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Yesterday we loaded up the boys and headed to the North country. It is usually 20° or so cooler up on the Rim compared to down here and with the whole week threatening to nudge us into our first triple-digit day it was a good time to pack it up and enjoy some cooler weather. Thursday happens to be my least busy day so I cleared out my lessons and we had the whole day.

Kelhan slept the whole way and Tristan fell asleep partway up. We stopped at the upper Canyon Creek first, which is by the fish hatchery. There are still areas that are virtually bare and full of dead trees from the Rodeo-Chedisky (sp?) Fire more than ten years ago, it might be closer to 15 now, but I can't remember. The upper creek was pretty dense and didn't have much area to dink around in so we back-tracked a little and took the road ro the lower part of the creekñ which has a nice, open meadow that slopes down to the rim that marks the creekbed's yearly flood stage.

The terrain is not condusive to even our big wheeled stroller (despite Tristan's best efforts at pushing it) and we had forgotten the Baby Björn so I carried Kelhan most of the time (Chris took him over for a bit too).

Tristan had a ball throwing rocks I to the creek and watching them splash. He also discovered that sticks float down the creek, though as he found bigger and bigger ones they floated more and more poorly, but they did make a satisfying splash.

Tristan soaked his lower half rather thoroughly and I got my socks and shoes a nit wet, ditched them for a minute to walk in the stream with Tristan, and then put then back on still slightly damp. It was a good thing we brought Tristan a spare set of clothes.

We had a late lunch/early dinner in Payson before heading home. I'm looking forward to more similar jaunts.

The Jeep performed quite well. We exercised the four-wheel drive a bit, though it wasn't really necessary it is good to give the gears a workout. The seats are pretty comfortable and they actually have REAL lumbar support. Silber had some lumbar adjustability, but on longer drives I usually ended up stuffing a sweater or towel or something behind my lower back because it didn't actually support the back in a truely neutral position. Most car seats don't and with their head rests they actually encourage a forward slouch that roaches the back and pushes one's ears in front of the navel. I actually turned the headrest backwards on Silber and if I drive my Parents Ford I pull the stupid thing off because it drives me insane. The Whimobile, however isn't half bad in the seat department. The head rest isn't quite my ideal, but at least I don't feel like my head is being shoved off of my shoulders.

This morning Chris got Charm-N our along with the forecart. I put Tristan in his room for a minute so I could help Chris hitch up (at two we are not quite trustworthy enough to not get into trouble while parents are obviously engaged in something else, especially outside.

Chris drove Charm-N in the front and side yard while Tristan and I watched and then joined him after setting Kelhan in his crib. With the trees on the South end it is almost like going on a trail drive. Tristan is getting to the point where he could go around the neighborhood with us without worrying about him randomly jumping off on us.

I am glad that Chris is getting comfortable enough to drive on his own (even with garbage trucks going up and down the road). My hindbrain still freaks out a little.
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