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So Sunday we added dirt to the arena, We also ripped up our rock-hard footing. It looked like broken up concrete for several passes, but it improved as we went. Monday I had my first lessons in it. Sunny was a bit zoomy with Olivia, but they worked through it nicely. I think we have the footing to blame as Ruby was cantering around too!

Today I worked Tru-D and I think I need to build some more structure. We've been a bit haphazard in her sporadic sessions and I don't want to be leaving holes. It was so nice working her around and not having to dodge any wet spots, though! I long lined her before doing one round hooked to the tire and then had to call it quits because it started raining. I detacked her in her stall.

This evening I had another lesson using Chewy and Kash. Kash was a bit zoomy too and Chewy was a little extra forward, but I'm not sure if that was the footing or the student gripping as she trotted. It's going to be a nice change for sure! I'm hoping with the drag we can keep it maintained so that the moisture doesn't get concentrated like it did before. Our arena isn't huge, about 75'x85' but it is decent sized so long as you aren't losing over 200 square feet to nasty slop. I'm excited! Hopefully my students are able to manage the extra spring in the horses' step!

In other news I managed to finally sell my big desk. It went for $350, which is half of what I initially listed it for almost two years ago. It wasn't hurting anything languishing in the little house, but I really didn't want to stare at it for another 10 years or more before one of the boys is ready for a nice desk.

It was a beastly thing. The new owners had a short bed pickup and, as they put it, we had to play tetris to get it all to fit. It was an L-shaped desk that we kept in the corner of the room and it was almost six feet on both sides plus it had a hutch. I got it when my parents moved and it came with me when Chris and I were married less than a year later. It was my combination computer, writing, and art desk for years before I was able to acquire a separate art desk. When we built the "addition" I got a smaller computer desk and the beast was left in the little house, retired and gathering dust.

The windfall of the desk's sale will go towards a flat file to store paper similar to one of these. I will have a place to store my large sheets of paper without having to roll them or shove them behind/under the bed! It will also take up a third of the space as the desk so winning all around!
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I spent almost two hours today in the garden hacking at Bermuda grass and harvesting beets and carrots.

The star was this beet:

The rest of the beets were about a quarter that size. I wish I knew its secret!

The garden looked like a jungle when I started.

And it was much better by the time I finished.

Maybe some day raised beds so we don't have to deal with weeds, but I know if I weeded once a week instead of letting it grow wild we'd have better luck of it.

I pulled all the beets and boiled them. I think they taste better roasted. Notes for next time. I may also see if I can find a recipe for pickling them because I do love pickled beets.

I pulled most of the carrots. The horses were thrilled as they got all of the tops and the carrots I dubbed too small to process. They also got fistfulls of freshly chopped Bermuda because why leave a giant pile to eventually rake up and toss when I know it can be naturally procesed ad I can rake it up and toss it in two to three days in the form of manure.

Our primary ballots for our state races came in today. I am about halfway done. I need to research some of them as our "voter education guide" doesnvt have information on all the candidates, which stinks, but I guess you can't expect to have all of the info handed to you. I do love the opportunity we get to vote early and mail it in.

I also sat down and hammered out my syllabi for the coming semester. I got my "supplies needed" list for the art classes, which is very small. This is a good and a bad thing. Good because I don't have to spend much for more supplies. Bad because I probably have a thousand dollars or more in art supplies sitting around the little house at this point ... It will all eventually get used! (And replaced ... and used again ... and replaced again)

Long Days

Jan. 9th, 2015 09:37 pm
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Yesterday started late. I hung out with the boys until about 9:30 when I loaded up the trailer and headed off to get Bud. I also loaded up Appy because she was past due to go to the groomers. I had trimmed her a little between and also gave her a bath Sunday, but they have the good stuff that really cleans up the eye goopies and do a good job of spiffing her up.

I loaded Bud, oh, did I mention that I worked Bud with the soccer ball Tuesday? His initial reaction didn't give me much hope (spin back and forth trying to figure out how to run away from the monster at the far end of his turnout over 100' away), but he settled nicely and kicked it several times and even let me bump it off his legs.

So Bud and I went out with Roxanne and Gypsy to the San Tans and took some meandering trails. We wandered Little Leaf, which I haven't been on in years and took it to Goldmine halfway up the namesake peak before splitting off to San Tan trail. We were out for over two hours and did some good hill work and a bit of trotting once we got on the service road.

To start Bud felt a little "up" but didn't actually do anything stupid. I was sure to refocus him any time his mind wandered and worked him back and forth past some "scary" parts, which aren't nearly so scary as half of the things in his neighborhood other than. the fact that he hasn't seen them before.

He settled out as we went and kept the pace pretty well.

Donna sent me a text saying her husband wants her current horse sold before she buys another, pfft. She's still coming out for lessons, though, which is good. Part of me is tempted to ask about a straight trade, though I don't think Chris would be thrilled as the idea was to reduce the herd. Of course we'd still have six if Z was still here and he IS a potentially fancy Dressage horse ... Obviously I would have to try him out first before REALLY contemplating anything ... But if I don't think he'd be good under students I'm in the same place as I am with Panda. The only think holding Z back from doing lessons was the fact she was under five. She was broke well enough last year that others probably could have ridden her and that I could have stopped wearing the vest, but both of those conditions were set as minimum five years quite a while ago because it is a good idea to have a horse well-broke and mentally mature before contemplating putting students on them.

I taught lessons Thursday and ran to Fry's, but didn't make it to the bank. I didn't make it today either and it is driving me a little nuts having cash and checks sitting around because it is quite the sum! I am apparently three weeks behind on my bookkeeping, which is bad. I checked Sue's account yesterday because I knew we had to be close only to discover I was two weeks behind reminding her to pay me! Whoops! The good news is my bank account is perfectly happy despite all this and I am sure I have at least one if not two others due if not past due for payment.

Today I had one lesson in the morning and one in the evening. The time between was pretty much spent on the roof helping Chris pigeon-proof the areas next to the dormer windows and other overhangs. We got four out of six done. Things go faster when you put your energy into problem solving instead of being angry at the problem. I actually had fun with the challenge of getting the wire mesh tondo what we needed and wanted it to do. Chris was not nearly so happily engaged with the project.

We didn't get around to laying out the arena, maybe Sunday or Monday.

Oh, the lesson this morning we rode at the property. The student was on Kitt and I took Kash. Kitt had no problem other than trying tobeat the small bits of grass that didn't quite get turned under and pushing towards the gate. Pretty much good for any of my students to be on her over there. Kash on the other hand ... we're going to have some discussions. I tried demonstrating what I was talking about and while I think I managed to get some of it across Kash was being a complete knucklehead. He popped his front end, crow-hopped, throwing his butt almost vertical on me, tried to charge off and swapping gaits without permission. He also tried to get me to overbend him, which that trick doesn't work on me any more (almost every time with students though!). I imagine it was quite thebride to watch! A shame there was no video. Of course knowing Kash for 11 years now it was just working through and dealing with it. Funny how familiarity makes it feel like less of a deal!

Short version: Kash is not ready for students at the new property.

Tomorrow I am booked solid from 8am-2pm and then have a brief break before Sue and Bud 3-4pm. I will be picking up the block for the arena tomorrow and probably hooking up to the red trailer when I get home and seeing if I can't load up some of the poles for the arena fence.

I am so busy it's ridiculous. Time to stash as much as possible to prepare for the drought brought on by the summer heat!
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So the house passed yesterday and we're clear to get the ball rolling with SRP for power. They'll be having an inspection tomorrow and if all goes well we get on the waiting list to receive power. We have to wait on the window, but we're going to move on the punch list and get the drywall dings and other things tuned up and ready to go.

This afternoon I got a call from the counter top people with some bad news. The color that was backordered? The stuff we thought was going to be delivered and installed Monday? Yeah, it's now pushed back until October 6th. Not only do they not have any in, but their distributor has none. Not only does their distributor have none, but they can't find any anywhere. Apparently they have to wait for DuPont to manufacture more in Texas and even then they're not positive they'll have anything come October.

The good news is they have the stuff in that we wanted for the work center and laundry room (it was a different color than the kitchen) so they will at least be installing that next week as planned.

The landscapers were out and did the rock around the house. They also put the cement steps in place that we salvaged from the little house's landscaping. It's great that they survived both moves and now we don't have to worry about tromping through mud between the houses when it rains. The landscapers did a great job and used more rock than we were expecting. Top notch job and pretty reasonable. Chris' next task is to spray for bugs around both houses.

I will be so glad when this project is done.
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They've finished the shower, sink, and tub surrounds in the master and the tub surrounds and sinks were installed in the other two bathrooms today and they are well on their way to getting the floor tile finished.

Hopefully the countertop people will call next week and those can go in along with the final two appliances. From there it's the finished plumbing and electrical before we call in for the final inspection! And we get to find out if the tub will fit through the master bath door...
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Last week was insanely busy. I had the tqo art classes at Marty's place, animal anatomy and a graphite drawing class. Essentially four hours with a half hour lunch break crammed in there. I also had riding lessons packed in pretty good during the week so I was working of some type or another six to nine hours depending on the day. I was pretty done by the end of the week.

The art students had a ball and I enjoyed snitching some time here and there to sketch myself, man I'm rusty. I did start a larger piece on bristol and am debating how to proceede with it. At 14x11 it's pushing the size I like to do colored pencils in, but being on bristol I'm not sure what else to do as it won't hold washes (ink or watercolor) as well as watercolor paper. Eh, perhaps I'll just go for it. Been a while since I did anything in colored pencil, it'll be good for me. Now I just wish my art desk wasn't still packed away. It'll be so good when the house is done and we can find some apace again! The cooktop and dishwasher are wearing out their welcome in my former art corner, but they can't go in until we get countertops, which are at least two weeks out if not more! Probably more, they haven't even been out to do their templates yet.

In better news they finished the stone work last week and it looks really sharp. The great room looks awesome and the lodge poles realky feel like they belong there now rather than sticking out in the white nothingness.

Tomorrow I take Appy in to have her little wart thing looked at. Next week I need to set up to have my car taken in and given a once over. We need to figure out where the freon is leaking and it may be due for some new breaks and the latch that adjusts my chair busted, which stinks. Silber just ticked over to 125,000 and I've had her for almost 11 years now. What a good little car, but we're geowing out of her. If the truck were paid off we'd be looking seriously at a new vehicle, but we're another two and a hakf years away from that, unfortunately.

This week is a little less hectic. My student from MA is flying back home. She did eight lessons straight essentially and showed some good progress for the time she had. I have severak students starting school back up this week and next so we're working on shifting everything to the evening. It is still too hot to do anything before 5 in the afternoon so I'm going to have to open Monday and possibly Friday up for evening lessons. The good news is I can start sleeping in and I think I've seen my last 6am lesson until next year.

Ruby and Kitt are coming along. I think I'm going to have to have Kristin come oit for Kitt. She's sound to the right, but off going left and I think she's irritated that shoulder with her gimping around with the rock and abscess and needs a little massaging bodywork boost to get her over it. Where the gravel ruptured is already hardened and starting to grow down and I think so long as I clean her feet out every other day she should be fine. I haven't seen any other wierdness going on in her foot.
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Things have really been rolling with both Lemyes and Kashian. Sray's story is evolving slowly and "Shifting Times" is finalky getting some new pages written. I'm also digging into backstory and finally figuring some things out. Most of my Kashian files haven't been opened in over two years, some longer.

Funny how I put up my art desk to make room for the appliances, thinking that I hadn't used it in more than two months, what was the chance I'd need it in the next few weeks before the cabinets were installed? And now I want to sit at it and spread out all this stuff and sketch and write and push and stretch the story and its characters.

Now if only I had the time to sit down and do it all!

It's been refreshing having my head buzzing with developments in worlds and character, hearing scenes develop and unfold with an ease I don't remember since I don't know when.

On to more mundane things.

The painting is almost done on the exterior and we may get the cabinets in in about a week. At that point we can put locks on the doors and install the appliances so I can reclaim my art corner And the little house can be a little less cramped.

Over the weekend Chris installed the harness racks in the workshop and they look quite nice. The harnesses sit on them beautifully too. We need to post adds for Ruby's leather breastcollar harness and Charm-N's nylon hames harness.

It'll be so nice when we can move some stuff into the garages. It'd be nice to not have to climb around a ladder and negotiate the lawn mower or the high wheel as I pull out tack.

I worked Zerahra this morning. She lunged fairly well, but goobered with the singletree. She was responding to somethjng over the fence, but she jerked forward and without weight the singletree pipped her in the rump, which caused her to kick out and knocked one of the heel chains loose. She didn't go far and I just hitched her up again and drove back and forth along the Frazier's fence until she relaxed about it. I then had Addy take Z's head as Roxanne did Saturday and we dragged the tire for a bit. She thought about goobering about something over the fence again, but I squelched it pretty quick and she relaxed and ignored the boogeyman over the fence. We got some good turns and direction changes and I called it good. I think I'll ride her tomorrow and really work on her boogyman spots along the fence.
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This past week they got the doors on and most of the trim done. The French door was a painful experience that required a planer and may atill require more work. Two of the incorrect doors were taken back and new ones delivered, but uninstalled. Stucco is done and we've been watering the house so it doesn't crack, which is an amusing undertaking. It's like we're watering the thing in the hopes that it will grow faster.

The painters are due out Monday to start masking and possibly painting. The cabinets are apparently over two weeks out despite ua being under the impression that they were sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be installed.

The stucco came in about a thousand under bid, which is a nice change from everything else. Brawner ended up eating some of the overage on the drywall, especially after the framing fiasco and other things. We still don't know the cost on the windows. The guy hasn't come out to talk with us and claim his check. We're not paying until we get some answers about the mess.

Also new this week arw the garage doors. They look great. The workshop has two side-mount openers and the garage has a normal one. With the dormer windows we figured the wall mounts would look better.

We're still waiting to hear on the electric from the county. Usually the longer wait means it's passed. Let's hooe that is the case!


May. 24th, 2013 07:00 am
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The doors almost arrived Wednesday, but the drywallers were just starting to texture so the door guy left saying he's come back later, which turned out to be yesterday morning. The front door is beautiful with a lovely, large oval window in it. The outside master door is wrong, but it is correct on the paperwork so someone in the warehouse must not have been paying attention. They shoukd get it swapped out just fine (unlike the windows... ).

The stucco guys still haven't fully finished the lathe. They still have the amall windows to do bump-outs in and above the entry as well as above the workshop. Not much at all and they could move on to the stucco, but we've seen neither hide nor hair of them. Brawner was supposed to talk to the guy this week so I guess we'll see. I think they have to have the stucco done before they can instakk the exterior doors. They were planning on installing the doors Saturday. We're supposed to start painting on Wednesday. The appiances are supposed to be here on the 5th!

Yesterday I cleared out my art corner in anticipation of having to move my desk and everything to make way for the appliances. The corner looks disturbingly neat and tidy. With any luck perhaps the interior painting will be finished and the soors installed so that they can be delivered in there rather than smooshed into a cornwr in the little house.

Here's to hoping! Dang stucco guys.


May. 9th, 2013 11:13 am
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It sucks when we run out of alfalfa and bermuda at the same time.

I should know by now that just when I feel like I'm getting ahead something comes due (Spring shots, hay, truck registration, farrier...). Good news? The hay is lasting longer feeding six horses instead of eight (well, 10 instead of 12, we split the squeeze with Chris' and my parents).

We passed our interior inspection so they can start insulating tomorrow. The lath guys are out in force throwing up foam and chicken wire. Hopefully they'll be done today and we can move on to stucco.

Doors are sitting in a warehouse, so are the cabinets. Drywall guys are ready to go as soon as the insulatiom is done. They'll be picking up the wronf windows tomorrow so they're out of our hair.

Moving along!
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Failed today's inspection primarily because the lath wasn't finished (surprise!). They haven't been out to work on it since Saturday. They're about halfway done. Perhaps all the workers got deported. ... Apparently we need some more outlets too and need to fire block the datacom stuff. Nothing too major other than the last lath which was most obviously not finished.

I better news I took Z to Horseshoe this morning. I worked her in the round pen and rode her there as well. Walk, trot, and a smidgen of canter. She gave me one stride, then two, and worked up to a half dozen. At this stage I'm chalking it up to lack of balance and strength with the weight. I do like that she's popping right into it and not running downhill. It's a nice, uphill transition, though at the moment it does feel like an awful lot of work for her each stride thereafter. I did ride her with the whip today to reinforce my leg. Didn't really need it.

Afterwards I loaded Charm-N up and took her to driving training. We hitched her up by the trailer and I drove her into the arena. She was nice and steady in the walk and waited for my cue to trot. Whike not perfect she was prerry consistent in the trot and did some nice turns and changes of direction with a bit of bend even. When I asked her to halt she promptly planted her butt and sat on the breeching (she has such an impressive halt!).

Seeing all was well and she felt quite awesome despite eyeballing the llamas while I was grooming her Michelle climbed aboard and off we went! We took her down the wide shoulder/eavesment on her road and back before turning down a side street a ways. Charm-N eyeballed the cows a bit, but could not have cared less about the traffic. Even the big semi she was only concerned as it was coming up behind (is it going to run me over?) and relaxed as soon as she saw it.

Down the side road there was a group of broodmares and their babies. They stared and as we drew level with their field one of them blew and the whole group (at least a dozen) spun and ran full-tilt to the far end of the field. Michelle and I were both more impresses by it tham Charm-N, I don't thing her rhythm changed at all. I guess the only downside was as we headed down the small road Charm-N kept vokunteering to go down the driveways that lead back to the trailer. We looked a little drunken for a bit. Other than that she really did awesome. I may be ready to start hitching her up to the wagonette soon.
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I've been writing a lot this week. Writing begets more writing it appears. I just need to find time to sit down at the computer and type it up in my master files because I mistype constantly on both my phone and the iPad, dang touchscreens. With my old phone I only really had typo issues when I was wearing my gloves.

Anyways, is there interest in my fantasy fiction snippets? I'll be posting mostly in their respective groups, but I may throw some of it here as I did earlier.

I actually managed my final edit of Shifting Times: Prequel (i need a better title...) so there's something off of my resolution list. Part of me says I could do more for it, but I think it's something that I just need to set aside and let it age because I don't have the time or energy to compketely rebuild the thing.

I'm also fiddling with Forged By Fire, a lot of it pertaining to Kallon because he's apparently fun to write for.

Now I just need to get drawing just as much....

The stucco guys better get moving. They didn't do anything yesterday and didn't show up until noon today (and spent the first half hour watching me with students and the horses). They were thinking about calling an inspection for Monday, which means they'll have to be here tomorrow or push us back another day.


May. 2nd, 2013 09:52 pm
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The right windows arrived this morning and the stucco guys wasted no time in starting their prep work. Half the house is papered and a good portion has foam and they've started putting up the wire too. I think they'll definitely be done come Saturday and then we can inspect and proceed forth with insulation, drywall, and the other big things that must be done and take precedence over flooring and countertops. We'll see how far we can take this thing in budget.
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Saturday afternoon during my last lesson the electritian came over and mentioned that we had some bees in the house. I called Chris at work and told him, asking him to pick up a fogger or something to take care of it. Apparently bees don't respond to normal insecticides so he had to get one specifically for wasps and flying insects. It didn't appear to have any affect whatsoever.

Sunday we just finished running the low-voltage and noticed there were no bees in the great room anymore. Perhaps they left.

Not so. We stepped out of the workshop to a very loud buzzing. Probably thousands of bees were swarming their way through the backyard and heading right for the patio and greatroom area. It was insane. We gave them some time to settle and thos huge mass was on one of the pillar bases plus hundreds, if not thousands buzzing around in the great room and the South end of the house in gemeral.

We called an exterminator and they came out and did the deed. There was still a cluster this morning so one of them came back out and finished them off. We are now bee-free.

The bees really rattled Chris, especially adding the windows and then the electrical issue that has yet to be resolved (hopefully we'll make some headway Friday on that).

Monday we had the window guy out to explain himself on the windows. Chris got quite worked up and ended up standing in the kitchen area as the window guy, Brawner, and I walked the house.

The window guy dug himself a pretty good hole. Chris had handed him a packet with all of the information. WG claimed he never got the picture of the great room windows, but did admit the information packet was probably "in his desk somewhere." He claimed that he was going "per plan.". Brawner countered that he had tolld him it wasn't per plan and that was why he had WG meet with us in the first place so he could have the information.

The kicker is when Chris pulled out the elevations later in the afternoon, not only were all the windows double-hung/XO/slide side-to-side, but the three greatroom windows were clear picture windows as we had requested. Had he actually looked at the plans he would have gotten the three great room windows right and all of the windows would have been hung correctly, not three or so XO's and all of the rest singlehung/opening vertically.

His boss is conveniently out of town until Monday.

Either way, we won't be starting on stucco until the windows are replaced. The roof started today and they got most of the front done.

In horse news, Zetahra has had her third ride and is getting more steady in her trot. Bud is graduated to working with Sue. I just drove this time, but next drive she'll take the reins. She has decided that Charm isn't going to work and will sell her. Monday Charm went backwards just about over the tire and got away from me, hurdling herself and the tire around the turn-out. Note to self: until a horse is consistently moving forward there needs to be a second person. She did stop and I was able to get her to do a couple small pulls at the tire (she decided that it is not a good idea to back up when not asked).

Apparently Sue has been vascilating back and forth for three months or so and yesterday clinched it. Now it's finding a home for her.
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The house is progressing. Chris and I are running the low voltage stuff (saving close to $2000 doing it ourselves!) this week. Monday we had winds close to 30 mph. Thankfully the house is essentially enclosed so we didn't get it too bad. Monday we spent two hours finalizing the cabinets and looked at the rock veneer stuff.

Wednesday the windows came. They were all wrong. Well, the master bath and the two one foot windows in the other bathroom were correct, but all the others were wrong. The three in the great room, which were not supposed to open, just straight glass, are all three sliders. The dormer windows that were supposed to open are solid glass. All the rest were supposed to have grids like the little house. They do not.

Chris was, and is, quite irritated about it. Especially since when the guy came out and walked the house not only did we tell him all of these things, but Chris handed him a packet of papers with photos, illustrations, and other specifications. All of the information was right there. There was no way he could have screwed up the order had the guy actually LOOKED at the paperwork. The door guy dropped by yesterday to be sure he had everything right and was quite surprised his window counterpart got it so wrong as we had handed off a similar packet of information. Part of the reason he came out was that the entry door we wanted didn't come in the size we had. If that was the case on the windows it would have been nice to have gotten a call saying so. We haven't heard back about it yet, but it is definitely getting fixed and on the window guy's dime.

The framer finished today and the electritian is still hard at work. I think the plumbers are done until finishing stage. Roofing will possibly get underway next week.

Enough about the house. Friday I put ride number two on Zetahra. We walked and halted, steered, and then did a little trotting. I need to figure out what I'm doing on her trot, wether I'm going to post or half-seat it. Her trot isn't very bouncy, but I want her to get some strength built up before I really start sitting it.

Ground driving her this week I discovered that I can keep up with her slow trot at a walk, which makes it nice. Her steering is also nice and light in the trot, almost like Jed's power-steering.

Today Marty and I loaded up Z and took her down to the horsepark. She was quite aware while being lead through Marty's property to the trailer, but despite not having been in it since sometime last year plus having the cart sitting in the front of it she marched right in without a blink.

When we unloaded her she stood quite well, though was a little looky. I wasn't paying attention as she was watching a groundskeeper and she leaned over and stepped on my foot. Dang toes sticking out like that.

I harnesses her up and took her in the big arena. She did pretty well double-lungeing, though was a little fresh in the canter. We ground drove around the arena in walk and some trot and even hung out at the "scary" end with the big, noisy generator. I brought her back over and my mom showed up to have a look. I lunged Z a bit more, but when I asked her to canter again she let out a pretty good buck. I drove her forward and she showed a bit more attitude before mellowing out. We did lots of trot-canter transitions until she settled down in it. I think she was slightly offended that I asked her to canter again. At home I usually lunge, ground drive, then call it a day. I messed with the routine.

When she was going well I called it good and decided we should do a little jaunt to the end of the parking lot and call it a day. Mom and Marty chatted at one end as I took Zetahra down. I decided to send her over the crosswalk, a good test I thought. She stared at it, but went over willingly enough. I worked her along the fence line as she was a little leery of it before sending her back over the sidewalk. I was not expecting the reaction I got. She stepped one foot on it and then all four feet popped straight in the air as if she got an electric shock from it. I sent her back over, she was a little cautious, but went over. At this point I can't recall exactly what she did when, but it basically boiled down to her walking over nicely two or three times and the third or fourth was another electric-shock reaction. The really funny thing was that she essentially bounced straight up in the air, but didn't run forward. I was in stitches, really. And very glad I was on the ground and not on her back! She did the electric-shock jump at least half a dozen times. I believe what was happening was that when she was cautiously and lightly stepping there was no real noise, but when she'd take a confident, firm step the sound, and probably the sensation changed, which "zapped" her. She did finally settle and consistently crossed it without springing in the air. It was really funny. It would have been awesome to have a video of it because I'm sure it would have been even more hysterical from a distance. I think we'll be going back and crossing more sidewalks in the future.

Current goals with Z: walk and trot consistently before asking for canter (I should probably do it in the roundpen where the footing is more consistent). Walk and trot in the arena at home and at horseshoe before taking the first trail ride. I have Suzy and Kathryn both volunteer their boys for steady Eddie trail companions. Start dragging the singletree in a couple weeks and perhaps the tire shortly thereafter. I think I'm going to make my June goal. Two months left!

By the way, Zetahra officially turned three yesterday. I think tomorrow I am going to attempt to bathe her and get some descent three-year-old pictures of her as I failed miserably to get good clean shots of her as a two year-old.

Rapid Pace

Feb. 9th, 2013 07:25 pm
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Today they were out cleaning up the trenchwork and starting to set the rebar in for the footer. If we got the call in early enough we should have an inspection Tuesday (Monday being a holiday), if not Wednesday. Chris thinks they missed one of the footers because I guess Brawner didn't give them the engineered set of plans. We'll see how that goes!

I ended up with three lessons today. Christa and Panda had another ground session since Christa is on some medication that affects her balance and some of her reflexes. She said come March she should be able to come out a couple times a week to do stuff with Panda other than her lesson, which will be great. She also offered to pick up Panda's last trim, which I appreciate. Less than three weeks away! I send off her registration once I get the last payment so she is officially transferred over to Christa and hopefully the pair of them have a happy, productive relationship.

Cheyenne had her first lesson on Kash, the two of them actually meshed quite well. I think other than Ola she's had the easiest time with the boy. She just started cantering last week with Kitt and Kash not only did she get good, clean transitions for the most part, but she had minimal issue with going to the left, which is a kind of right-of-passage for Kash's riders. If you're able to keep him going smoothly to the left you can ask him most anything else. When the canter was going pretty smooth and she loosened up her hips a little we even played with walk-canter transitions. While she didn't get an immediate strike-off there were a couple of times that she only had three or four trot strides before he rolled into it. Towards the end we played with halt-trot-halt transitions, which showed a little issue with getting the two of them to balance enough to do it. We had at least one really good one to build on for the next and final lesson, which I think will be with Kash in the arena. I'm going to miss her when she isn't taking lessons because she's a pleasure to work with. I'd have to check, but I think she started in November. So in less than four months she's gone from never having ridden a horse to being able to do walk, trot (sitting and posting, and canter. No, I'm not that dang good, she just has one of the best, most natural seats I've seen.

Anyway, time marches forth! I'm finding if I'm not sitting down and writing in one sitting I tend to get disjointed and rambly. I appologize, but I figure some writing is better than none, evev if it is five minutes here and there throughout the day.
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Seven am this morning the tractors started up. The building of the house pad had begun. Tristan's and I got up and ready and we walked over to his grandparents' for him to hang out as I fed the herd, myself, and headed off to work Bud and take my lesson. They stopped as it got dark this evening around 6:30 and are close to halfway done I think. It appears that we have plenty of dirt, but it isn't finished yet so we don't know for sure. We can hope!

The caliche clay that we got in a couple of the loads has been spread out in the arena. Perhaps we can convince them to somewhat level it before all is said and done. We turned the horses out in it this evening as they had spent the night and all day locked up due to dirt and tractors and they were all super-excited about the new, squishy footing. Rather than just settling in and eating they were running around, jumping in the air, and generally feeling quite fresh. It might have had something to do with being locked up for 24 hours, but I think the fresh, squishy dirt had something to do with it too. Kash especially was feeling quite fresh and took a bit longer to settle into a pile of hay.

Tomorrow morning the horses get to go back to their stalls for breakfast and probably stay up all day again. Since they estimated we're at the halfway point today perhaps they'll be able to finish the job tomorrow and things will resume a somewhat normal appearance. If we end up with extra dirt I'm not quite sure what to do with it, but I guess we'll figure it out. I think Dave and Marty have a few plans if there is any spare dirt left as well.

Must post pictures sometime this week.

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And no time to say them in.

Appy went through her tooth ordeal quite well. She had about a dozen teeth pulled. She still has some molars, her canines, and all but two of her incisors. She's on softened food for a week before going back to the hard stuff. She's getting antibiotics twice a day and painkillers once a day until both are gone. Chris asked when she was going back and I said I don't really want her going back. He pointed out we don't really have a dog friendly yard (all fences are designed to keep horses in, not small dogs) so we have to step out with her and if it's anyone but me a leash is required.

We'll see if we've settled into a good routine come Wednesday when she'll be off of the soaked food and hopefully done with her medications.

Good news: she does not stink anymore!

Other news: we are getting tons of dirt, but still not quite enough. The dirt pad guy is saying the pad is going to end up at 4' at the North end, but Chris and I ran some twine and leveled it and weren't even close to that, a bit over 2'. We don't have a whole lot of confidence in their measurement as the guy had the stick upside down to start.

They should be starting on the pad sometime next week if all goes well.
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Or the renewal of it, depending if you listen to the Mayans or the doomsday people.

I'll be heading out to the San Tans with Kathryn to take Panda on a trail ride.

It rained Friday night, off and on Saturday, and also Tuesday night. We've been a muddy mess. Just as we were drying the second storm hit. Can't complain too much because we're below what we need for the year, but the wetness is inconvenient. The arena would dry faster if we had a tractor to drag the arena (or a forecart with an attached drag).

Christmas is sneaking up on us. I have a few more things to wrap and will be getting my dad's gift tomorrow. Today I picked up the building permit, which means we can now take a step forward on the house. We get to put up a sign and, hopefully, start getting dirt after Christmas. Hurrah!

Time for lunch.
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I had 20 lessons this week. Seven of them were today. Five in a row, hour for lunch, then two more. Three students were new (one was joining in on a lesson that started last week). Well, technically one was a returning student, but after a year and a half off she might as well be new. I am counting Saturday as full. Wednesday afternoon is full as I don't have someone to watch Tristan before 5pm in the afternoons. Monday is full, Tuesday is almost so, and Thursday as well. Friday is my only day with afternoon openings. That pretty much leaves the mornings during the week open so that's essentially the home school crowd and adults for those times.

I think this is the most I've done in one day and it is probably my max, mostly in consideration for the horses. Chewy and Kitt were both used three times, Ruby twice, and Kash once. Charm-N didn't get used, but she was a little foot sore Tuesday, better Thursday, and haven't had the chance to really check again (she's sound walking around and has been moving well to and from her stall). That and there wasn't really a student ready for her yet either.

This coming week I am taking Thursday and Friday off, but since all but two of the Saturdays are staying in town I'll be working Saturday. No paid leave for the self-employed.

Chris has off Thursday through Monday, which will be nice. He's never taken Black Friday off, at least not that I recall.

Monday my task is to run into Mesa and get copies for the septic people. We're hoping for the smallest tank and just one dry well. That would make our plans for rearranging the corral, tack shed, and wash rack areas work much nicer with less fussing about it.

Still no news from the county, but I think at this point no news is good news. Hopefully we get a go-ahead soon and can move out of our current holding pattern.

That about sums up life right now: riding lessons like mad and waiting for approval so we can move forward on the house.

Random note: I'm much less obsessed about checking the weather when the highs are 80 or below compared to 100+


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