Jan. 5th, 2015 09:54 pm
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That Panda can be ridden by someone other than me! Of course I do have that video of Trish riding her (three years ago...), but she's a professional trainer and Keara is not (yet... aspiring at 16!).

I am having Keara work off her hour riding Panda as I trust her skills on her and she has mucked plenty in exchange for lessons and her riding skill is such that I don't worry about Panda going backwards.

As you can see in the video my neighbor's granddaughter popped up from behind the block wall and spooked her, but that's about as big as her spook is anymore so long as her rider has the presence of mind to ask her for something else.

I have a lady coming out tomorrow to look at her and the Colorado guy is supposedly still really interested and talking shipping and everything, but he hasn't been able to get someone out (or himself) to look at her.

I wish I had the time for her, but I don't and I don't have the students to keep her in work between my rides on her.

In other news we got the property dragged today thanks to Marty being proactive. Apparently a guy in our ward does tractor work and she contacted him, we met, and he started dragging this afternoon. I couldn't tell if he finished as it was dark when I walked over to lock up the property. He was done with the South (less weedy) half around two and getting into the weedy part around 3:30 when I walked over to ask him about payment. It looks like it'll even be cheaper than us renting a tractor and doing it especially considering the hours it would have taken us to do it.

So now I can order the pallete of cinder blocks and we can get the arena set up! Next step is also getting stalls set up and trenching for water, but with the arena up I can start working the horses over there and getting them used to it before I start teaching lessons.



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