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Wendy has a client looking for a team of black and white drafts to pull their chuckwagon. So I have been pestering Panda in order to get video for them to review. They are long and mostly uncut.

Panda ground driving

Only her second time wearing the full harness since we bought her. It is also set for Kitt and the breeching was totally riding up her butt until I undid the quarter straps from the false martingale.

Panda with tire

Third time in full harness and first exposure to the sight and sound of the tire.

Panda was suspposedly broke to drive when we bought her (eight years ago almost), but I didn't have the ability, nor did we have the harnesses to test it out so she's been a riding horse.

Today I put her in the cross ties next to Charm-N as the other mare they are looking at is about her size (except 300lbs lighter, Charm-N is a super chunk). The goal is to try to do a short video of them ground driving together... we'll see if I can swing that! Poor Panda is getting a little crammed with this, but I am working in a weird space of needing to show what she can do at this point and being well aware of all the things I haven't done with her yet.

Wendy would be working with Panda and the other mare for about four months before her clients would be driving her. I think in a team and with consistent handling she would be fine. Wendy's worked with enough horses that she can do a good assessment on her own. The people want a pair and are looking at four different mares right now (including Panda).

The perpetual wait and see!
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