May. 21st, 2014

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Of me driving Zetahra.

I managed to cut it down to about eight minutes. Hopefully it isn't too boring! Tomorrow we hook her up again!

As you can see she took it all in stride. She has been well-prepared I think! I think this makes twelve lessons with Michelle to get her to this point and most of that was checking for holes and the need for extra hands.

Let us hope the rest of her driving training goes just as smoothly!

I rode her during a lesson today and she was okay. The wind was nlowing the curtains around the neighbor's gazebo, which she needs to get over. Her leg yield is coming better especially after our in-hand session last week. I was even able to do it with one rein. She was a little gooberish getting into the canter, but I also haven't asked her to canter under saddle the last few times. I think she might have been hoping that it was no longer a requirement. A little tap from the whip reinforced the "go" when she wanted to hump up and get opinionated.

I was going to meet up with Kathryn tomorrow morning for a ride, but she had to cancel. I may go work Bud so I have Friday completely clear for errand running.


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