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Mar. 12th, 2009 09:03 am
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I am now in Utah, yesterday was spent driving. I drove the first five hours and, must admit, it's much easier to be alert and awake when the sun is up than when it is not. I think my parents slept for two or three hours while I drove and while they drove I probably slept for 40 minutes, heh. I did finish reading "3001: The Final Odyssey," which was quite good and I should probably go back and read the first three ... I brought a couple other books with me to chew on, including "Natural Horsemanship Explained," which seems to be focused on how natural horsemanship uses/acts upon the horses' natural instincts and behaviors.

And we haven't left to go skiing yet as my parents are being a bit slow ... I had to wax all the skis this morning (cold wax) and am waiting for Dad to eat some breakfast, Mom's hair still isn't dry because they didn't bring a blow drier, and all sorts of good things.

I initially woke up around 4am this morning and said "heck no" and went back asleep for a couple hours before getting up around 7.00ish.

We've been listening to the snow and ice slide off of the roof this morning, quite an interesting sound. It sounds like a cart being rolled across concrete or a rolling door being opened before it suddenly stops and flops on the ground.

Chris has suggested the name "Kitt" for the new mare. We'll have to chew on it a bit.

After skiing there will be food and then Dad gets to go down and pick up Lance around 8.00 this evening.

I'm hoping to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight as the tendency is that I stay up obscenely late when hanging out with parents and such because they stay up obscenely late and I don't want to be antisocial and just head off to bed at a reasonable time. However, in order to preserve my sleep schedule, I need to get to bed earlier (didn't sleep until after midnight last night...).

Anyway, I'll chatter more later when there is more to talk about.
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