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I need to study up my grammar.

Another whirlwind day!

Nelson felt better this morning so we took both Roy and Molly out together. Molly only really thought of jigging twice, which was much better than last week. Soon we should be able to add in some trotting while we're out and be able to keep her brain present. Roy is happy as a clam moseying along the trail carrying Nelson, which makes me happy my matchmaking was good.

After Nelson it was Grace and Dawn again. Grace got the full training harness from breastplate to crupper. She still seemed to care more about the clips swinging on the sides than the crupper or the kicking straps/trace carriers. Since Dawn wants to do everything we're proceeding with Grace for driving until Dawn gets herself a saddle. Tuesday I'll bring the breastcollar and see how it fits before we start thinking about introducing the long lines.

From there I loaded Kitt and headed up the hill for training (i.e. me taking a lesson) with Carrie. We worked tail to the wall leg yields and also some bend-counterbend figure eights in the walk before playing with shortening the trot and getting Kitt to lighten her shoulder some and then proceede without losing balance (easier said than done). We have the next lesson set up for the beginning of May.

From there Kitt returned home and I headed over to Roxanne's to work with her and Gypsy. I forgot to bring a whip, but we were still able to work a few things. The first things were getting the harness back together and adjusting the cart with the traces and holdbacks.

We ended up moving the reins to the snaffle setting because Gypsy was a bit backed off. She went better after that, hut she could definitely use some help with the whip to get her actually bending through her turns rather than swinging her hips into the shafts and counterbenting 90% of the time.

I had a slightly longer break after Roxanne and found that my long line order came in. I got three sets, 1/4" in hunter green, 5/16" in navy, and 3/8" in purple. I used the 5/16" navy line this evening lungeing a student and really liked it.

With three new sets of lines I put up the Parelli feather lines for sale because 22' isn't long enough for me, then thought about it and put up my old MCR lines. because I don't really need four different sizes of long lines, especially since I was thinking about finding ways to hack off the clips since I've grown less fond of using clips.

Both sets were claimed within an hour! I'm thinking I should have charged more for them! As it is I paid for almost half of the order selling the two sets!
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