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Reviewing March and planning for April. Hard to believe the first quarter of the year is gone already.

Set up counseling appointment for self Well I at least emailed her and let her know life is busy. Progress over last month!
Design exercise plan and implement Done and reporting on it soon.

Religious Obligations
Contact Visiting Teaching companion check
Contact people I am supposed to visit and visit them regardless of companion's responsiveness Double-check! We actually got the visits done today. One of them recently had a baby and she didn't respond so we dropped something off.

Horse organizations and events
Pull off Roots N Boots event Done!
Finalize Draft Show Dates Got it
Finalize NFHR Breed Logo Almost...
Make progress on NFHR Membership committee goals, specifically gathering information from other breed organizations to help support our suggestions on membership costs and benefits. Chugging along!

Finalize NFHR Breed logo (i can double-dip, right?) not yet, but progress
Refine drawings for Wendy done
Use rest of instant film!! got done
Photograph Quentan, month two! Done and sent off to develop.

Create a document to start Zetahra's case report. This might be harder than it sounds. As expected...

Schedule bodyworker for two horses Kitt and Chewy enjoyed their massages.
Start using McLintock for a couple lessons a week He's easing into the rotation. I need to check what he has earned this month and see how far he is into paying for himself.
Ride McLintock once a week Just missed one week, but he did get worked a couple times each regardless.
Mess with Tru-D 2-3 times a week, even if it is just throwing the bridle or halter on, preferably working on whip skills, dragging stuff, and introduce sidereins Didn't get to the side reins, but she did get worked regularly and I feel like I'm making progress again.
Keep Ruby working at least twice a week. Gettimg at least once a week. It was pretty hot for a bit and she was sweating just standing around!

And April begins tomorrow so I feel ahead of the game with my goal setting!

Maintain exercise/fitness program
Get two-point time.
Set up a training lesson
I should set up an appointment with my counselor.

Religious Obligations
Visit Teaching
Catch up on the lesson scripture reading.

Horse Organizations/Events
Finalize class list and get show premium together for Draft Show
NFHR Breed Logo(s) sent to the committee for approval.
Compile research into other breed organizations' programs for members

Breed logo!
Concept sketches for Wendy's possible book to be illustrated.
Photograph Quentan month three

Start case report for Zetahra ... she would have been seven on the 10th of April guys...

Get books done weekly so I don't feel like I'm constantly playing catch-up
Laminate flyers and get them posted places
Consider benefits of advertising somewhere...

Work McKlintock three times, focus on lungeing skills
Get Ruby doing something twice a week
Tru-D worked 2-3x a week, Introduce side reins, whip skills (over vs faster), pull tire twice at least, fetch mail weekly, maaaaaybe sit on her after the 12th.
Drive Kitt twice
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