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Jan. 18th, 2012 11:55 am
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I'm sitting on the bench facing our little arena with Tristan napping on my chest as Keara mucks. I'm supervising as her mom had to run some errands and I said it was okay for her to stay and work.

After Keara's lesson this morning I pulled Panda out and worked her. I think it was the first time I've ridden her in the Dressage saddle. She did great despite having a month off. She went nicely into the canter both directions, though she did lean a bit going right. Not too shabby. If she's not sold before March I think I'm going to enter her in the little EVAHA show. Hopefully she'll do well (don't think why not) and that would be something to add to her info and, well, if she's out there we're more likey to get her sold.
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Friday I rode Kash for the first time. It's actually the first ride he's had since +ctober sometime as he stopped doing lessons as we prepared for the draft show (both students that were using him were in the show and, well, he is not a draft so they weren't riding him).

He did awesome. I was going to just walk and trot, but as I asked for a bigger trot he did his usual "but cantering is so much easier than extending!" And I didn't stop him and it felt wonderful.

I rode him again yesterday. I put my breeches on in the morning, figuring if I had breeches on I was definitely going to get out there to ride. It took me until noon, but hey it happened!

Kash again did awesome. I rode him in the front of the property and he was just great. Towards the end of the concentrated part of the workout I asked for a couple walk-canter transitions and he went into them beautifully, even though my upper body wanted to pop forward the first couple times. That's particularly impressive as it's been well over four months since he's been asked for that and we weren't doing them very well at the time to boot. So much love for the boy. Now if I can only get him to stop scratching himself to pieces!

... Dang

Mar. 11th, 2011 03:56 pm
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I've taught over 100 students already this year. I can't simply say "lessons" anymore as I now have a couple of pairs and a group I am teaching. I have taught more students in the last two and a half months than I did in the first five of last year. If I keep this up I should be able to get the card paid off before may *fingers crossed* and start saving again. FINALLY.

January was my best month ever, this month might be even better than that.

Of course this is all on paper. My account doesn't feel particularly prosperous, but that is mostly because of the $550 hole created by having the truck. Well, technically it's less than that, but I roundup to the nearest $50.

If I maintain this level of work I will be able to climb out of the slight hole I've been wallowing in. Hopefully I don't lose a bunch of people come summer. Summer's always slow. Fortunately hay is cheaper in summer and Charm-N should be in Utah then so one less mouth to feed.

In other news. In case you've been wondering what has been occupying most of my time, apart from teaching riding lessons, THIS would be the thing.

I took up the charge of redesigning the website of the woman we purchased Kitt from in exchange for a driving harness for Kitt. Just one little section left to go, unfortunately it's a rather time-consuming section, but it's going to be a nice little site for her business. I don't even know how many hours I've poured into it fussing with code to make it work across browsers as well as getting the things she wanted to work, but it's going to be worth it! I just have to clear a good five or six hours out of a day so I can drive Kitt out there to have her fitted and give Wendy a bit of a crash-course in how to work the website.

Once Kitt has her own harness I can start using her in my driving lessons. While the meadowbrook would need some work to get it serviceable, Kitt is the right size for my instructor's cart and she already said I could bring Kitt out to do my lessons with, mwah ha ha! I just need to long-line Kitt for a bit first to get used to her in the driving capacity as I haven't done much with her in that line. She's been great under saddle and should be much the same driving, just might take a little to remind her of the job.

Chewy, our Haflinger mare is going to be 20 years old next month! We're going to throw her a little party and all my students, both current and past, are going to be invited. Chris made up some invites for me to hand out and mail. Here's to hoping the little mare sticks around for another decade or two!
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Half hour until the WEG airs on NBC!

Tune in and support equestrian sports on television!

This is the first time for the WEG to be outside of Europe and today they will be airing the opening ceremonies, which occurred yesterday and the reining competition.

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Sep. 18th, 2010 05:04 pm
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I have a TIRE and a horse I can pull it with!

I just through you all should know.


I am easily amused.
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So we brought down those two Percherons last weekend. The Farrier came out and did their feet, the mare didn't need a whole lot done, but the Gelding, Jed, took some time. He must have taken off a good inch and a half of foot, mostly toe to bring him down to somewhat of a normal size. Like cats and dogs, if allowed to grow too long you can't just hack off all of the extra, you have to chase it back a bit over several trimmings. Jed apparently has rather soft feet because he was wearing pads in the front so we'll take it easy on him as he gets used to his "new" feet (not that we've had much of a choice with the weather).

The mare's been a little ouchy, I think it is related to the trailer ride down. She was a little cramped and had a hard time getting comfortable. She also swayed the trailer when we'd go downhill (which was most of the drive, unfortunately, not very fun to haul, but that's okay, we all survived). At least we're pretty sure it was her doing it rather than the gelding. I noticed a little swelling on the outside of her right pastern and can't recall if it was there before or not.

Monday we took Jed to the horsepark. At the time I was calling him Jedzeke because Chris was torn between Jed and Zeke and, well, Zekejed just didn't sound as cool. I rode him first and then Chris rode him a little bit. We also took pictures.
Pictures and commentary under cut )

Not quite a month ago Chris got out the tarp and we had some fun with Z. She did quite well with the scary thing. Once she was set free to explore it on her own she pawed it into a ball and generally tried to destroy it.
Zetahra and the Tarp )

And as I mentioned the Perch mare has the same brand as Panda. Chris and I took some pictures of her and sent them off to Panda's breeders, who replied back with three possibilities. They're going to do some more research and get back to us. So we might just be able to find out who her parents were as well as discover that she's registered and possibly be Panda's half sister!

I'll post some pictures of her later as I don't have time to fuss with trying to convince my ftp client to upload them. Besides, ten pictures is probably enough for one entry, right?

In less photographic news: I took Kitt out Tuesday and Wednesday to the horsepark and have been working on her canter. It'd come along a lot nicer if she was a bit more forward, but that's okay. Tuesday she was nicely forward so it was a lot easier getting her into it and keeping it, but Wednesday she was a bit of a slug about it and I only got one real good transition.

Today Trish and I took Kash and Moab out and the weather was just lovely. It was UNDER 90! And we had clouds! And a cool breeze! The weather might just be taking a pleasant turn! It's supposed to top out around 96˚ today and only hit 99˚ tomorrow. The weekend cools down even further and we get to enjoy some blissful time at NOT 100! YAY!

Now I need to get ready for a lesson *scoots off.*
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Yesterday was probably the grossest day we've had yet. Today wasn't much better, but at least there was some cloud cover here and there.

The game plan was do be done with all horsieness by 9.00 and then retreat inside until this evening when I would have a lesson and feed horses. No such luck.

I called the Farrier Monday about the two new horses we brought down this weekend (yes they're here and safe and sound. I'll have to post pictures later this week) and he called me back today saying he'd be here around 10.00, there goes being inside by nine. I did manage to fill a garbage can, work Kitt at the horsepark (and hose her off), and feed everyone (including myself) before 9.00. I hosed off the Percheron pair and was interrupted while cleaning Jed (he's the gelding) by a guy that stopped off the side of the road. We chatted for a bit, and turns out he had a pair of grey horses in the draft show last year and lives just down the road from our Vet. He and Chris actually met at the show, though I didn't get the chance to meet him myself. Anyway, he went off to finish his errands and the Farrier showed up not long after.

It took him a good hour and a half to do Jed's feet, maybe a bit more. He had the big show-style shoes on him that are supposed to accentuate his action (movement) and make him look flashy. They really just put stress on their legs and destroy their feet, but that's just me ... and my farrier ... and Gayland C. (the guy who dropped by) .... So I held Jed while Bill worked at getting the gelding's feet a more reasonable size. They still have a ways to go, but one can only do so much in one trimming. We're keeping his old shoes, because they're just massive things and rather impressive to look at. The mare didn't take nearly so long as she was just a trim, but did fidget a bit.

Following that I had my car washed (and now it looks like it might storm ... of course), picked up some food and final things for making a meal for my visiting teachee (husband had brain surgery and needed some help with dinners for the week), and headed home to polish off the horses (lunch) as well as making said food.

And now I must be off! I really need to try and finish another two illustrations for Mom this week, which will make me breathe easier on some other things. Today was, of course, blown, but there is always tomorrow!
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I now have a Zetahra icon. I am amused.

She has such an expressive face and part of it is due to her stark white scelera (sp?), almost like what you see in Appaloosas.

Anyway, Chris and I did our usual routine of measuring Z to see how much she's grown over the week (it's a Sunday ritual, much like going to church) and I decided to pull out the little beater saddle. Cinnamon was about three months when we tossed the beater on her for the first time and figured at three-and-a-half months Z was ready for her first experience.

She wasn't too keep on the pad, actually she was perfectly fine with it until she wandered off on me and it fell off (right in their potty spot, of course). Then I fussed with her a bit and deemed it would go easier if I actually put the halter on it. Retrieving the halter the process went much easier because now she couldn't wander off and hide behind Panda.

It's obvious it doesn't fit her quite yet. It was up as tight as it could go and still had a bit of slop, but the purpose wasn't really to keep it on her, just to introduce her to some of the weird stuff people do to horses. She was a good sport about it as I lead her in a couple circles in their little turn out and then promptly took it off.

She's well on her way to being a good saddle horse!

Pictures of Zetahra's First Saddling )
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It continues to be hot and with the monsoon-but-not-really we're "enjoying" a lot of humidity without the benefit of actual rain. Today is another one of those days that is best spent hiding in the house.

Yesterday I took Sunny to the horsepark with Trish and Moab and it was pretty miserable. I just walked Sunny for the most part and did just a little trotting here and there. It was about as much as she could probably handle considering the mare hasn't been worked in almost three months. She did just perfect by the way considering the lay-off. A little half-brained and distracted, but that's just Sunny. Mo on the other hand was a bit of a brat like he was the day before. It was around dinner time and the weather is quite horrendous, but it's really no excuse for rearing or other bratty behavior. Trish is working through it and I'm enjoying getting to watch and not having to deal with it, heh.

I've been keeping up pretty good getting all the horses worked at least once a week. Chewy gets her share of work through lessons so I don't really have to worry about her, but the others aren't as locked into the routine lesson schedule. Kitt did do a lesson on Tuesday and I worked the boy Wednesday. I also rode Ruby on Tuesday with Trish and Mo around the neighborhood. Oh, speaking of that! Slightly amusing story.

So Mo wasn't wanting to have any of this going out on a ride thing at first. He reared up twice and Trish got off and worked him on the ground for a bit, slowly working him out towards the edge of the property. I rode and she led/lunged Mo past my neighbors and up to the desert lot. Mo settled a bit and Trish climbed back on. I was riding Ruby with the bareback pad and her bridle (that mare's so comfy, she really is like a couch with legs) and was following behind. We headed through the brush in the desert lot and Moab was moving along fairly nicely, but suddenly something tried to get him (who knows what) and he was heading out of town. He dropped and spun and there was Ruby. SO MUCH RUBY. He literally had no where to go, especially as I started swinging Ruby around sideways to further block Moab's attempted flight. We laughed about it once he settled and were both quite grateful that I decided to take Ruby along. I fear that he might have gone over the top of Kitt (or tried) who is stout, but stands only 14hh (Mo's about 14.3hh). Ruby however, is something else at 16.3hh and over 1800lbs. A rather imposing barrier.

The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful, though Mo was a bit unhappy and reluctant through most of it, thus we took him to the horsepark yesterday.

Some sad news is that my brother and his wife announced they were expecting on Sunday and that Zayne would be a big brother (and I an aunt 2x over ... well 3x, Chris' brother and his wife have a little girl they adopted back in April). Unfortunately Bea lost the baby on Tuesday evening. There were some issues Tuesday morning and I ended up helping Mom watch Zayne for a couple hours while Tye and Bea went to the doctor. I guess the good news is that it wasn't their first try (from what I recall the pregnancy with Zayne went rather smoothly) and it was only at six weeks. That, of course, doesn't really make it any easier and it's still terribly sad.

In better news my mother-in-law might have found a job to pick up once the practice she's been working for for the last decade or two dissolves. Even better, she has potentially found a job for her two co-workers as well. It won't be the same pay, but it's half the distance and she really likes and respects the doctor. So if all goes well she won't have to miss a paycheck some August.

In other good news I've been chugging right along with art. I also am all set and ready to go for ordering more T-shirts for students and getting a car magnet for advertising and all that type of thing. I also have new business cards designed for riding lessons and just need to find a place to get them professionally printed.

Less than good news is that I still have a pile of crap on a couple of credit cards (hay, horse insurance, truck warranty...) so it might have to take a little bit of a back seat for a moment unless lessons or commissions start falling in my lap again. Lessons really don't pick up until summer is over, and I know that so we chug along. Of course those are small things compared to Kitt's harness that continues to loom ahead just out of reach. Granted by the time I get it all paid off and can get Kitt's harness the weather will be cooler and it'll be perfect weather to start driving regularly!

And now I'm hungry. Time to go eat something and then work on some art.
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Chris is off this week, and thus I am nearly non-existent on the 'net because I have better things to do than dink on the computer. Actually, I usually have better things I could be doing than dink on the computer, but there's less of an ability to fall into it's glowing trap of time-sucking doom when there's someone else about in the house.

Z continues to grow. Her backside is rather massive and certainly showing her drafty heritage. She's nearly 300lbs now and just shy of 45" tall (at the withers, her croup has been past that for a while). She's doing well getting her feet handled and is leading somewhat well, but still needs quite a bit of polishing, especially if I plan on taking her to the draft show this winter.

Panda needs more work. She's a bit out of shape with all of this maternity leave time. Part of it is getting my butt out there and making the time for it though. Blarg.

Kitt's been getting more work and doing well. Kash has been used for a few lessons and also getting a little more work, but I need to step up on that one as well. Chewy now has front shoes because her bars keep breaking and I don't like it. She's getting used enough to really need more than just her bare feet, so fronts it is. Ruby continues to be a big, good, lady and tolerates Z's fascination with her. In the morning Zetahra will run into Ruby's stall and start eating breakfast with her until I'm able to shoo her out after putting up the others for breakfast. Z is also starting to eat out of her creep feeder (yay!) and next month I think we get to start cutting Panda back since milk production should start slowing down now.

It's been three and a half weeks since I took the test and turned in my other stuff, no sign of results, but I'm not supposed to expect them until six weeks or later. I'm halfway there!

And with that I need some lunch!
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Chris and I celebrated the marriage milestone on Thursday. Hard to believe isn't it?

He took off Thurs. and Fri. from work and we pretty much just hung out most of Thursday. We went out to dinner and picked up dessert at the Cheesecake factory. That evening we took Ruby and Kitt to the horse park and rode a bit (still working on getting Kitt to canter well ... it's a work in progress).

Friday we went to the Phoenix Zoo, which was great. Took lots of pictures, saw lots of animals, and discovered a lot of changes since the last time I was there.

Enjoyed sleeping in and not having work and having my guy around for the self-made four-day weekend.

In other news Zetahra is now 42" tall and is pushing 200lbs. Since we kept good records of Cinnamon Strudel's growth rate we have discovered that, at the same height, Z has about 20-30lbs on Cinnamon. Zetahra's going to be a stockier girl! Of course this was the plan and one would hope being half draft and half Friesian she'd be thicker than a QH/Mo.Fox Trotter cross! Her back is lovely and broad and her neck's really arched up and thick. She's started to get a little bit of feathery fluff on her fetlocks, which is quite adorable.

I need to take some more pictures of her. You think you'd be out there every day taking all sorts of images, but no, life gets in the way and you end up with 50 other things to do.

I have both of my videos shot for the ARIA test on June 5th, but I do still need to trim them down to the 20min max. I also need to finish answering the questions, though I think I'm pretty much done apart from the insane abuse question in which I have to list TEN instances of abuse that I've observed at shows. Egads, that's like ten questions in and of itself!

I've finished the essentially mandatory reading and am plowing through some other stuff to hopefully give me some sort of an edge. I hope I remember most of the USEF Dressage rules, or at least the portions that they ask questions about. The rule book is 50+ pages long.

Things are starting to come together, but I am a bit nervous about the whole thing as I feel like I'm going in a bit blindly. They give you a good amount of information, but this is entirely different than taking a test in school. In school you're given the information in class and know that any of that could end up on the test. Just study that stuff and you're pretty much guaranteed to do decently. Here, I'm told that there's going to be a test (four actually) with very broad generalizations as to what exactly it is that I'm supposed to know.

I am slightly heartened that Trish (trainer who has been helping me with Moab) managed to survive her initial testing and didn't have nearly so much preparation. Unfortunately she doesn't remember a whole lot of specifics so we're in a similar boat as far as going in to be tested this year.

I'm hoping to do well and be certified at the level I'm seeking. There are only 24 people currently certified in Arizona and half of them are at level 1, so being certified at level II should be a bit of a leg-up. Heck, just being certified should help, but again, I'm hoping for the level I'm shooting for and, perhaps, eventually getting the level III certification, which I think only two people have that level, one in Dressage, but I don't recall the other.

So now I need to get off this thing and go work the boy. I've been pretty good about shifting to the summer schedule and getting a couple horses worked each morning. It's been quite nice and I feel a lot more accomplished with my day!
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Just a little something to think about while people are in an uproar and boycotting Arizona for implementing an immigration law that over 60% of the country agrees with.

Yes, I have lived in Arizona most of my life (nigh unto 4/5ths of it), and no, I am not racist or biased against Latin American people (nor Mexicans in particular). I have cousins and an aunt who are hispanic, my sister-in-law and her family all immigrated here (from SE Asia), and one of my best friends is also an immigrant currently seeking citizenship (from Europe). I see nothing whatsoever wrong with people coming to this country legally.

I do admit my sister-in-law's mother was here illegally for a time as she tried to earn money for her kids (she did come here legally as a tourist ... just overstayed her visa and worked) before returning legally and eventually getting her citizenship.

But that's a little beside the point.

What I do take exception to is people coming to this country illegally. Yes, they do fill a gap that many Americans are too proud or too lazy to fill in the workforce (given the choice of living off of the government or picking potatoes I'd choose the latter, but perhaps that makes me a bit too proud in another sense). Yes they pay sales tax and some of them even manage to pay income tax. Yes a lot of them end up dragging their kids here with them and their children essentially grow up American and don't know much of anything about their home country. Yes, others have children that are born here and are American citizens while their parents are not.

Now I am well-aware of the benefit that many people derive from people who are illegally in this country, but I am also aware of the problems as well that come from people entering the country illegally. I'm not just talking about the superficial title of being an illegal immigrant. If it were simply the case of people overstaying visas that would be one thing, however, it is not.

There is a reason that Arizona is both the Number One state in Identity Theft and Kidnapping.

Those who cross the southern border illegally are usually being smuggled across. Those doing the smuggling often do not have the best interest of their charges at heart. They see the dollar signs and they do the job, but not in a kind, compassionate manner. People are crammed into inhumane conditions and often abused (you hear about the people in the refrigeration truck? I think several died from exposure). The drop houses are not the most pleasant places either. Not to mention that some of the "coyotes" will, upon reaching America, hold their charges hostage for MORE money from their worried family back in Mexico or elsewhere.

Now it's already required that one can prove their right to work legally before being hired. Admittedly most don't ask for this proof, but it's there. Arizona has its E-Verify program that pushes this more prominently, but what it has also done is exacerbated the Identity Theft issue. So that they can work they purchase illegal identification, some of which belongs to people who are still living and using said identities.

Don't get me started on those who are crossing the border illegally due to the drug trade ...

So it's not just that they're here illegally. That's not it at all, it's how they get here and the bad crap that goes on and is supported by the human smugglers that bring them here. I don't think they should necessarily be thrown in jail and charged with a crime, just ship them back home and tell them to come back the right way. I know it isn't easy, but you can't tell me that paying a coyote $1500 or more to smuggle yourself across the border is a better option.


Not everyone who supports Arizona's law is a raving lunatic who hates anyone from South of the border. Technically the Mexicans were here first anyway, but that's something else entirely.

I just don't get all this bull about the law being inherently racist and unfair. I admit that I have not yet read the law, but I have heard opinions from both sides and some passages of it. You're not going to be randomly yanked off the street and asked to show your papers. It only comes into the play if you're stopped for something else like a traffic violation or shoplifting.

In non-political news the day draws near for the American Riding Instructor Certification Test! June 5th! Woo! I have one video shot and needing editing and a second one I'm doing tomorrow. I also have most of my questions practically done and have read the big things for study material. YAY!

Zetahra is continuing to grow. She's 4" taller and over double her birth weight now! She's still a tiny thing, but she's really warming up to people. She'll whinny at me while I'm working another horse in the arena and she'll also trot up to me at the fence. She's OK with the fly mask now, but not too keen on the fly spray yet. She's also mostly halter broke, though could stand a few more lessons for sure.

Yesterday Marty and I took Kash, Kitt, and Cinnamon Strudel to the horse park. Cinnamon actually did really awesome considering that I don't think she's been worked in some six months and she hasn't been off the property in over a year. Oh yes, that and I've never ridden her outside of our roundpen or arena (which is about 70x85'). She kicked up while lungeing, which is to be expected, but she didn't really give me any trouble at all while I rode her. Just a little walk and trot. She did get a little stiff and opinionated here and there, but really, for a three year-old with just over a half dozen rides away from home with a bunch of strange horses around she did AWESOME.

And that's about all I have time to blither for.

Oh, and it's amazing that if I get up in the morning, feed horses, feed myself, and then immediately head back outside I can get TWO horses (or more) worked and am guilt-free for the rest of the day! That and I have an actual sense of accomplishment! It's amazing!

Fjord Hair!

May. 5th, 2010 01:40 pm
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So yesterday I spent some two plus hours fussing with Kitt. It started with shampooing her mane like mad. I had to re-wet it a couple times because it's so thick you can't get it all wet simply wetting one side, you have to flip it over, wet, flip, wet some more, scrub, spray a little more, and hope that you got nearly all of it. After scrubbing it and spending a good amount of time rinsing it all out I broke out the rubber bands with the intent of braiding the whole mess because I figured it would be easier to deal with, just as cleaning it would mean I wouldn't kill my clippers/scissors by trying to cut through the filth.

After being attacked by wild hairs as I attempted to do the first braid I went ahead and banded the whole mane first, which created a rather amusing-looking poof of hair that stuck out everywhere. Of course that itself took quite a bit of time to do because let me tell you! Fjords have TONS of hair! Think of the thickness of your normal horse's mane and multiply it by about five! It's just insane the amount of hair that comes out of that crest.

Anyway, after banding, took a picture or two, and then commenced braiding. I was about a third of the way done when the farrier arrived and he trimmed her feet as I continued braiding. After finishing all the braids it looked rather comical because the stiff Fjord mane (which is a bit of a pain to braid by the way) has a natural desire to stand erect unless it is really heavy and with the rigid reinforcement of the braids it was pretty close to vertical for the most part despite the mane being close to a foot long (maybe more) in some places. I would have taken a picture, but I didn't want to look too terribly odd so I went ahead and grabbed the scissors.

After chopping all the braids off I reached for the clippers and started refining the shape a bit. I admit it looks a little hacked at because I was getting a bit exhausted with all the hair and wasn't happy with having little bits of Kitt hair everywhere and Kitt, who had been a pretty good sport through it all, was a bit exhausted by the whole thing too I think. I'll refine it a bit more later this week, but I do believe it doesn't look too bad for a first time job and especially considering that in the state her mane was in they generally recommend that you roach it completely rather than trying for the traditional cut.

And for the more important news (to you guys anyway), I now have a LOT of little braids of Fjord hair that I would love to see put to creative uses. I do have some other horse hair as well (and should be getting some more because I do need to get everyone else's bridle paths clipped because they haven't been done in forever...) for those interested, but I have TONS of Fjord hair!

If you would like some Fjord horse hair braids please let me know! All I ask is for $2 to cover shipping for the first braid and $1 for each additional braid (I think I have some 20 braids that range in length from 5-9" long (braided, individual hairs can be longer) and I would hate to see all of this beautiful hair sit around or be tossed out!
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These are the cause of 90% of all falls in the cross-country phase of Three-Day Eventing. I saw my fair share of them on Saturday as well as two falls (one wasn't due to a dangling knee, but the other one definitely was). The danging knees became more obvious when we watched the Grand Prix Show Jumping Sunday night. By comparison some of them had their knees just about up to their eyeballs, but generally they were at least nicely tucked up in front of their chest. Of course the horses doing cross-country have to go over a few miles and are galloping and getting tired by the end, but I was seeing the dangling knees at the beginning of the course even, which I guess is more training than fatigue.

That said, it was pretty awesome to be there! Got to see some great riding, awesome horses, and met a bunch of nice people. I would go again given the opportunity.

Hopefully the TV coverage is halfway descent, I think it gets aired this Sunday on NBC.

And where has the time gone? I need to go work Panda.

The Rolex

Apr. 24th, 2010 01:28 pm
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We saw two riders fall. The first one both horse and rider were okay, though the rider ended up under her horse's feet.

The second was Oliver Townend who was going for the Eventung Yriole Crown/Grand Slam. It was pretty bad to be honest. His horse didn't pull up one of his knees at all so it was a rotational fall and to top it off it was at the Hallow with so there wasn't nice flat ground on the other side, but two bounce steps downward. They aircaved him out. The horse appeared okay. He had successfully navigated the course earlier in the day on another horse.

There were a couple other falls on course, two of them St the Hallow also from what I heard. Of course they do have the option of an easier route, but most chose the difficult option.

Taking lots of pictures! Currently in the hotel as it started storming and they closed the trade fair. We'll see if the show jumping is canceled tonight or not. It is a separate event outside of the Rolex. A test for the WEG in September. Should be fun to watch if the weather cooperates!

Met one of Jim's friends, which was great. Took a bit of chasing around before we were able to meet, but had a good visit.

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She has arrived )

So Panda and baby are doing great. We're trying to come up with a barn name because she's being registered as Verhängnis because that's been long-decided. We had been hoping for a colt to help balance out our herd of four mares and a gelding, but hey! She's healthy, sound and despite the baby gangliness seems pretty well put together, what more could you ask for! I suggested Zenith (zehn-ith, not zEE-nith), Zen for short. Chris thinks that everyone will pronounce it wrong. He suggested Zetara, "Zee" for short and we're chewing on that. One of my students and her family came over to see it and suggested "Oreo" (how many black-and-white horses do YOU know named "Oreo?") "Cookie," and a few others that I nixed. We'll see what other suggestions we get and if we come up with something spectacular (hint: you can suggest something!). We're going for unique and it can't end in the "EE" sound or begin with the "K" sound because we have a Hershey, Sunny, Toby, Chewy and Ruby and the sound gets redundant, plus we have a Kash and Kitt, though I guess another "K" sound wouldn't be too bad.

Pardon me if all the images don't show up right away because I have slow internet and sometimes have to beat it into submission to upload larger files (and by large I mean over 150kb ... tragic I know).

And have a couple pictures of Kitt for good measure )
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Sing to the tune of "O Christmas Tree"

O Panda mare, O Panda mare
When will you be foaling?
O Panda mare, O Panda mare
When will you be foaling?

You've been munching on all the green,
You have no babe as yet we've seen.
O Panda mare, O Panda mare
When will you be foaling?

O Panda mare, O Panda mare
When will you be foaling?
O Panda mare, O Panda mare
When will you be foaling?

Your belly is so big and fat,
You haven't foaled-what's up with that!
O Panda mare, O Panda mare,
When will you be foaling?

O Panda mare, O Panda mare
When will you be foaling?
O Panda mare, O Panda mare
When will you be foaling?

It's taken near a full year long
to have this foal, and thus this song!
O Panda mare, O Panda mare,
When will you be foaling?

In other news, Ruby got her foot caught in the fence today and took half the arena with her. She's had this bad habit of standing on the gate/beating on the fence around breakfast and dinner time. She's rather impatient for food. Well, today I guess her foot slipped between the bars and got stuck. I heard the commotion (was trying to read a little), hurriedly threw on some outside clothes and ran outside to help. She wasn't too cooperative and it was good and wedged at the corner of the panel (we have "porta-panel" fencing that is linked together by pins so it moves and gives). As I was trying to unwedge her foot, decided that wasn't going to work and started removing the pins from the panel Ruby had had enough again and set back, lifting the group of panels off the ground and managing to dislodge her foot.

I checked her leg and she doesn't have any outward damage, but she was limping a bit heading in to eat breakfast. I'll check on her again in a bit, hopefully it's just sore from getting jammed in the corner of the panel and, well, dragging a quarter of the arena back in on itself (Belgian Draft Horse at work).

I have training at 9 and after that there should be some hay delivered. Following that I will be going out with Mom and Opa on a trail ride with Sahara. Oma and Opa got in last night and they're leaving Saturday. He finally gets to see what I've been doing with his horses, yay!

In still other news I now have my computer back and can start typing my questions for the ARIA exam instead of writing them out by hand. And working on computer art. YAY!

Better check on the big lady and get her and Panda the Bermuda portion of their ration
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Panda is holding onto that baby, that's for sure! Saturday she had some physical changes that brought our hopes up that she might foal soon(ish). Her mammary secretions are starting to yellow a little and her udders are getting quite large, but her haunch muscles are still a bit tense. She was kicking and biting at her belly yesterday, but it turned out to just be flies pestering her.


We're at day 345 now. I'm hoping she foals soon and without complications.

She has gained another inch around her belly since we measured her last week. Hopefully we won't be spending next Sunday measuring her belly again and will have a foal frolicking around! The constant questioning "has she had it yet?" does get a little wearing. Saturday night was the first time I got up a couple times to check on her during the night, and again Sunday. No signs, but doesn't keep me from looking for them! Part of me still hopes she'll just kindof do it all on her own and walking out to find a little nickering surprise in the morning. I do worry about Panda's less-than-trusting view of people and the risk of the foal being rejected because of our presence. It should be fine, but again, doesn't stop me from worrying about it!

In other news: This is my cousin Erik.


Mar. 25th, 2010 11:15 am
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Not liking something does not give you the right to threaten and harass those you do not agree with!

The people who voted for the bill didn't do it out of spite so get over it and be sensible about it!

Don't like what's going on? Contact your representative and tell then (in a non-threatening way) how you feel about it and why its a bad idea.

Why is it so hard for people to be civil!!

Now that that is out of the way: Panda is still pregnant. Looking like we might still be a few days out. Of course I've been saying that for the last week. I hope she has it soon because I'm getting annoyed by all of the dreams I'm having about her foaling. I keep waking up wondering if I should wander out and check on her or not.

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Well then, I made a post yesterday, but LJ ate it and I didn't feel like retyping it.

Panda is still pregnant. She's getting close, though. Her udders are developing a little lop-sided, but I think the right one is catching up. As of yesterday there's no great amount of colostrum so I think we're still a few days out. By the month she was technically due on Friday, according to the average number of days before birth she's due tomorrow. Of course it's all up to Panda and her foal as to when it'll actually be born.

Of course all this doesn't stop my mind from being over-active and peering out expectantly every hour or so. It doesn't stop it from giving me all sorts of dreams and scenarios about the birth either. Last night it was a single, black foal with a star and a front white foot and a second dream with twins, both black tobianos, but one with just a smidge of white over the whither and a spot of white on the tail with socks and the other with mabybe 25% white on its body over shoulders, legs, etc. I'm quite positive it isn't twins, though, ultrasounds and all that.

I'll be sure to give an update when it comes, of course. And take lots of pictures.

Of course, with our luck, now that it's raining, she'll go into labor and have it right now ... maybe I should go out and check...

Speaking of rain, it wasn't supposed to rain today, or rather, it was just supposed to sprinkle a bit, and at that not until evening! Let's hope it passes quickly because I'm supposed to take Mo to the horsepark in about an hour to have some more ride time put on him. It's coming down pretty good, though.

In other news I have a student who is going to start working off some lessons with me (i.e. becoming a working student). Come summer I know 'Brose is going to do it as well. It's a win-win situation. I get a little help with the horses, they get lessons, it's all good. While yes, pretty much all of my income comes from riding lessons and it pays for things like electricity, water, and food as well as the horses I use for said lessons, I do it because I enjoy it. If I just wanted to make money for the sake of making money I'd probably have only two horses and be doing something else that's for sure.

The extra nice thing, once school's out for the summer, is that I'll have people around so I can get my horses worked without that little nagging wondering what would happen "IF" and how long it'd take someone to realize something happened. Not that I'm afraid of something happening or lack confidence in my riding skills, but it's the same reason I wear a helmet when I ride. I know enough about horses to know that even the good ones can be spooked and given the right circumstances, anything can happen. I think that's the root of my not riding as much as I would like. There is no one out here to watch my back, or at least wonder why I'm not back yet when I said I'd be out for only an hour.

Of course that doesn't excuse me from my lack of ground work ... I guess my other excuse has been that in the mornings, since we don't have the stalls separating Kitt, Chewy, and Kash, if I interrupt breakfast the one I work doesn't really get to eat. However! That should be resolved shortly as our new stall panels are supposed to be delivered today! Hurrah!

And rain...


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