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Chris took a video of me working with the filly Sunday. I managed to get all four feet cleaned out. We may not be in too bad of shape tomorrow for the farrier.

Obviously we are a little spooky now and again, especially when I surprised her with the rope going over, but considering this is the most concentrated handling she has had since she was born I don't think we're doing too bad.

Today I had the bet out to get her vaccinated. She has been dewormed, but has zero shot history and we didn't want to wait. Before Chatham got here I grabbed a toothpick and a handful of Bermuda pellets and did some simulated sticking. Chatham was running behind so Chris mowed the lawn and I raked most of the rut out of the roundpen. She wasn't as keen to be caught when Chatham got here, which was slightly annoying, but not entirely unexpected. She eyed Chatham and I offered some pellets and a little oats. I think she was more uncomfortable with the little skin pinch he does than the actual shot. Part of me was afraid I would upset her tenuous trust in me with the shots, but it wasn't bad at all.

The next will be how she handles her feet tomorrow. Chatham asked if I wanted a tranq, but I told him I've been able to clean all her feet and he nodded and said we should be pretty good then.

Still not sure about a name. Chris has a couple he likes, but I don't know.
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