Mar. 28th, 2017

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The day of the Draft Expo Marty mentioned she had someone interested in Hershey and Dakota. By that evening they were loaded up and gone. I didn't even see the truck and trailer. Dad hasn't sent me anything relating to them. We'll see if they've canceled the board payments or not next week. If not I get to mail them back.

I went back through some old entries a couple weeks ago because Marty was trying to remember when my parents brought Rowdy down and Dakota was (thakfully) removed from the herd and became part of "the boarders." I forgot how long I've been mildly disgruntled about taking care of my parents' horses.

They never really took horse ownership very seriously and I was constantly picking up the slack. The worst was when they bought Hershey as she had a foal at her side. I was very explicit that Mom needed to be out and messing with the foal regularly. I missed the bus from one campus to the other (saved me over 40 miles on my car not driving to the main university campus plus parking costs) at least once because I had to chase Réo around in order to get his fly mask on because he was never handled. As a yearling they sent him up to Utah to "grow up" at my Opa's place. He fell and broke his neck before the week was out (on Chris and I's anniversary no less ... I really didn't want to go up that week, but it was supposedly the only week my parents could). That was horrendous.

Way back when Mom at least used to come out and hold her horse for the vet and farrier, but she stopped doing that and I can't recall if it was before Lizanda or not. I should have written up an actual board agreement, but you figure it's family, right? They're not going to screw you over and take advantage of you right? Hahaha.

I guess Dad had the gall to ask if the people were willing to pay for the mares. At twenty-five and two years out of work plus Dakota needing medication for the rest of her life (plus due for shots, farrier, probably needing their teeth floated, and dewormed), they're lucky they found someone willing to take both of them!

I've known Dakota for twenty years. Opa bought her as a five year-old with a foal at her side. She came down here in 2005 because the glorious pastures in Utah made her fat and she foundered. My Opa bought Hershey for my parents in the end of 2008 I believe so Dad would have a horse to ride with Mom (none of mine are gaited) so Hershey has been around for eight years too. It's a little weird having them not there. It's strange not having to toss hay to them or check their buckets.

I do have to say it is sad to see them go, but at the same tine a great relief. I hope the people that took them put them to use and they get the brushing and doting that they deserve and never really got from my parents. Did I mention that Hershey got rainrot in the summer due to my parents not hosing her off after rides? She also got it the last couple years because my parents never came out to groom them since they weren't riding. NEVER. Guess who was the one who discovered the summer soar lesion on Dakota's belly and then spent two weeks treating it daily? Yep, me. I did get paid for it, but I don't think Mom even came out to look.


Enough dwelling on the past. What does Dakota and Hershey's departure mean for me? I am out $400 in board a month, however I probably spent $200 on hay for them. I've also gained an extra 15-20 minutes a day that would have been spent feeding and watering them. I now have space to take in a horse or two for training should I feel so inclined or open up to board client horses (clients only!!) with an iron-clad boarding agreement and a list of "additional charges" for anything outside of feeding the horse and giving it water.

Farewell Dakota and Hershey. I hope your new owners love and care for you better than your last ones. Good luck old ladies.


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