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[ profile] herecirm gave me a prompt back a few weeks ago as part of a meme. I need more writing prompts in my life apparently.

The prompt: Write a conversation between an assassin and their next victim.

A shadow flickered in the moonlit darkness. Na'ry was a mere sliver and Roshir was fully covered. Aveshar sat up. Someone was coming. The feeling prickled up his spine, settling at the base of his skull. He turned his head slowly this way and that to orient himself. It was to the North and on the move, but not directly. For a moment he thought it might pass, but no, it made an arch and slowly spiraled inwards, swinging from North to South and back again, getting closer and closer with each pass.
Who would be looking for him... )

More random stuff about Kashi'an can be found on the community for it: [ profile] kashian
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[ profile] slobberpuppy Something you would like to accomplish in this lifetime.

Obviously this isn't the only thing I want to accomplish, but I would like to finish "Shifting Times" and "Forged By Fire."

"Shifting Times" is my graphic novel project based in [ profile] kashian. I managed to get 34 pages finished before I stalled out and decided I needed to revamp it again (version four or so now?), especially since the artwork on the first pages is over 13 years old now....

"Forged by Fire" is a trilogy I have bits and pieces of based in [ profile] lemyes.

Two stories that I would really like to tell and still fiddle with here and there, but it'll take a lot more free time before I can really move them forward again. Bits and pieces here and there.

(Of course I'd also like to get my USDF rider's medals, but I figure a non-horse answer would change it up a bit.)
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Tuesday I took Kash to training. For only getting out once a year for the last four years he did very well. We had a couple little goobers here and there, but he settled in nicely. We worked all gaits and did some trot poles. No jumping as he was still wanting to rush the poles until the very end and at that point we didn't want to open up a new issue without enough time to address it.

Kitt had ruptured an abcess on her hind heel and was vaguely off in one direction, but fine in the other at the trot on a small circle so I took the boy. The next two lessons will be Kitt under saddle (so long as her heel is good) so we can get her consistent over the jumps.

Sunday I was actually able to sit down and and work on Shifting Times. It was SO NICE. I sketched out the two page spread for the opening and started reworking the script for the first few pages. I think in all the script is still good, but the first few pages were tied to the visual along with the fact that they were written over eleven years ago so a little repolishing is to be expected. I really like the landscape format for the pages. I think it is going to stick. Now it is figuring out how to do them. What medium. Traditional, digital, black and white, greyscale or full color? I may have to get the full pencils done on thr initial spread and scan it in order to play with it from there. Decisions, decisions!

I have been thinking about Z a lot, which has lead to some melancholy moments. I guess it will just come and go and it will for a long time. I took Bud out today with Kathryn and her boy Oakley and couldn't help but think that I'll never have a chance to ride with them and Z. We were close, but never quite made it work.
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Things have really been rolling with both Lemyes and Kashian. Sray's story is evolving slowly and "Shifting Times" is finalky getting some new pages written. I'm also digging into backstory and finally figuring some things out. Most of my Kashian files haven't been opened in over two years, some longer.

Funny how I put up my art desk to make room for the appliances, thinking that I hadn't used it in more than two months, what was the chance I'd need it in the next few weeks before the cabinets were installed? And now I want to sit at it and spread out all this stuff and sketch and write and push and stretch the story and its characters.

Now if only I had the time to sit down and do it all!

It's been refreshing having my head buzzing with developments in worlds and character, hearing scenes develop and unfold with an ease I don't remember since I don't know when.

On to more mundane things.

The painting is almost done on the exterior and we may get the cabinets in in about a week. At that point we can put locks on the doors and install the appliances so I can reclaim my art corner And the little house can be a little less cramped.

Over the weekend Chris installed the harness racks in the workshop and they look quite nice. The harnesses sit on them beautifully too. We need to post adds for Ruby's leather breastcollar harness and Charm-N's nylon hames harness.

It'll be so nice when we can move some stuff into the garages. It'd be nice to not have to climb around a ladder and negotiate the lawn mower or the high wheel as I pull out tack.

I worked Zerahra this morning. She lunged fairly well, but goobered with the singletree. She was responding to somethjng over the fence, but she jerked forward and without weight the singletree pipped her in the rump, which caused her to kick out and knocked one of the heel chains loose. She didn't go far and I just hitched her up again and drove back and forth along the Frazier's fence until she relaxed about it. I then had Addy take Z's head as Roxanne did Saturday and we dragged the tire for a bit. She thought about goobering about something over the fence again, but I squelched it pretty quick and she relaxed and ignored the boogeyman over the fence. We got some good turns and direction changes and I called it good. I think I'll ride her tomorrow and really work on her boogyman spots along the fence.

In the Sha

Jul. 9th, 2012 09:18 am
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Snippets written and posted earlier this year through [ profile] kashian

"I worry about your companions, Shinkir." Quanae stated.


"There is fear and confusion in the one and the other... The other is troubled for reasons I can't define, though he hides it. They are not what I had envisioned when I sent you out to find your people."

"But they are my people." Shinkir countered. "I can't abandon them. If I didn't step in who would?" She looked back to Quanae who had paused.

"Just be careful. They may not have the same loyalties to their own kind that you do. I worry about you Shinkir. I always have, ever since you came to us." Quanae nudged Shinkir's shoulder before rubbing her muzzle against her neck. "Now, are you going to complete your original purpose?"

"Yes. I just need to get Kri. I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for her. I'd still be stuck. Once she's free we'll find a ship to Flumeri. Is he still there?"

"So far as I know. If he isn't there will be another that can teach you more about your people than I ever could. Stay and rest as long as you need and replenish your supplies. It it's good to have you back, if only for a short time."

"It is good to be back. I've missed this place."


"I should come with you."

"Quana, you can't."

"I should have gone with you the first time. They would never have had you."

"That might be so, but there's no way you could come the whole way. What ship would let a Shami'en just walk aboard?"

"What ship would allow a Shabenay to do the same, Shinkir?"

"It's far easier for me to conceal what I am, Quana."

Quana snorted. "It is time we went out of the Sha. In order to protect it the others need to realize we aren't some myth."

"You've been talking to Maetsin.". Shinkir commented, almost scolding.

"She might be a bit crazy, but she had some ideas before she left."

"She's gone?"

"She left the year after you did."

"Oh, I thought she was out with the hunting party."

"No, she left, and tried to convince others to go with her. Quanae wasn't happy about it. Maetsin was one step away from banishment before she pulled out on her own."


Thoughts and snippets from the fourth chapter of Shifting Times.

Quana is Quanae's daughter. She and Shinkir grew up as sisters when Shinkir's family was killed. Quanae is the Ruler of the Sha. Not only is she the matriarch of her clan, but she is over all the Shami'en clans of the Sha Forest.

Shinkir initially left the Sha to seek out the last of Kirshtyn's guards and the last pocket of her people's culture that remains intact. That is when Iren initially captured her and took her to the Kistau Estate.

Because she was so young Shinkir does not have a whole lot of knowledge about her people. She has parts. She speaks and writes the language. She knows a little of the religion, what few of the stories she can remember. Quanae was able to tell her some. She knew Maylehn and helped Shinkir keep her language. Shinkir also knows much of the Shamien lore and culture. She grew up knowing she was Shabenay, however. Knowing she was different and didn't quite belong among the Shabenay despite being wholly loved and cared for.

Brehn had appeared when he got news of Ker's death. He felt that the Sha was a better, safer pace for Shinkir to grow. The journey back to Flumeri was no place for a child either. When she was ready she would come to him. He was getting too old for long journies, but he had to at least pay respects to his last and oldest friend, Ker.

Quana wished to join Shinkir on her journey, but the practicality of a Shami'en traveling overseas, not to mention their nearly mythic existance. There would be no easy way for Quana to follow beyond the coast.

Of course had Shinkir known the type of ship they'd be sailing on and who the first mate was it would have worked, or at least been plausible. There's still the issue of going through the port, though I guess they may not have been in a port town with Omat leading them so long as she knew where Joht and his shipmates were to be found.

And I think I'm going to leave it at that.
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Chris took his birthday and up through Wednesday off last week. I reshuffled lessons so I had hi birthday and the 4th off to have a few days of him, Tristan and I. Monday we went and acquired a paintball gun. Chris has been toying with the idea of it for a couple years now actually. Hurra for frivolous birthday money! (Plus holiday pay!). Chris thoroughly enjoyed shooting up a board behind the house. The horses weren't terribly happy with the noise at first, it's good desensitizing for them. It is pretty fun to shoot, actually! I may consider getting one myself eventually (Christmas or birthday perhaps). It's nice seeing Chris getting into something and enjoying it.

This last week we also received the solar charger and the wire to get Jed's turnout set up. Poor Jed has been stuck in his stall for a couple weeks (it does have a run, but still) because he has descemated the fence panels. Most specifically the panels attempting to keep him and the trees separated. They look like a truck ran over them so we sat down and figured out that it was about the same to get a solar charger and more wire to electrify it as it was to replace the panels, which he's probably going to destroy again anyway. So the fence is hot and Jed's turnout didn't get altered at all last night despite him finally being turned out in it.

Cinnamon has also discovered the electric fence and Chris said she's touch it, get zapped, spin away, do the flehmen response (curl her upper lip, something horses do when they want to analyze a smell better), and then investigate again, rinse, repeat. Wierd horse.

I have a commission I've been working on and hope to finish next week. I've taken too long eith it really, but what one should be able to accomplish and what one can accomplish with an infant are two entirely different things! Especially when he doesn't want to nap. Once I finish with that I'll post that and some other things here.

I've been having some itching to redo Shifting Times, but I promised myself to get the first chapter finished first. Of course that shouldn't stop me from starting some re-writing and thumbnailing... The most important visual change will be visually treating it as a book rather than just individual pages, which will change some things, I think. I'm trying to figure out if I might want to do it all traditionally or not. I also just had the thought that maybe I should do landscape format rather than portrait...

Anyway, just some thoughts rattling around in my head.
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It's amazing what I can manage when I simply sit down and do something.

And since I did just that, page 28 is now finished and in good time! Of course, I didn't get the two pages done I was hoping to this month, but hey! I've been doing a ton of other Kashian-related drawing this month so that kindof makes up for it ... right?

Shifting Times: Page 28 )


Feb. 16th, 2009 05:07 am
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Twenty-sixth page of Shifting Times )

So Friday training was canceled because Kim was sick. I won't have training next Friday either as she's going in to have a surgery that will hopefully improve her hearing (she is deaf). In place of it, I took both Panda and Kash to the park with its public arena.

I worked Panda first and left Kash in the trailer. She was a little nervous when I tacked her up, but not so bad as she was on Wednesday. Of course, her nervousness didn't help me any and upped my apprehension. I worked her on the ground briefly before getting on and started working the tension out. Lots of walking at first and bending before moving up to the trot, continuing with the bending, turning, and getting her to move off of my leg (sideways rather than forward). The goal was to get her to relax, which is Panda's biggest thing, especially in the arena. She tries so hard to work she gets herself nervous about it. She is more relaxed out on trail (so long as she's in the lead and not being left behind) and I just need to translate that into relaxed all the time. Eventually. Some day.

I did manage to get her to go long and low and seek the contact a few times, but only briefly.

We ended with a bit of canter work and she did pretty well, though she did get stuck on the right lead for a bit at the end and "ran away" the first couple times. She really is a nice ride when she's relaxed though and willing and tries hard. I just need to get her to calm down so anyone can ride her without worrying about her nervous energy getting away from her. Wet saddle blankets and time, wet saddle blankets and time. She's better than she was, but isn't where she could be as I haven't had the time for her the last two years. I think I could only really claim one year under saddle for her with as much as she's been worked.

I was going to just dink on Kash a bit, I brought the bareback pad and tacked him up, but he had other ideas. Being left in the trailer for an hour did not settle well with a very active high-energy horse. I ended up swapping out to the saddle to be safe and worked him in trot and canter, small circles, bending, turning, more bending, some shoulders-in, more bending and turning and generally attempting to get him to slow down and listen. Did some side-pass and would have worked him some more, but it was time to get Panda to the vet's for another check. Ola worked the boy that evening and said he did great.

Panda was in heat Friday, though I have to say she is probably the quietest mare in history. All she really did was lift her tail and she had a 45mm follicle (essentially about ready to ovulate). Most normal mares would be squatting, winking, and a whole array of other things, but Panda? Just a raised tail. Very much not the flirtatious type.

We had the smear and culture done, which were a pretty penny and we should have the first result back by Wednesday and the second one by the end of the week. They should both come back clear as she's well-conformed, young, and a maiden mare, which means we should be clear to take her to the stud in March. Woo!

Saturday both Chris and I worked. I had six lessons, one early, one late morning, and four in the afternoon. The four are new, all siblings, and four lessons in a row is a bit much! We're going to try and split them up, two and two, so they don't end up sitting around for two or so hours while the others do their lessons. The mother said specifically that she (or the kids' grandparents) wanted them to learn Dressage, so Dressage it shall be, as much as I know, but first we have to establish the basics, which will probably take some time. The two younger ones have very little experience and the older two have ridden a little more, but not with much instruction.

Sunday we were heathens and stayed home and relaxed except for a brief trip to the horse park to have a more thorough look around (I've only been to the public section to work horses). There was a gymkahna going on, although they were just running barrels at the time while we were there (gymkahna includes all of the speed events in Western, barrels, poles, keyhole, and several other things I can't recall at the moment). They were doing the peewee group, which included first runs for some kids in which they were lead around the barrels to older kids who actually cantered through it (the best time was around 30 seconds, whereas winning times at the adult level are in the teens). There were some really good, as well as some incredibly tolerant ponies that were packing the kids around. I have to say that I do think that if a kid can't control its horse by him/herself the kid has no business being in a show environment, but that's just me.

There were some good horses, but there were quite a few that were jigging all over and couldn't contain themselves, one of the side affects of speed events in which people don't focus on good horsemanship and just want the fastest time. Thus, I'm not really a fan of speed events.

The park is set up rather nicely, the big covered arena is quite nice and they have four others that are uncovered. The barn has 100 stalls divided up into four sections of 20 stalls. The roof is insulated, which is quite awesome and should keep it cooler during the summer.

It isn't anything like Westworld, though I think that is their goal. They don't have the space yet and none of the other arenas have much in the way of bleachers so your only spot for any amount of spectators is in the covered arena, limiting the number of big classes you can have and the number of spectators. Just the same, it is nice and is a huge step in the right direction.

Today I will go ride with Mom, try and work Jinjer and possibly the boy. The Strudel horse needs some attention too.

And I have come to the conclusion I need to ride more. I've gotten a little tentative and my seat doesn't feel as sure as it should be. I'm far from the five-to-six days a week I rode while working for Judy. I need to ride regularly again. One to improve myself, and two to improve my horses. The third reason is to improve my confidence. It's funny, I'm more calm and at ease when a horse is doing something "stupid" than I am in anticipation of the act happening. I find myself getting annoyed more than anything.

Anyway, time for some breakfast.
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Mom and I took Dakota and Panda out. Panda hasn't been out on a trail ride in a while and she did quite well. Because she's unshod we kept it at a walk and I let her pick her way through the rocky areas. Every once in a while she'd find a rock or something that she had a slight "ouch" response to and then the next step she'd be fine. Still getting used to being barefoot, but I think they'll toughen up fairly quickly. Her backs have been barefoot for quite a while and hold up quite well, it'll just take at least two rotations before she works through the part of her hoof wall that's been weakened by the nails.

We saw a small rattlesnake. As we were moving down a wash it started to rattle and slithered up under a bush where it postured threateningly and rattled whenever we moved in a manner he considered threatening (which appeared to be any movement at all). As soon as I heard him I stopped Panda. Her ears pricked at the sound of it, but other than that she was rather unimpressed by the small, rattling stick under the bush. Mom stopped next to me and we watched him and chatted a bit before moving on.

Coming back we were passed by two pairs of riders, two women and two men. I was quite impressed that Panda didn't try to "catch up" with the other horses as she has in the past. She doesn't really jig, but she will start trotting sometimes if she feels like she's being left behind. I think our previous little sessions has improved her willingness to stick with me rather than attach onto the horses moving around her.

And I finished page 24! )
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This morning I was going to go to training, but Kim wasn't feeling well so we rescheduled for Monday. Instead I worked Kash in the walk and trot around the neighborhood and realized that he's not been out around the neighborhood in a while. He didn't do bad, but he was a bit distracted and not really "on the aids."

After that I had a lesson and Emma got to start the trot, she was quite excited. Granted, there was some minor trauma when Chewy stepped on Emma's toe. Of course, it wasn't until Chewy's hoof was OFF Emma's foot that she cried. We took off her boot and sock to reassure Emma that her toe was OK. A few more sniffles and the reapplication of said footwear and she was good to go. Her focus is becoming much better and thus her riding is improving. She really likes draft horses and so having Chewy plus Ruby and Panda is quite a treat for her.

Following the lesson I was going to work Mom's two horses, but discovered Dakota in quite a state. She was standing under the shade with Rowdy but unlike the big black gelding, she was breathing quite heavily, practically panting, but just through her nose. Knowing this not to be a good thing I led her over to the hose and spent the next 10-20 minutes hosing the mare with water to help cool her down. Granted, now we were standing in the sun, but the water was much cooler than her hot flesh. After I hosed her down she, of course, rolled and created a rather muddy mess, but that's okay, she was breathing much more steadily and had drunk quite a bit of water.

Then it was off and running errands. I FINALLY mailed the computer to its new home. (It should be there the 31st!) It's insured and being sent via UPS, they'll e-mail me the tracking number later. The lady at the counter was quite slow in getting everything inputed, though. I remember when I worked at Kwik Ship and having to do a much, much quicker job. By the time I was done there were three other people waiting to be served. I could hear another person in back packing things. Ah, yes, the old memories of working for shipping places!

The next stop was Marley Feeds to pick up some joint pellets for Mom's horses. When I pulled up around noon some crazy person was out working a horse over jumps. My thought is either she was exceptionally dedicated or extremely stupid. Not only is it hard on the rider, but 105˚ at 20-30% humidity does NOT agree with the equine athlete. That's a rough guestimate, I don't actually know what the humidity was, but the temperature is about the same and since it's the monsoon season the dewpoint and humidity are both up. As I was pulling out I noticed that they changed riders and a second person worked the horse over some low jumps. I don't know, I can work outside until about 11.00 without too much worry, but I will NOT work a horse after 10.30 in the summer. It's just stupid and foolish and it most definitely isn't worth the health of the horse or the risk of some sort of heat stroke or exhaustion for both horse and rider.

As I wandered back home I hit the feed store to grab some oats and pick up a few things for Marty. I finally made it home a bit after 1.00 and have been working on page 24 for Shifting Times, which is just about finished! I'm quite excited, I haven't had this quick of a turn-around for pages in quite some time. I hope I can keep it up and get myself a bit caught up and then maintain once school starts. It would be REALLY nice to be able to finish with the first chapter before the end of next year.

Speaking of next year ... did you know I will be graduated in less than 10 months? WOHOOOOOOO!!!!! *Dances happily.*

I need to finish the re-vamp for my site next week and try and get some more information down for Kashian. I don't think I ever mentioned that I finally have Aitnu's family line figured out, mwah ha ha, but I can't tell until after I'm done with Merging Worlds (the first part/book of the Shifting Times series). Part of me can't believe that I've managed to stick with it this long, and the other part knew I was quite stubborn all along.

Once I finish Chapter One: Runaways, I plan on re-doing the first two pages (at least) and then possibly getting it published, just a small self-published run. It'll mostly be for myself, but if anyone's interested I'll make more copies, probably to sell near cost (unless I manage some massive following in the next year, which, given my current track record, is highly unlikely).

Which brings me to the ever-present curiosity that occasionally plagues my mind of why I don't get more recognition for my art. I know I have a small, fierce following, but they are friends more than fans, which is actually quite a good thing, but it can get frustrating because at times I don't feel like I get the recognition that my ability deserves...? I think part of it continues to fall back on the fact that I don't really promote myself much (or well for that matter). I might have my art a lot of places, but I don't always go out of my way in trying to engage people. I'm not very good at self-promotion and I feel a bit self-conscious and don't want to get obnoxious.

Ach, whatever. I'm still in college (for a little while at least). As I've figured before, I won't worry too much about promoting myself until I'm through and have the time for such pursuits, like more conventions and the like (if I have the money for it, and I should, I WILL be at FC in 2010!). And checking out local galleries and getting into the First Friday thing down in Phoenix where they have the artwalk and other activities once a month.

Of course then there's the consideration that both horses and art take up a lot of time and I do have to consider that there will be a bit of give and take there. I don't ever plan on doing a whole lot of showing, but I do think it would be a fun experience to compete and get a sense of how good I actually am compared to other riders.

Time to wander off the computer and feed horses, or at least get them their Psyllium, Kash already had his this morning, but the other three went without due to lack of oats.
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Page 23 of Shifting Times is finished! )
It only took me three months ... I blame school and being distracted by that life thing.

Earlier this week I completed the lovely job of cleaning both Rowdy and Kash's sheaths, yay. Not my most favorite thing to do with horses, but it has to be done! Poor Rowdy's sheath is swollen, and has been for several days. We're taking him to the vet Friday to have a closer look at it, unfortunately the cleaning doesn't seemed to have helped, granted, I spent an hour working on him and I don't think I was really able to get it all. I need to ask the vet if there's some magical way to get them to drop so that it's easier to clean.

I've worked Dakota, Kash, and Toby this week and this morning I had training with Kim, but was on Smokey, her TB (cross?) gelding because Mom had the trailer up in Utah. I could ride to the training, but I would prefer to have a riding buddy when doing that and sometimes I need a lesson to focus more on "me" than the horse I'm riding.

I need to get some pictures of the drawing that I'm working on before I go back into it with the lighter ink washes, keep your eyes peeled for progress images!
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But not really.

I finished two of the three pieces that are due Monday. Of course, the third one will be the most time-consuming as it is a colored pencil piece.

Our final project in Drawing III will be a massive triptych with three 22X30" pieces. I think I might do pastels, but I don't know.

I have a sad attempt at starting the final paper for Teaching Art Processes and an inkling of what to do for the second half of the paper for Stokrocki.

I did, however, finish page 22 of Shifting Times, which makes me happy. Hopefully I'll get page 23 done in time even with school gnawing on the back of my neck.

Shifting Times, page 22, with detail shot! )

It's good to get back into the groove of lessons. While two ended up being postponed this week, I will still have taught five lessons come Saturday, which is good. March will still be a woefully bad month and February wasn't much better, but there were a few things that were beyond my control and being absent a week didn't help any.

I'm tempted to throw some of my older students on Kash again, but I figure get them back into regular lessons before we think of that. I do want to allow them to progress into the canter, but Chewy does not have anything resembling a smooth, balanced canter and neither does Panda. Sunny needs a thorough tune-up and isn't the best on the lunge line, forget about doing anything with her in the roundpen with a rider on her (she gets terribly excited, responsive, but too fast and a bit unbalanced for a rider to get used to the movement). Thus it leaves the boy, which means I need to get him worked three times a week or more to keep him on par. Four more weeks and school will be finished for the summer (not counting Summer School) so we might just be able to get 'Brose and Nat up again.

Speaking of Kash, he did fantastic in training today. There were a couple of wobbly moments, but overall he performed wonderfully as we worked a bit on shoulder-in, trot-canter-trot transitions, and moving from working to extended trot. We also did a little jumping, and my have I missed it! As soon as school is out I am going over to my parents' and getting the holes drilled for the jumping standards so I can start practicing at home. That's really what has been keeping me from doing it more at Kim's because I haven't been able to exercise him over them at home and I haven't really had the time to exercise him period. This last week he got a bit so I figured he'd be good to go.

And now I must be off!

On a Roll

Feb. 12th, 2008 07:51 am
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So two months in a row I have completed my Visiting Teaching run with my companion, Sis. Bridge. Hurra!

Also two months in a row I've managed to finish a page of Shifting Times.

Both accomplishments make me giddy.

Page 21 of Shifting Times )

I feel so accomplished. Hopefully I can keep this up throughout the year (in both respects).


Jan. 10th, 2008 08:11 am
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I had my first official driving lesson yesterday from JJ. It was a bit hap-hazard, but I think I'm learning and it should be quite interesting. She sent me off on Juliet and it took me a while to get a feel for the reins as they're quite heavy. It didn't go too badly and, though Juliet wanted to speed up "going home" she was pretty good on the aids and listened fairly well. I must have looked a bit like a drunkard at first trying to go in a straight line, though, heh.

We worked with JJ's Pintabian filly and also tried Seven in the cart. He wasn't terribly fond of the shafts at first, but we got him walking around fairly nicely by the end of it.

I'll be going back again Friday and, hopefully, will set something up to go somewhat more regularly. JJ mentioned a show/event in the begining of Feb. with the possibility of me driving Juliet and JJ driving Seven, but we'll see. I didn't mention it to Chris yesterday as I had three lessons to teach right after I got home, but perhaps he'd be interested in helping us out.

As such, one of my resolutions is now on its way to being accomplished!

In other news, page 20 of Shifting Times is almost done. Finally. The last page was finished in October, which means I've had a two month lull and haven't paid the attention to it that I should have. The good news is that I'm getting to the point where the inking isn't three years old and I won't have to rework it so much after scanning.

And time to be off and accomplish things. I have a few errands to run and plan on visiting Judy, whom I haven't seen since last Christmas and haven't talked to in a couple months.
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My final week of freedom before the Spring semester starts. And it's raining.

I am tremendously excited to be getting back into drawing classes, though, even if one of them is Life Drawing and, well, the nude is not my favorite subject, but at least it'll reinforce my human anatomy. I did enjoy painting and sculpture, but being outside of what I'm used to I had a terrible tendency to throw too much ontop of me and overshoot my current skill level. It's good for learning, but having to spend 20+ hours on a piece outside of a class isn't what I want to spend my time on. It's nice to be able to breathe and do something other than school once in a while.

I am also quite happy with the knowledge that I only have two more full-time semesters left. The last one should only be two classes and I'm done, finished. Life can move on and I will no longer be on hold. I have so many plans. Things to learn, explore, experience, not to mention getting to spend more time with my wonderful husband who has tolerated his wife's lack of homemaking and time for things outside of school.

Time to be off! I have to pick up Tye, drop off some things to copy, and run a couple errands.

Oh, before I forget, for those who are new(er) to this journal, or have forgotten, I have three communities for my "projects." I recently moved the Lemyes community and deleted the old one as the old spelling was finally getting to me and it needed to change.  As one of my resolutions is to update at least one of these on a weekly basis, they should be much more active than they have been in the past!

[ profile] kashian
My main project, home of the Shabenay and where my comic "Shifting Times" takes place.

[ profile] tae_kahn
The youngest of the three projects, home to the Guenitha, Zaub, and Grihfohn.

[ profile] lemyes
The oldest of the projects that is starting to move to the forefront again with my possible novel "The Fire Forged Key."

Thanks to those who have watched these groups in the past and those who decide to join!  I encourage people to post their own entries, make comments, ask questions, postulate, etc.
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Well, another page is, at least. And since it's been so long in coming and I'm rather proud of it, I'm sharing it here with y'all.

I do have to admit that I secretly enjoy drawing Rirhe when he is spazzed out. Ignore the fact that the lighting is wrong in panel four, I noticed it, but only AFTER I was finished coloring it and really didn't want to redo it.

Shifting Times: Part One, Merging Worlds: Chapter One, Runaways, page 19 )

The whole comic can be found here for those interested.

Now I just have 20 more pages to go and I'm finished with Runaways! I should have it finished by the end of 2009, which is actually quite close, if you think of it, especially compared to how long it's taken me to get to this point! Nearly 20 pages in four years, and I hope to finish another 20 in two!

Each page I finished gets me excited all over again about the story. I'm slightly disappointed in myself that I don't get them finished faster, but I have to remind myself that each panel is quite near a full completed drawing in and of itself at the size I'm working. To give you an idea, the "finished" product that you see is about 25% of my working size now.

P.S. I find Rirhe's accent amusing too.
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Chris was home today, so I've been spending most of the day with him, thus, just a brief note.

I'm almost done with page 18, in fact, I should be able to finish it Monday. Then I need to scan in the other pages that I currently have inked (19-21, I think). So much for being able to build up a buffer during the summer, but I'm okay with that. Life happens, I'll just try to get them done as soon as possible and attempt to catch up for this year at least. I'm still two months behind ... three months behind. Hopefully I'll be motivated to move a little faster once I get out of the stupid agricultural fields, they're getting annoying. Just the same, it's been good for me at least, forcing myself to do backgrounds and the like.

There will be 18 pages finished with this one and 21 to go for "Runaways" to be finished. If I keep up the one a month I'll be finished with it before I graduate. Kind of exciting! Of course, there's still several other parts to finish. Chapter three is probably halfway done being written, and there's at least three more chapters ontop of that. I'm actually rather proud of my little project and what I've accomplished with it thusfar. It's been six years since the initial idea and I've managed to stick with it. It has changed and evolved so much since it's inception, but it's been a fun ride, and hopefully will continue to be. It may not have a wide base of readers (less than a dozen, I'm sure), but I'm still proud of it.

Time to go work some horses, it's cooled off a little by now (hopefully).
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I win.

Page 16 is now finished and I can feel less guilty about not updating last month.

Page 16 )

Oh for the time to do a page a week and get the first two chapter finished this year!

Edit: *Palm to face.* Yeah, images don't show when you have .html after the file name instead of .jpg .... One of these days I'll get it right the first time.
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The 3d assignment with the paster and wire is due today, yay.  I wasn't able to put any more real time into it, but that's okay, I should manage fair enough as I got it pretty solid on Monday.

Yesterday I had two tests, one in Disciplines in Art Ed. and the other was Southwest Native American Art.  The first was nothing like I had expected and really wasn't much like she explained it.  That's probably one thing that I hate about college is a lot of times the professors don't prepare you well enough for the test or, at least, don't tell you at least the general format of the test to allow for more efficient study.

I had to run to the bus as the SWNA slides took forever.  The essay at the end wasn't too bad, but I wish I wasn't quite so pressed for time at the end of it.  It would have been nice to run through the slides quickly and then go back at the end if anyone missed a slide rather than sitting for ten minutes on one slide when you have an essay that is worth a quarter of the test sitting at the end of it that you end up spending about five minutes on because that's all that is left in the class time and you have to catch the bus that's somewhere between a half and a full mile away.

I probably ran for about a quarter mile straight full out, walked, jogged again, and barely managed to make it to the bus before it left.  I was quite impressed with my recovery time, it's much better than it was at the beginning of the semester.  One of these days I'll get myself into a regular workout program and be in reasonably good condition for whatever physical demand are placed on my body.

Had a lesson this morning as Tuesday morning's lesson was bumped due to sogginess.  It rained Monday night and Tuesday morning and I have a sneaking suspiscion that it dribbled a bit last night as it was a bit soggy this morning as well, either that or it was just very humid and the moisture in the air was clinging to whatever it could.  Also a plausible explaination.

One of the pastel books I ordered came in yesterday, I wish it would have come in a week ago, it would have been very helpful in my paper, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.  Once I get the next section done I'll go back and revise the second section and hopefully get that all squared away.

I've been toying with some ideas for my next 3d project.  We're supposed to do a situational oxymoron.  I really want to try and mix something in with horses.  The most prominant image is a giant dog bone.  Another interesting one is a horse pulling a truck or somesuch and there's a couple others floating around.


Dec. 1st, 2006 01:19 pm
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Thirteen pages down, only twenty-six more to go! At this rate I'll have Runaways finished in just over two years. Of course, if we include the out-liers it'd take me a hundred years or something because my average from start to now is a page every four months or so. That's a horrible average. One of these days I need to do more than just one a month so my average can be much nicer and the projection a lot less depressing.

Or I could go on a massive scan-o-thon and scan in all of the pages I have sketched, slap some text on them, and then throw one up a week so I can feel like I'm progressing.

The good news is that I actually have two pages fully inked outside of the one I'm currently working on and several in various stages of inking. I will be very happy to be finished with the first 14 pages and start inking traditionally and simply adding the colors in Painter rather than going through the quite painful process of inking on the computer.

Now I have a paper I need to write. Yay!


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