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Tuesday I took Kash to training. For only getting out once a year for the last four years he did very well. We had a couple little goobers here and there, but he settled in nicely. We worked all gaits and did some trot poles. No jumping as he was still wanting to rush the poles until the very end and at that point we didn't want to open up a new issue without enough time to address it.

Kitt had ruptured an abcess on her hind heel and was vaguely off in one direction, but fine in the other at the trot on a small circle so I took the boy. The next two lessons will be Kitt under saddle (so long as her heel is good) so we can get her consistent over the jumps.

Sunday I was actually able to sit down and and work on Shifting Times. It was SO NICE. I sketched out the two page spread for the opening and started reworking the script for the first few pages. I think in all the script is still good, but the first few pages were tied to the visual along with the fact that they were written over eleven years ago so a little repolishing is to be expected. I really like the landscape format for the pages. I think it is going to stick. Now it is figuring out how to do them. What medium. Traditional, digital, black and white, greyscale or full color? I may have to get the full pencils done on thr initial spread and scan it in order to play with it from there. Decisions, decisions!

I have been thinking about Z a lot, which has lead to some melancholy moments. I guess it will just come and go and it will for a long time. I took Bud out today with Kathryn and her boy Oakley and couldn't help but think that I'll never have a chance to ride with them and Z. We were close, but never quite made it work.
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I just finished reading Digger. I am slightly embarrassed at how quickly I read it, but I am very easily sucked into visual narratives. So long as the writing is descent. The art can be a little iffy, but if the writing is bad I don't care how pretty the pictures are.

Anyway, having read a long, epic story gets me itching to get at Shifting Times again. Digger is proof that there are some stories that write themselves without much pre-planning. Of course it takes a genius mind to do it and I don't think I'm that person, but if someone can get a 750+ page story out start to finish over the course of four years perhaps I can get at least Part One: Merging Worlds done of Shifting Times in the next five.

Of course I need to figure out my format, medium, and decide if anything needs to be re-written. I'm pretty happy with most of the script thusfar, but the first few pages may need some tweaking.

I still plan on getting those last few pages of the first chapter inked so there's some vague closure before I completely reboot the thing. I have gotten more done on the script the past month than I have the last two years. So that's encouraging. Onward!


Aug. 5th, 2012 12:45 pm
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So I'm thinking when I redo chapter one I'm going to have to sit down and do some serious research. Yes this is a made-up setting, but I want it to feel real and rich. One of my weak points is architecture and while I have some ideas on the basic design of the city settings I'm completely at a loss for the details and I think those details are what is going to help really make this something memorable. I want people to get into the story, yes, but I also want them to be able to get into the world as much as I do as well.

Of course first I have to finish chapter one to begin with. That has to be done before I can reset. I've been so close, but it's a matter of sitting down and doing it without feeling too guilty about other obligations. Other obligations that I really need to get out of the way first.

So come the reset I have things to focus on:

Sketches of the places the novel takes place in so I feel confident drawing the environment rather than just trying to make it up as I go along. It needs to feel like a place and have character rather than being incidental. While the Sha and Kistau Estate are the only two really emotionally charged places at this point the others shouldn't feel like they are a mere prop. Well, I guess Durray is important being Mri'tia's home base, but at this point it is more Shinkir's story. Merging Worlds is about her quest to save Kri, it is future parts that will focus in on Mri'tia and her importance, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

While no one is really getting a redesign at this point so far as their major forms I do need to familiarize myself with their other forms and get down their designs and colors. My initial thought was that the Marks, eye color, and gender would be consistant throughout each shape-shifting character's forms, but then I started thinking more about genetics and how they work and parallel phenotypes among species and decided that coloration would also be linked. For example Shinkir is a recessive light dilute, in horse terms she'd probably be champagne over chestnut, giving pale eyes and a light body color. Rirhe would be dominant medium base coat possibly with some sort of modifier for his eyes. His human form is a red head, which may be too obvious of a translation from his fox-like base form of a keine Frineir. So sketching and coloring of character's forms. That ties back in with trying to get a handle on the Shami'en genetics. Revisiting character design.

I'm actually still pretty happy with the script for chapter one "Runaways." There is some minor spelling things and perhaps reworking the very beginning intro a bit, but we'll see when I get to it.

I'm contemplating a possible landscape format for the pages and also designing it with a book in mind, which I haven't quite done at this point. I have wanted to get it into book form, but I haven't been treating the pages as if they're in a book and would be side by side in some cases, which means I haven't been using the space to its potential. This must be remedied.

Digital or traditional? I started traditional, went to digital and now I'm not sure if I want to keep it digital or pick it up traditionally. Digital made sense when I was a student and I was dragging my sketchbook with the inks all over and working on it here and there, but there's no reason to do that now as I predominantly work from home and I don't have that "dead" time away from home that I worked in on the go. So something to contemplate.

Of course before I do all of this I have to get my plate clean first and finish Chapter one. Some of it I can obviously peck away at in the meantime, but I have other things before I can really dig in deep again.

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It's amazing what I can manage when I simply sit down and do something.

And since I did just that, page 28 is now finished and in good time! Of course, I didn't get the two pages done I was hoping to this month, but hey! I've been doing a ton of other Kashian-related drawing this month so that kindof makes up for it ... right?

Shifting Times: Page 28 )
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But not really.

I finished two of the three pieces that are due Monday. Of course, the third one will be the most time-consuming as it is a colored pencil piece.

Our final project in Drawing III will be a massive triptych with three 22X30" pieces. I think I might do pastels, but I don't know.

I have a sad attempt at starting the final paper for Teaching Art Processes and an inkling of what to do for the second half of the paper for Stokrocki.

I did, however, finish page 22 of Shifting Times, which makes me happy. Hopefully I'll get page 23 done in time even with school gnawing on the back of my neck.

Shifting Times, page 22, with detail shot! )

It's good to get back into the groove of lessons. While two ended up being postponed this week, I will still have taught five lessons come Saturday, which is good. March will still be a woefully bad month and February wasn't much better, but there were a few things that were beyond my control and being absent a week didn't help any.

I'm tempted to throw some of my older students on Kash again, but I figure get them back into regular lessons before we think of that. I do want to allow them to progress into the canter, but Chewy does not have anything resembling a smooth, balanced canter and neither does Panda. Sunny needs a thorough tune-up and isn't the best on the lunge line, forget about doing anything with her in the roundpen with a rider on her (she gets terribly excited, responsive, but too fast and a bit unbalanced for a rider to get used to the movement). Thus it leaves the boy, which means I need to get him worked three times a week or more to keep him on par. Four more weeks and school will be finished for the summer (not counting Summer School) so we might just be able to get 'Brose and Nat up again.

Speaking of Kash, he did fantastic in training today. There were a couple of wobbly moments, but overall he performed wonderfully as we worked a bit on shoulder-in, trot-canter-trot transitions, and moving from working to extended trot. We also did a little jumping, and my have I missed it! As soon as school is out I am going over to my parents' and getting the holes drilled for the jumping standards so I can start practicing at home. That's really what has been keeping me from doing it more at Kim's because I haven't been able to exercise him over them at home and I haven't really had the time to exercise him period. This last week he got a bit so I figured he'd be good to go.

And now I must be off!

On a Roll

Feb. 12th, 2008 07:51 am
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So two months in a row I have completed my Visiting Teaching run with my companion, Sis. Bridge. Hurra!

Also two months in a row I've managed to finish a page of Shifting Times.

Both accomplishments make me giddy.

Page 21 of Shifting Times )

I feel so accomplished. Hopefully I can keep this up throughout the year (in both respects).


Jan. 10th, 2008 08:11 am
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I had my first official driving lesson yesterday from JJ. It was a bit hap-hazard, but I think I'm learning and it should be quite interesting. She sent me off on Juliet and it took me a while to get a feel for the reins as they're quite heavy. It didn't go too badly and, though Juliet wanted to speed up "going home" she was pretty good on the aids and listened fairly well. I must have looked a bit like a drunkard at first trying to go in a straight line, though, heh.

We worked with JJ's Pintabian filly and also tried Seven in the cart. He wasn't terribly fond of the shafts at first, but we got him walking around fairly nicely by the end of it.

I'll be going back again Friday and, hopefully, will set something up to go somewhat more regularly. JJ mentioned a show/event in the begining of Feb. with the possibility of me driving Juliet and JJ driving Seven, but we'll see. I didn't mention it to Chris yesterday as I had three lessons to teach right after I got home, but perhaps he'd be interested in helping us out.

As such, one of my resolutions is now on its way to being accomplished!

In other news, page 20 of Shifting Times is almost done. Finally. The last page was finished in October, which means I've had a two month lull and haven't paid the attention to it that I should have. The good news is that I'm getting to the point where the inking isn't three years old and I won't have to rework it so much after scanning.

And time to be off and accomplish things. I have a few errands to run and plan on visiting Judy, whom I haven't seen since last Christmas and haven't talked to in a couple months.
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Well, another page is, at least. And since it's been so long in coming and I'm rather proud of it, I'm sharing it here with y'all.

I do have to admit that I secretly enjoy drawing Rirhe when he is spazzed out. Ignore the fact that the lighting is wrong in panel four, I noticed it, but only AFTER I was finished coloring it and really didn't want to redo it.

Shifting Times: Part One, Merging Worlds: Chapter One, Runaways, page 19 )

The whole comic can be found here for those interested.

Now I just have 20 more pages to go and I'm finished with Runaways! I should have it finished by the end of 2009, which is actually quite close, if you think of it, especially compared to how long it's taken me to get to this point! Nearly 20 pages in four years, and I hope to finish another 20 in two!

Each page I finished gets me excited all over again about the story. I'm slightly disappointed in myself that I don't get them finished faster, but I have to remind myself that each panel is quite near a full completed drawing in and of itself at the size I'm working. To give you an idea, the "finished" product that you see is about 25% of my working size now.

P.S. I find Rirhe's accent amusing too.
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Chris was home today, so I've been spending most of the day with him, thus, just a brief note.

I'm almost done with page 18, in fact, I should be able to finish it Monday. Then I need to scan in the other pages that I currently have inked (19-21, I think). So much for being able to build up a buffer during the summer, but I'm okay with that. Life happens, I'll just try to get them done as soon as possible and attempt to catch up for this year at least. I'm still two months behind ... three months behind. Hopefully I'll be motivated to move a little faster once I get out of the stupid agricultural fields, they're getting annoying. Just the same, it's been good for me at least, forcing myself to do backgrounds and the like.

There will be 18 pages finished with this one and 21 to go for "Runaways" to be finished. If I keep up the one a month I'll be finished with it before I graduate. Kind of exciting! Of course, there's still several other parts to finish. Chapter three is probably halfway done being written, and there's at least three more chapters ontop of that. I'm actually rather proud of my little project and what I've accomplished with it thusfar. It's been six years since the initial idea and I've managed to stick with it. It has changed and evolved so much since it's inception, but it's been a fun ride, and hopefully will continue to be. It may not have a wide base of readers (less than a dozen, I'm sure), but I'm still proud of it.

Time to go work some horses, it's cooled off a little by now (hopefully).
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I win.

Page 16 is now finished and I can feel less guilty about not updating last month.

Page 16 )

Oh for the time to do a page a week and get the first two chapter finished this year!

Edit: *Palm to face.* Yeah, images don't show when you have .html after the file name instead of .jpg .... One of these days I'll get it right the first time.
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The 3d assignment with the paster and wire is due today, yay.  I wasn't able to put any more real time into it, but that's okay, I should manage fair enough as I got it pretty solid on Monday.

Yesterday I had two tests, one in Disciplines in Art Ed. and the other was Southwest Native American Art.  The first was nothing like I had expected and really wasn't much like she explained it.  That's probably one thing that I hate about college is a lot of times the professors don't prepare you well enough for the test or, at least, don't tell you at least the general format of the test to allow for more efficient study.

I had to run to the bus as the SWNA slides took forever.  The essay at the end wasn't too bad, but I wish I wasn't quite so pressed for time at the end of it.  It would have been nice to run through the slides quickly and then go back at the end if anyone missed a slide rather than sitting for ten minutes on one slide when you have an essay that is worth a quarter of the test sitting at the end of it that you end up spending about five minutes on because that's all that is left in the class time and you have to catch the bus that's somewhere between a half and a full mile away.

I probably ran for about a quarter mile straight full out, walked, jogged again, and barely managed to make it to the bus before it left.  I was quite impressed with my recovery time, it's much better than it was at the beginning of the semester.  One of these days I'll get myself into a regular workout program and be in reasonably good condition for whatever physical demand are placed on my body.

Had a lesson this morning as Tuesday morning's lesson was bumped due to sogginess.  It rained Monday night and Tuesday morning and I have a sneaking suspiscion that it dribbled a bit last night as it was a bit soggy this morning as well, either that or it was just very humid and the moisture in the air was clinging to whatever it could.  Also a plausible explaination.

One of the pastel books I ordered came in yesterday, I wish it would have come in a week ago, it would have been very helpful in my paper, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.  Once I get the next section done I'll go back and revise the second section and hopefully get that all squared away.

I've been toying with some ideas for my next 3d project.  We're supposed to do a situational oxymoron.  I really want to try and mix something in with horses.  The most prominant image is a giant dog bone.  Another interesting one is a horse pulling a truck or somesuch and there's a couple others floating around.

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So I'm going to try to make a couple resolutions this year.

The first is an attempt to spend no more than seven hours online each week. Since I hardly even turn the computer on during the weekends, this shouldn't be too bad. It'll defiantely open up my time to, heaven forbid, be more productive in other areas, such as working on art and writings.

I WILL finish the Shifting Times Prequel and start on the sketches that will turn into the accompanying drawings when I refine the thing and (self)publish it.

I am going to finish a page a month of Shifting Times. This should allow me to get two-thirds of the way through Runaways, which sets me up nicely to finish up the first chapter next year (or at least be a page shy) and move updates to the site only. At that point I'll probably go back and re-do the first two pages to bring them more "in-style" with the rest of it (I'll probably pull the inks and repaint the images digitally)

I will make an attempt to work two horses a day (sans Sunday), lessons count. This includes the boy and all of the horses that are within reach (i.e. Dakota, Kachina, Toby, and soforth).

I will work on art every day, even if it is a sketch, I will try to work on coloring something every day. I would like to finish a piece of art at least every month that is NOT Shifting Times or school-related.

Less time-related, I want to try new media and push myself beyond what I've been doing. I want to learn how to use paint properly (gouache and watercolor mainly as I'm not really set up to use acrylic or oils).

I want to better my seat and become softer and more in harmony with my riding.

I need to focus more on groundwork and better learn how to use the long lines. I need to go on "walks" with my horses, i.e. put them in the sircingle, on the long lines, and work them around the neighborhood, along the road, down Mews, in the front of the property, etc. Once Strudel is weaned I plan on doing this with her as well (she's leading by halter quite well now).

I'm going to write these down or print them out and keep them someplace visible.


Dec. 1st, 2006 01:19 pm
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Thirteen pages down, only twenty-six more to go! At this rate I'll have Runaways finished in just over two years. Of course, if we include the out-liers it'd take me a hundred years or something because my average from start to now is a page every four months or so. That's a horrible average. One of these days I need to do more than just one a month so my average can be much nicer and the projection a lot less depressing.

Or I could go on a massive scan-o-thon and scan in all of the pages I have sketched, slap some text on them, and then throw one up a week so I can feel like I'm progressing.

The good news is that I actually have two pages fully inked outside of the one I'm currently working on and several in various stages of inking. I will be very happy to be finished with the first 14 pages and start inking traditionally and simply adding the colors in Painter rather than going through the quite painful process of inking on the computer.

Now I have a paper I need to write. Yay!


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