trying to write her "new number" down. It kept fading before I could write the whole thing down and when I brought it back up the first three numbers would be the same, but some of the others would be different, which was infuriating.

In the past I've done casual searches for her name (don't know if she's married or not) and tried calling her old cell phone number that I got from her less than year after we graduated high school, but that's disconnected.

I have a feeling that these dreams aren't going to lessen until I find some sort of closure on it, namely, getting in contact with her again. I'd ignore it, but it is getting more and more insistent as I try to fluff it off, so that obviously isn't working.

I'm not sure if this is just a manifestation of a general desire to reconnect with people I've known previously, a feeling of regret for letting relationships fade out, or what. I don't know, but I do know that these dreams are starting to annoy me, especially when I spend half the dream trying to write down a phone number that keeps changing on me!

Apparently the area code 710 is reserved for use by the US government. *Shrug.*
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I finally got around to trimming everyone's bridle paths, even Kash's, which hasn't been done in quite some time. And due to my terrible ability to trim them regularly I have some good, long locks of horse hair that is begging to be used in a constructive manner.

I have three types to choose from, the super-soft black-maroon hair from the boy; the thick, jet-black coarse hair from Panda; and the sandy thick blonde hair of Ruby.

First come first serve!

In other news I had a rather weird dream last night, but they tend to be that way. There were three radioactive rats that I was apparently in charge of and required to treat different ways in order to see their reaction to it. The requirement that I remember the most is that I had to feed one of them nothing but chocolate.

Performed "the usual" this morning, which consists of watering the garden, feeding six horses, and mucking out stalls along with eating breakfast somewhere in there. I was going to have two lessons, but the first completely blitzed it, so instead I braided Chewy's tail and did all the bridle paths. I had every intention of working Dakota and Rowdy today, but by the time I finished with everything it was just about 10.00 and since the monsoons are starting to roll in along with being hot it is also humid.

We did have a bit of a storm yesterday, lots of dust and a mere spattering of rain until after 8pm when the power went out and it rained a little more. All of the horses were wonderfully dirty after getting mildly soaked and then rolling around in the dirt.

Hunger now strikes and I need to eat something before going to class.
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I'm glad to be working regularly on Shifting Times again, makes me feel a bit more accomplished. Hopefully this keeps me on track to finish the first chapter before the end of next year and then, researching for publication and setting to work on the second chapter.

And really, the drive behind it all is so I can throw Rirhe off of a roof. (Not really, but it'll be fun to illustrate the scene.)

I must say that I really like helping people, especially in a teaching situation where I can help someone to do or understand something better.

And I might have to add to this later as it's already time to be off.


I have a tan line on my wrist because I wear gloves while riding. Depending on the light my hands are noticeably lighter than the rest of my arm. Granted, due to wearing short-sleeved T-shirts I have the infamous farmer's tan as well and we will not mention how long it has been since my legs actually saw any substantial amount of sunlight. It comes from wearing pants most all the time.

I had a peculiar dream last night. It ended up with a blond woman and an older man tied together, but there were stiff rods between them that kept them about four or five feet from each other. Their captor was threatening the woman and had a gun, he threatened to shoot the older man. The woman, it wasn't me, but I was privy to her thoughts, made a rash decision, she jumped towards the man, getting in the way of the gun as it went off. She received a glancing blow to the head, but managed to knock the aggressor down and out. Having just been shot in the head she was not able to remain standing and slumped, half-propped by the rods that she was tied with. The old man looked like he had passed out as well and had a large lump on his head. I can't say anything in the way of what the plot was, other than that the man with the gun was holding the other two for some reason and needed something, either information or money, and was threatening both to get it.

Who knows what the purpose of tying people together, but apart using long rods of wood served.

I need to write my dreams down more, get them out, become more conscious of them again. I have noticed patterns previously in some dreams. No dream was ever repeated, but there were themes that ran through them. Like cars that won't stay in Park, rolling back and having to drive forward again and again as I tried to get it to stay standing and stop so I could get out. Gerbils or other rodents overflowing cages or escaping and breeding uncontrollably. Both dream types are quite infuriating as they seem to represent a lack of control. There are other themes, I think, but I can't recall them at the moment.

The night before I had a dream I met up with Klandagi at her home, visiting for some reason or another and was invited to go to Disneyland Paris. Most curious.

It's interesting how dreams snatch up the barest of things in our lives, people we know, but don't necessarily associate with on a constant or personal level. Small tid-bits of a show or commercial, taking in random thoughts that barely surface in the conscious mind and weaving them into dramatic tales.

I have heard before that most people dream in black-and-white. I dream in color.

I've read that dreams are our minds trying to process things that have happened during the day, pulling from our daily experiences, but I don't think that was the case with mine until the last couple of years. I found it odd to have my sleeping mind commenting on the previous days for the first time when I was used to epic dreams with drawn-out plots. The end of the world, some fight or invasion. Familiar places and people, yes, but it wasn't connected to recent events.

The most amusing is the dreams in which there are foreign languages that I do not speak, but appear in my dreams. Especially when there are subtitles. I've mentioned this to others and they find it both interesting and hysterical that yes, I have had a few dreams that had subtitles to translate foreign text.

I suppose the other reason to write down my dreams more is so I remember them better. I know I might have been turned off for a time due to a couple of rather unpleasant dreams, but it can be good to process them just the same and have a space where it can be let out without worry. I keep dream journals, yes, I can finally use the plural. I filled up my first one last year and have begun recording the dreams for this year in a new one. Both journals were given to me by Tiffany, though I don't know if I've ever told her what use they came to.

And I think that should be good for one ramble, not what I initially intended, but such are my wandering thoughts.
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Egads it's cold outside! The 10 gallon bucket of water for the horses had ice in it and Chewy's waterer is frozen, I'll have to check it once the sun comes up. Hopefully it just needs to thaw out.

I listened to the radio and it said it was 39˚ in Phoenix, which means that out here, without the lovely "bubble," it's probably 30˚ or lower. I had my ski coat and a hooded sweater on and I'm still cold! My hands went a bit numb and, believe me, 30˚ is a lot colder when there is no sun whatsoever to warm the bones.

At least I don't feel so bad about saying 30˚ is cold as I do about saying that 60˚ (on a windy day) is nippy.

Nobody got worked yesterday, which makes me feel a bit rotten, but Chewy and Kash will be worked today! And Kash has a lesson to teach so he'll defiantely be getting worked today.

I'm going to try really hard to get page 13 done this morning. Charge!

And I had an interesting dream last night pertaining to an animation/short film that Jyst did, which was rather snazzy and had a bird in it and two people. Later in the dream there was an old guy sitting in a chair, grizzled and deeply tanned. He had a sign next to him that said "Cheap" and he was advocating the need to buy local. As he was speaking his spiel he flipped his sign and it said "Cheap, Cheaper." "Our cars are cheap, cheap, cheaper!" There was a REALLY nice old red and white Bel Aire in the guy's garage. Very, very nice.


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