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The other morning Ruby, Tru-D, and McLintock were lined up in order of size. By the time I got my phone to take a picture Mac had moved, but it did give a good size comparison between Ruby and Tru-D currently (with Charm-N peaking over their backs).

Yesterday Robin surprised me with some pictures of Kitt and I working during our training with Carrie.

Kitt-Monster in action.

Kitt is way more fit than she would like people to believe she is. She had a lot of trotting today lungeing students and there was barely a flutter in her nostrils and she was hardly damp under the saddle despite the heat.

Between lesson sets I went and worked with Ballad. Poor Monique has been fighting with her health so our sessions have been spotty. Today I went ahead and worked the little guy since she was having a bad day. Since he's just a little guy and has been stellar thusfar I felt comfortable hooking him up and driving him in her pasture on my own (she was in the house at least).

The little gelding stood great to get hitched and his size meant I could just reach over to get the shafts in and the rest of the hooking process was easy. We had a nice little drive and both walked and jogged around the pasture. We played a little with the whip cues, specifically getting him to step through his hip more on the turns rather than wedging his body between the shafts.

The only real sticking spot was getting him to back. He tossed his head a bit, wiggled both ways, the finally stepped back. The subsequent requests to back went much better and soon he was backing much softer.

I managed to snap a picture of the adorable little guy. I'm not sure if he's even 12 hands.

Monique is super lucky to have such a nice, young pony to drive. Ballad will be five this year and is exactly where I would want him to be for his age despite having a year off.

Tomorrow is another full day and it looks like there are many full days ahead, which is good because in another month it is going to get even hotter and we'll see how many wilt.

The lady with the gypsy cob wants to move forward with driving training, but is weighing her options. Full training is still in the air, but traveling to where she boards is also an option.

The couple who started driving a couple weeks ago have a horse they are wanting to get driving too.

I might have found a bit of a niche with this driving thing.
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