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May. 27th, 2016 09:00 pm
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Some writing with Kallon.

We stayed an extra day because my grandparents flew in yesterday afternoon. We spent the day in Provo canyon before they arrived and visited for a couple hours. They were happy to see the boys and the boys them.

We left early this morning and had a pretty good drive down. There were a couple of slow pokes and a little traffic as we got past Phoenix, but we still made pretty good time. We took the 20 this time between the 89 and the 15 instead of taking the 89 to Nephi.

Tristan was happy to be home, and specifically happy to be home and play with his Farfar's "Herbie," which is the name for their pool vacuum.

"Did you miss Gamma and Farfar?" We ask him.

"Yes, and Farfar's Herbie." Is his response in all seriousness.

I'm wiped out and have lessons in the morning so to bed!
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So two weeks ago Sunday I gave a talk in church. In the LDS chruch we don't have a preacher. The Bishop presides and sometimes conducts (sometimes one of the counselors conducts as well), but he doesn't usually share doctrine from the pulpit. Instead we get to hear talks from various people in the congregation, usually a youth speaker and then a couple, though sometimes the formula varies slightly (missionaries who have recently returned or preparing to leave, multiple youth speakers after some youth conference, etc.). This was the first time I had spoken in church since before Chris and I were married and the first time Chris spoke since he returned from his mission so I imagine we were both a bit overdue.

The talk was pretty well-received, I think and I managed to deliver it without much in the way of nerves, though I think I had a couple verbal slips on some of the words. I even had another person come up to me yesterday saying he really enjoyed the talk. That said we have plenty of new people moving into the ward so Chris and I probably won't be asked to speak again for years.

For the curious the following is the text of my talk. I quoted a lot of scripture ... a LOT of scripture.
Talking of the Atonement )

Something completely unrelated is Chris has two interviews this week. One was this morning and the other is tomorrow. Fingers crossed and prayers something comes of it!
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Goal: 100
Words: 292

Notes: The official induction ceremony for the Brotherhood of the Mime is the beginning of the second term. Their time away on break is a test to see if they will keep it secret or abuse their new knowledge. The fire occurs after the induction ceremony. Someone was pissed off Mishor actually went through with admitting Sray into the order.

The carriage slowed, the horses' hooves picking up a softer sound and slower rhythm as they dropped to a walk. Elima and Kirren were both sound asleep, propped upon each other. Sray looked anxiously out the window. Almost home, soon she would be in her own bed again and safe amongst her family. No more prying eyes, disapproving looks, or insufferable, childish bullies. She looked back at Elima and Kirren, they were okay. She might actually miss Kem before she has to go back, as insufferably nosy and talkative as the girl was. Sray may have actually made her first real friend since moving to Jon.

The driver called to his team and the carriage came to an abrupt halt. Sray stood up as Kirren and Elima straightened and rubbed their eyes.

"See you in two weeks," Sray bid farewell. Her bag was handed won and she hugged it in front of her and started walking as the carriage moved off to its last two stops.

The familiar walk down the drive seemed longer than it used to be. The house looked lonely nestled between the fields of cut hay.

"Sray!" Janef bolted down the lane. "You're home! You're finally home!" Sray barely had the time to set down her bag before Janef latched onto her in a suffocating hug.

Sray staggered backwards and laughed. "I missed you too, ".


Oct. 25th, 2015 08:35 pm
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mini_wrimo on LiveJournal 

Shooting for the minimum. We'll see how well I do!
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This is part of my writing process:

Print it out, read, scrawl notes/proofread/write more.

So "Forged by Fire" has been burning in my brain the last two weeks (yes, yes, pun). I don't really know what got it going. Maybe making the concerted effort to do some sort of artmaking on a daily basis for Inktober started it, but whatever did it, it's going and it feels awesome.

I have no more time than I did before, and probably less with the added lessons, but it feels important right now and I am making the time and I'm spending less time idly poking around my phone and the boys are scribbling on my papers and that's okay, even if I have to pry my pen out of their hands or give up and grab a new one I am WRITING.

I've made some posts at [ profile] lemyes and have done some in the last month at [ profile] kashian as well for anyone remotely interested because I try not to spam here with such things too much.

ANYWAY! Now is finding the time to sit down and type up what I've written and then print out a fresh copy and also do some copy and pasting over to the community because I like having that date stamp on it.

It's so nice having it right there again. It's been far too long (years!) since I've written like this and that's okay because sometimes it comes and it goes and it always seems that writing and drawing just beget more of the same, but priming the pump is the hardest thing.

And now I need to muck and get the horses their psyllium in preparation for lesson this afternoon. We're still soggy, but the roundpen is dry enough for some work.


Oct. 15th, 2015 09:14 pm
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Why hello, creative drive, nice of you to visit again. Been a long time and you've been kindof neglected, but WOW are you trying to make up for lost time!

Zehn Haiku

Sep. 14th, 2015 07:13 pm
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A writing prompt from [ profile] spirithorse21: "Post 10 random facts about youself in the form of 10 haikus. Bonus if they can be read together to tell a sort of story."

Nothing like a story, but ten random facts.

Slumber came easy
in places often thought strange
a well-rested child.

Forced to half-smile once
through the effects of palsy
Chris still thought me cute.

One concussion 'nough
Committed after to helmets
Didn't even fall.

Played soccer in youth
loved playing games and to run
quit, practice drills dull

Slow literacy
spent hours trying to read well
never a glance back.

Due dates on birthdays
brothers held their promises
I rebelled early.

Determined not to;
leave dating for post degree.
Married second year.

And then I came to realize
work with them, not on.

Forever seeks learning
strong desire to share all known
natural teacher.

Fascinating worlds
species, language, religion
all from a lone mind.
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[ profile] herecirm gave me a prompt back a few weeks ago as part of a meme. I need more writing prompts in my life apparently.

The prompt: Write a conversation between an assassin and their next victim.

A shadow flickered in the moonlit darkness. Na'ry was a mere sliver and Roshir was fully covered. Aveshar sat up. Someone was coming. The feeling prickled up his spine, settling at the base of his skull. He turned his head slowly this way and that to orient himself. It was to the North and on the move, but not directly. For a moment he thought it might pass, but no, it made an arch and slowly spiraled inwards, swinging from North to South and back again, getting closer and closer with each pass.
Who would be looking for him... )

More random stuff about Kashi'an can be found on the community for it: [ profile] kashian
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Resulting from the meme. This is very, very rough and things I haven't really touched on yet in the Forged by Fire series. Well some things I have I guess, but these scenes/drabble are for the most part fresh.

Sray=protagonist, she is part-bred, meaning half human and half Clamon.
Kallon=Sray's younger brother.
(Hafitch) Danrick Mishor= Hafitch is a title, he oversees the Eniegema school.
Clamon=A race of large, gliding marsupials (yes, loosely based on sugar gliders) that can control kinetic energy (cool, heat, electric) and can also assume Human form.
Brotherhood of the Mime= Secret society that seeks out and trains people who can perceive Mime structures. Some day I may decide to rename it, but Mime still seems appropriate as the structures can't be seen by normal people (like a Mime in a box, but instead of the box being imaginary it's real).
Hafitch Tridan=Leader of another Mime school. Not a good guy.
Gordieen=Leader of the entire Brotherhood of the Mime

That might help, but This will probably make no sense )

This may make more sense if you check out my community for [ profile] lemyes.
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I just finished reading Digger. I am slightly embarrassed at how quickly I read it, but I am very easily sucked into visual narratives. So long as the writing is descent. The art can be a little iffy, but if the writing is bad I don't care how pretty the pictures are.

Anyway, having read a long, epic story gets me itching to get at Shifting Times again. Digger is proof that there are some stories that write themselves without much pre-planning. Of course it takes a genius mind to do it and I don't think I'm that person, but if someone can get a 750+ page story out start to finish over the course of four years perhaps I can get at least Part One: Merging Worlds done of Shifting Times in the next five.

Of course I need to figure out my format, medium, and decide if anything needs to be re-written. I'm pretty happy with most of the script thusfar, but the first few pages may need some tweaking.

I still plan on getting those last few pages of the first chapter inked so there's some vague closure before I completely reboot the thing. I have gotten more done on the script the past month than I have the last two years. So that's encouraging. Onward!
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Things have really been rolling with both Lemyes and Kashian. Sray's story is evolving slowly and "Shifting Times" is finalky getting some new pages written. I'm also digging into backstory and finally figuring some things out. Most of my Kashian files haven't been opened in over two years, some longer.

Funny how I put up my art desk to make room for the appliances, thinking that I hadn't used it in more than two months, what was the chance I'd need it in the next few weeks before the cabinets were installed? And now I want to sit at it and spread out all this stuff and sketch and write and push and stretch the story and its characters.

Now if only I had the time to sit down and do it all!

It's been refreshing having my head buzzing with developments in worlds and character, hearing scenes develop and unfold with an ease I don't remember since I don't know when.

On to more mundane things.

The painting is almost done on the exterior and we may get the cabinets in in about a week. At that point we can put locks on the doors and install the appliances so I can reclaim my art corner And the little house can be a little less cramped.

Over the weekend Chris installed the harness racks in the workshop and they look quite nice. The harnesses sit on them beautifully too. We need to post adds for Ruby's leather breastcollar harness and Charm-N's nylon hames harness.

It'll be so nice when we can move some stuff into the garages. It'd be nice to not have to climb around a ladder and negotiate the lawn mower or the high wheel as I pull out tack.

I worked Zerahra this morning. She lunged fairly well, but goobered with the singletree. She was responding to somethjng over the fence, but she jerked forward and without weight the singletree pipped her in the rump, which caused her to kick out and knocked one of the heel chains loose. She didn't go far and I just hitched her up again and drove back and forth along the Frazier's fence until she relaxed about it. I then had Addy take Z's head as Roxanne did Saturday and we dragged the tire for a bit. She thought about goobering about something over the fence again, but I squelched it pretty quick and she relaxed and ignored the boogeyman over the fence. We got some good turns and direction changes and I called it good. I think I'll ride her tomorrow and really work on her boogyman spots along the fence.
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I've been writing a lot this week. Writing begets more writing it appears. I just need to find time to sit down at the computer and type it up in my master files because I mistype constantly on both my phone and the iPad, dang touchscreens. With my old phone I only really had typo issues when I was wearing my gloves.

Anyways, is there interest in my fantasy fiction snippets? I'll be posting mostly in their respective groups, but I may throw some of it here as I did earlier.

I actually managed my final edit of Shifting Times: Prequel (i need a better title...) so there's something off of my resolution list. Part of me says I could do more for it, but I think it's something that I just need to set aside and let it age because I don't have the time or energy to compketely rebuild the thing.

I'm also fiddling with Forged By Fire, a lot of it pertaining to Kallon because he's apparently fun to write for.

Now I just need to get drawing just as much....

The stucco guys better get moving. They didn't do anything yesterday and didn't show up until noon today (and spent the first half hour watching me with students and the horses). They were thinking about calling an inspection for Monday, which means they'll have to be here tomorrow or push us back another day.
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Mostly [ profile] lemyes stuff.

Could Mishor see the dragon threat? Did he recognize that the prolonged break with the Clamon would leave Man vulnerable to the dragons, the Klezmier specifically. He knew the hisrory, that was for sure, his background and training was as a historian.

"And what happens, Tridan, if the dragons retake their home territory?"

"Dragons? Dragons, Mishor! You are talking fairy tales and impossibilities. There have been no dragon threats to any of Alast for centuries."

"That is because we have been allied with the Clamon for even longer. Do you not recall that it was the joint force of Clamon and Man that drobe them back? How long do you rhink it will take before some young, bored rogue wanders down and realizes that the great alliance that turned his people back and banished them to the wild reaches of the continent is no more?"


The Lemy were happy to eat the occasional animal from a herdman. They learned that humans themselves were troublesome and would seek out a human slayer. That and humans just didn't taste as good and weren't much meat for the trouble they caused. Klezmier, however enjoyed tormenring humans for sporr and were also fascinated by thw shiny things they made (treasure hoarders). Their tendency to live in larger groups made them even more troublesome to humans.

Read more... )

I need to write more.
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From his website:

"JUNE 6, 2012

"Ray Bradbury, recipient of the 2000 National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, the 2004 National Medal of Arts, and the 2007 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation, died on June 5, 2012, at the age of 91 after a long illness. He lived in Los Angeles.

"In a career spanning more than seventy years, Ray Bradbury has inspired generations of readers to dream, think, and create. A prolific author of hundreds of short stories and close to fifty books, as well as numerous poems, essays, operas, plays, teleplays, and screenplays, Bradbury was one of the most celebrated writers of our time. His groundbreaking works include Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, Dandelion Wine, and Something Wicked This Way Comes. He wrote the screen play for John Huston's classic film adaptation of Moby Dick, and was nominated for an Academy Award. He adapted sixty-five of his stories for television's The Ray Bradbury Theater, and won an Emmy for his teleplay of The Halloween Tree. In 2005, Bradbury published a book of essays titled Bradbury Speaks, in which he wrote: In my later years I have looked in the mirror each day and found a happy person staring back. Occasionally I wonder why I can be so happy. The answer is that every day of my life I've worked only for myself and for the joy that comes from writing and creating. The image in my mirror is not optimistic, but the result of optimal behavior.

"He is survived by his four daughters, Susan Nixon, Ramona Ostergren, Bettina Karapetian, and Alexandra Bradbury, and eight grandchildren. His wife, Marguerite, predeceased him in 2003, after fifty-seven years of marriage.

"Throughout his life, Bradbury liked to recount the story of meeting a carnival magician, Mr. Electrico, in 1932. At the end of his performance Electrico reached out to the twelve-year-old Bradbury, touched the boy with his sword, and commanded, Live forever! Bradbury later said, I decided that was the greatest idea I had ever heard. I started writing every day. I never stopped."

I need to read at least one of his stories tomorrow, if not a book this next week in memorium. He is one of, if not my favorite, authors. He was 91, a good age to go, yet still a sad loss. I know many people don't know him beyond "Fahrenheit 451" and perhaps "Something Wicked This Way Comes," or the odd short story that made its way into English textbooks, but he really was great. Even as he aged there was still wonder in his work. He wrote science fiction, but it was less about the technology than it was the circumstances of the people in it. He had many wonderful collections of short stories, and perhaps that is why more people didn't pick him up. He didn't do many novels, he was quite succinct, yet wonderfully verbose at the same time. I could go on, but it gets late. Tomorrow I shall pull a book off of the shelf and sit down to remind myself of the wonderful voice that has gone silent and yet sounds again and again within his books and other works.
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You have been warned.

I can't believe that, that prat! He's just so, ug, can't stand it. Can't stand HIM! He's just so arrogant and so erratic. He just seems to have no control whatsoever. It drives me nuts. I don't know how she can put up with him. I don't know how any of them put up with him. Granted, they don't exactly care as long as his actions don't endanger them. It's just so, gah. Can't stand it. Can't, can't, can't. I've had to put up with some real morons in my time, but he just about takes the cake.

Silence. She had gotten used to it. There were times that she missed the sounds. The familiar growls of young pups below, the cries of all the familiar birds that hung in the air at this time in the morning. Yet here it was, silence. It was too cold for the tropical sounds of her home. Most of the birds up here had taken themselves south long ago.

She had never really expected to find herself wandering. The Clan had always been stationary, solid, a firm and definate home. She'd known no other. It was where she had been born, it was where her parents had been born, and even five more generations back to when the Clan had first settled itself in the warm equitorial regions. Now she found herself away from all of the familiar things. She found herself so far removed from it all. Really, that is how she wanted it. That was how she needed it since the events that pushed her away. Since she found herself questioning purposes and reasons and just needing the time to sort it all.

Days had shifted into weeks and weeks into months until it was almost half a year since she had left her Clan. It had become apparant to her that there would be no going back. She just couldn't do it all over again. She couldn't go back and find him just . . . not there.

Oh to have the days gone past. Oh to have the days when we were free, when we were embrased not feared.

"You Humans, you Humans and your silly ways. You just don't understand, do you?" The slender, sleek-furred Clamon said, looking upon him with bright, teal eyes. Her frame was an easy blend of Humand and Clamon characteristics, the fur soft and short, muzzle shorter than in her full form and fingers thinner and more delicate.

"Don't understand what?" He questioned back, blinking, this was not where he had expected the conversation to go.

"Anything, really. You try so hard to understand us, to understand my kind and the others as well, but you just don't get it. The very look of the Clamon, save for when we mimick your form, is enough for you to dismiss us as nothing but animals. Even when we resemble you physically you can't help but notice the patternings of our skin and realize how foreign we really are. For years you've been trying to understand, to control the Clamon themselves, but our abilities are beyond you. As far beyond as the Lemies or the Klezmier. You just thought we'd be easier since one of our forms is pleasing for you to look at. Many of you saw us as a go-between for the humans and dragons, but what you failed to realize is that the Lemies and Klezmier nearly as closed-mouthed to us as they are to you. Of course, the knowledge that we do have over you isn't shared out of respect to the Lemies and Klezmier. They are rather powerful you know."

. . . I'll finish my paper tomorrow. *sleep.*


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