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We'll be leaving tomorrow for Utah. We have two weddings in two days and in TWO STATES! We're just hardcore like that.

The horses had their shots yesterday, gag. Thankfully it's only a semi-annual thing. And we have the Farrier coming on Monday, I wish I could leave Kash barefoot, but I'm using him too much not to put shoes on his fronts. I also wish I could leave Chewy barefoot, but the same thing. Hopefully we can drop Panda down to just fronts, but this is only her second rotation, so she might still have more work to be done to get her feet back into balance.

We will be gone for a week and will have extremely minimal 'net access, so don't count on replies to E-mails and the like until next Saturday (as if anyone ever e-mails me anyway ...).

My bank account looks sad. Thank heavens lessons will be picking up once I get back! Of course it'd be nice if I could manage to dig up some commissions to supplement. Must market self more.

Time to get my butt outside and do horse-related stuff before running off into town.
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