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Our farrier comes Tuesday and I gave him fair warning that we had a bit of a wild hare being added to the bunch. He sounded self-confident and amused by my concern about her lack of training. I have seen him deal with some rank horses and some pretty snotty babies (my internship for my Equine Science Associates consisted of tagging along and taking copious notes as he worked with various horses from minis to Friesians and gaited horses to one that had suffered a broken shoulder) so a barely handled yearling really shouldn't be a problem.

That said it isn't the farrier's job to train the horse to be trimmed so I've been fussing with her feet since we went to look at her Wednesday. Yesterday I picked up her backs the first time and today I was able to pick them out. I think she's going to have nice feet once they are cut down to size! Her frogs are pretty wide and clean a surprisingnlack of thrush. The bars on one of her hind feet are broken over like Charm-N has a tendency to do (and Chewy on rare occasion, but Charm-N does it almost every cycle), but that should clean up along with everything else. Beneath the horrible flares her sole has a nice shape and her limbs also appear remarkably straight. She is steep in her hip, but less so than her dam.

She's getting much easier to approach and halter. She's even coming over and checking people out now if they hang around next to the fence and ignore her. She still isn't super fond with my arm passing close to her eye when I halter her so I start with the crown piece pretty far back on her neck and work it towards her ears.

Steady progress, not bad for not even a week of consistent handling! Of course I may completely blow her trust having Chatham out tomorrow to start her vaccines (dewormed, but completely unvaccinated) followed by Kevin the next day, but I am sure I will be forgiven in time.

Also: Have a video of me working the Fresno from the clinic. I am probably stupidly excited about working with this machinery, but I find it to be the coolest thing. I probably wouldn't say that if I was having to dig a root cellar or build a road this way, but how awesome is moving dirt with horses!


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