Aug. 22nd, 2014

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I rode The Stink today. I decided to just climb on instead of lunge her first and see how it goes. She's not the smartest one, but she does tend to get recalcitrant when she is bored and maybe lungeing plus riding around in a circle is too much.

She got slightly humpy once, but overall was nicely forward. Either the not lungeing made a difference or the fact that every time she got humpy last week I threw her on the line for trot-canter transitions. One of the two and perhaps a combination of both.

So we were working on our trot and we started doing this thing, or rather she started doing several things. They were faster than a walk, but it wasn't a trot and posting was not happening. I think we were pacing and stepping pace and a little fox trot and perhaps some flat walk and a little racking and I am sure Susanne (working student) was confused because I kept laughing.

She did pick up the canter well both directions (once she figured out how to work her legs that way) and it was a short and sweet ride. I'm ready to start taking her out again.

Chris was there so I had him take a short video in order to show Marty. Cinnamon (also known as The Stinky Monster Baby Horse) by a Fox Trotter stallion out of Marty's QH mare Sunny.

I forgot about this video. I didn't think I had any videos of me riding Zetahra, but there is this one from last year. It's our fourth ride.


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