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May. 27th, 2016 09:00 pm
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Some writing with Kallon.

We stayed an extra day because my grandparents flew in yesterday afternoon. We spent the day in Provo canyon before they arrived and visited for a couple hours. They were happy to see the boys and the boys them.

We left early this morning and had a pretty good drive down. There were a couple of slow pokes and a little traffic as we got past Phoenix, but we still made pretty good time. We took the 20 this time between the 89 and the 15 instead of taking the 89 to Nephi.

Tristan was happy to be home, and specifically happy to be home and play with his Farfar's "Herbie," which is the name for their pool vacuum.

"Did you miss Gamma and Farfar?" We ask him.

"Yes, and Farfar's Herbie." Is his response in all seriousness.

I'm wiped out and have lessons in the morning so to bed!
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Goal for two days: 200
Words written:686
more scenes )
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I haven't had to write out a German number higher than 20 in years... I can't remember if there's supposed to be a hyphen in there or not...

Goal: 100

Wrote some piecemeal stuff yesterday as I was updating my master document because I like to hand-scribble my edits and it's nicer than just sitting staring at the computer, plus flipping pages is still better than scrolling for me, especially since I can go back and forth betwen two or three sections easily (yes I know there's that trick in Word where you can be in two places in a document at once, but I'm to lazy to want to try and figure that out again).

Still filling gaps. I also spent some time today trying to solidify the map a bit. Not sure if Kayrin's family are even in Elayas or if they are in the next country over. Debating. I do know that there are at least three other schools on Elayas, mostly along the coast.

Sray leaving home )
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Goal: 100
Words: 213

I didn't really write anything yesterday, but the good news is on average I am doing quite well for my word count!

snippet )

I hadn't thought about it before today, but as I worked on this bit and was thinking about keys and doors I suddenly realized that with the Mime ability one could make some VERY effective door locking mechanisms. Mishor's door has no handle, but he can make one as needed. Not only that, but he can create the key that would activate the tumbler system inside the door. In order to do that one has to know the exact dimensions in their head to replicate it in a Mine object. This eliminates anyone with only a basic understanding of Mime structures and you can't make something in a space you can't see without knowing the dimensions. I guess lock-picking is a possibility, but I imagine with the ability to do strange angles it would take a long time to pick such a lock. The slot is obviously for the turn key portion and the four smaller holes are to offer stability and leverage. A nob and key combination would not be an easy thing to create either with the fine precision in matching the tumbler and moving parts.

Rolo had her surgery today to be spayed. The incision is much smaller than Appy's was (16 years ago!) and she is a bit sleepy and slow, which is perfectly understandable. The incision is so far back I am not sure she can physically reach it and she hasn't tried at all to get to it. Rolo is short and wide in the body, which limits her lateral and longitudinal flexibility. We found a low cost spay/neuter clinic because $400 was a bit much from the usual vet. We also had her microchipped so the total came to about a quarter of what her normal vet would have charged.

Chris dropped her off and picked her up as I was teaching lessons. The techs at the clinic dubbed her a love bug. She is a pretty friendly little dog. Well... maybe not little. She's apparently hit 23 pounds now according to the scale at the clinic.

Sometimes she sleeps funny.

Tristan helped me muck today. He actually filled two big black garbage bags by himself, so proud! Kelhan eventually joined us too and was a bit less effective than his brother, but that is okay. Tristan does have two years on him. The arena hadn't been done since last Friday so it was in some serious need. It's amazing how much quicker it dries out without the manure retaining moisture.

Boys being helpful as I wrap up one of the bags.

Now I just need to make the time to drag it weekly with the tire and it'll be pretty good. Some day a harrow/drag, which will help break up the wet spots and let them air as well as maybe turn up the dirt a bit so it isn't rock hard.

The final truck payment has been mailed *dances.*
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Goal 100
Words: 429

It is all miscellaneous )

Some bits come easier than others. Some of the gaps I am filling have been gaps of avoidance for a long time so it's nice to start bridging them. I do wonder how much I should be filling on some gaps and which ones might be better served being left blank. I guess part of that comes once I finally manage to get the whole thing written and I get to decide about cutting scenes and what works and what doesn't. I know some of the stuff I have towards the end (over 40 pages now! New record for a single project!) is probably going to go and be completely rewritten, but it served its purpose for the time it was written and helped to make the other parts of the story happen so I'm not entirely unhappy with those parts and they weren't entirely wasted words, just I know so much more about the story and characters now.

I do still need to flesh out some of the kids in Sray's group. The girls are getting there, but the boys are seriously lacking. The only one with any real outline right now is Ashtim, and that's mostly because he's the one that gets Sray to lose her temper (see day nine for a brief bit about that).

The ability tends to run in familys, thus Jina Phyllat, daughter of Johnus Phyllat being there. I'm debating of Elima and Kirren are actually related or just came from the same town (still not sure if they are from the far side of Jon or another town and were picked up on the way to Sray). I think Taysa Vallabohn came in with Kaldeb Montenbohn, Kem probably arrived with two of the other boys, perhaps Yoshuen Stridden and maybe either Tundall Denyan or Danlin Forishunes. That then leaves Ashtim DeBauin, Meikal Kalvue and either Tundall or Danlin together depending on which one ends up paired with Kem and Yoshuen. So while some of the boys and girls shared the ride over I am still going to have to find out if the boys have any outside connections to the girls or if they are mostly apart. They have to mix somehow and I'm at this weird spot of not really knowing how they are going to mix together except for eventually Ashtim pisses Sray off and is appropriately ... reprimanded? Reminded by Sray that she is not one to be bullied or trifled with.

I guess it comes down to just writing out the scenes and throwing them together. The first couple days don't do much for that because they're just doing assessments and they're split into girl and boy dorms on opposite sides of the building with same-gender guides showing them about the place seperately. They're together for class and can sit whereever for meals, but you all know or remember how little you socialize with people you don't know that first disorienting week of school. Short version: I need to get the boys and girls to mix and mingle and actually figure out who the boys are outside of Ashtim the jerk (and flesh out Ashtim other than knowing he is a bigoted jerk...).
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Goal: 100
Words: 667

Probably more, actually because there was some editing here and there and a few phrases and things, but I'm not really counting those. Writing this bit I just now realized that Sray could do a lot of interesting things with her ability. She can heat things up and I imagine in her normal life she probably did it a lot without thinking, but in this situation I think it's trying to balance all of the things going on in her head. I am still parsing out how much concentration she needs to do something simple like warming her roll versus her altercation with Ashtim. Obviously with Ashtim there was a loss of temper in there as well so holding form was secondary to punishing the little jerk.

More things that no one is probably going to read )
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Goal; 100
Words: 163
Various snippets that won't make sense )
I think I have decided that their ranks are not going to be used until after the official induction. It would make sense that they would keep the official names of the group's ranks under wraps. So then it is Mr., Ms, Mrs. or maybe just Ms because I don't know if some of them are maried or if that should be left open air at this point...

I also don't want to default to "professor" regardless of gender. I guess the good news is it's only for the first six weeks and then they shift over to their official Mime ranks. Something to chew on I guess.

In completely unrelated news my phone apparently has a crack onthe screen. I thought it was a hair, but it didn't brush away and when I angled it it looked much larger. The good news is that depending on the angle it doesn't affect viewing for the most part. It just stinks that the phone is under a year old, though. I think one of the boys must have done something to it.

Still other news I got in my "Oktoberfest" orders. Because I'm weird I have a little tradition of ordering stuff from to pseudo-celebrate Oktoberfest. Usually it includes a few movies, CDs, and a couple books (I have been admittedly bad about actually reading the books, but my "horse" German is even worse than my regular German so I would be glued to the dictionary reading them, granted some I have the English version of too so that helps. Anyway! This year I was a bit skimpier than usual for obvious reasons, but I still ordered a pair of CDs. A couple years ago I had taken a chance on some new-to-me artists that had recommended (and one Ola did) and enjoyed them, but hadn't sought out any more then last month I was thumbing through my iPod (which is probably close to ten years old now) and rediscovered Christina Stürmer's "In dieser Stadt" album and have been enjoying it over and over again. I went ahead and ordered two more of her albums, one I think is one of her first and the other was from 2013 and I am pleased to report I am happy with them and pleased with the quality of her music. I do still have some catching up to do with Nena and Peter Schilling (so happy he started making music again and Nena is just a music-making machine that has been going strong, if unheard of in the USA since 99 Red Balloons), but maybe next year.

Slightly more related,the boys are apparently obsessed with Elle King's "Ex's and Oh's" and have been rocking out to it nonstop. Needless to say I've had it stuck in my head.

I apparently need to make up my schedule for AFE in the Spring. I've also been asked about an art class for a home school group. We'll see how high the interest is. I need three at minimum to make it worth my while. I also need to decide what type of art class for AFE next semester. If I should offer the Intro again or do something else entirely. I'd really like to do a Visual Storytelling class helping them develop a visual narrative, be it a series of images or a comic, but I don't know. All things to think on and consider. It also depends on how invested I want to be in this and balance between it and my usual work. We're still just in the first year of the school so I don't honestly know where this will all end up. The Horsemanship portion has been very lucrative, the other two classes not so much, but a portion of those classes go back to the school for the facility upkeep, etc. whereas I get the bulk of the Horsemanship classes apart from a very small administrative fee. The school is still pretty small so the limited number of students makes me wonder at the longevity of any single class and how many times one will be able to offer it before interest peters out, unless they start really growing the school and broadening their base.

I think it is a really good idea having a private school/homeschool hub where people can take the electives or the full curiculum and I hope they can make a go of it and it'll be interesting to be along for the ride.
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Goal: 100

I'm probably going to get more in today, but it will be more piecemeal and less of a chunk and I don't know if I'll have the time to post the rest.

The room was massive with high ceilings and large, angled windows. by now the sun had fully set and in addition to the table lamps larger ones set within the walls filled thebroom with ample light. There were many tables full of people and a single empty one towards the front, which their guide lead the way to. The table was round, like all the others except for the long, rectangular one placed close to theirs at the front of the hall. The people sitting at it were mostly middle-aged, though a few younger and older. Once they were all seated one of them stood and walked to a podium set to the side of the long rectangular table.
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Goal: 100
Words: 141

Not much. I need to rewrite the introduction section, especially the first part because there is nonstage. A stage made no sense. I guessbit is a good presentation platform, but having a structure used once or twice a year didn't seem to jive with the Mime, so it'll be at the head of the room and a modest podium.

There would be no real rest for six weeks, but it would only be six weeks. A short time in the grand scheme of things. Long enough to determine intent at least.

Once fitted with their new robes the group was guided down the hall again. It was starting to get dark and the lamps were all lit, the flames burned steadily and the light reflected brilliantly against the white stone walls.

Their guide stopped before a heavy wood door and faced them again. "You will be introduced to the rest of the school this evening. You will sit at your table until your name is called, at which time you will stand and be presented by the head of the school. You will then wait until you are told to return to your seats. Dinner will be served shortly thereafter.

I will note it feels good to be consistently working on something again.
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Goal: 100
Words: 258

I need to hit this scene again tomorrow, as I tragically lack the time to finish it tonight.

Kallon and friends )
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Goal: 100
Words: 233

I think I'm doing pretty well considering my stated goal!

Lunch Break )
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Goal: 100
Count: 116

Technically a few more than that, but I don't really count a sentence here or there as I'm editing.

Kallon this time, getting into trouble. I don't think alcohol was a thing among the Clamon and I doubt it was something Kayrin thought was needed after going years without it living among the Clamon. While Dantel and Jona weren't the best influence at times (what group of teenage boys are?) they at least helped keep Kallon out of trouble once they found out he was half Clamon (which happened once Kallon was drunk enough to lose some self control and awareness).

"Just try it, Kallon." Dantel shoved the bottle back into Kallon's hand. "We have to celebrate and the best way to do that is drinking!"

Jona and Dantel lifted their bottles towards Kallon. He looked skeptically at the bottle in his hand then to his friends.

"Happy birthday Kallon, and good luck at the smithy!" Dantel proclaimed. Their bottles clacked heavily together before Dantel and Jona chugged theirs down. Not to be left behind Kallon tilted the bottle against his lips and nearly gagged at the first gulp. His eyes watered.

Jona laughed "The first swallow is a shock. It gets better, keep drinking!"

Kallon hoped it didn't get worse as he tentatively took another swig.
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This is part of my writing process:

Print it out, read, scrawl notes/proofread/write more.

So "Forged by Fire" has been burning in my brain the last two weeks (yes, yes, pun). I don't really know what got it going. Maybe making the concerted effort to do some sort of artmaking on a daily basis for Inktober started it, but whatever did it, it's going and it feels awesome.

I have no more time than I did before, and probably less with the added lessons, but it feels important right now and I am making the time and I'm spending less time idly poking around my phone and the boys are scribbling on my papers and that's okay, even if I have to pry my pen out of their hands or give up and grab a new one I am WRITING.

I've made some posts at [ profile] lemyes and have done some in the last month at [ profile] kashian as well for anyone remotely interested because I try not to spam here with such things too much.

ANYWAY! Now is finding the time to sit down and type up what I've written and then print out a fresh copy and also do some copy and pasting over to the community because I like having that date stamp on it.

It's so nice having it right there again. It's been far too long (years!) since I've written like this and that's okay because sometimes it comes and it goes and it always seems that writing and drawing just beget more of the same, but priming the pump is the hardest thing.

And now I need to muck and get the horses their psyllium in preparation for lesson this afternoon. We're still soggy, but the roundpen is dry enough for some work.
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[ profile] slobberpuppy Something you would like to accomplish in this lifetime.

Obviously this isn't the only thing I want to accomplish, but I would like to finish "Shifting Times" and "Forged By Fire."

"Shifting Times" is my graphic novel project based in [ profile] kashian. I managed to get 34 pages finished before I stalled out and decided I needed to revamp it again (version four or so now?), especially since the artwork on the first pages is over 13 years old now....

"Forged by Fire" is a trilogy I have bits and pieces of based in [ profile] lemyes.

Two stories that I would really like to tell and still fiddle with here and there, but it'll take a lot more free time before I can really move them forward again. Bits and pieces here and there.

(Of course I'd also like to get my USDF rider's medals, but I figure a non-horse answer would change it up a bit.)
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Resulting from the meme. This is very, very rough and things I haven't really touched on yet in the Forged by Fire series. Well some things I have I guess, but these scenes/drabble are for the most part fresh.

Sray=protagonist, she is part-bred, meaning half human and half Clamon.
Kallon=Sray's younger brother.
(Hafitch) Danrick Mishor= Hafitch is a title, he oversees the Eniegema school.
Clamon=A race of large, gliding marsupials (yes, loosely based on sugar gliders) that can control kinetic energy (cool, heat, electric) and can also assume Human form.
Brotherhood of the Mime= Secret society that seeks out and trains people who can perceive Mime structures. Some day I may decide to rename it, but Mime still seems appropriate as the structures can't be seen by normal people (like a Mime in a box, but instead of the box being imaginary it's real).
Hafitch Tridan=Leader of another Mime school. Not a good guy.
Gordieen=Leader of the entire Brotherhood of the Mime

That might help, but This will probably make no sense )

This may make more sense if you check out my community for [ profile] lemyes.
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Things have really been rolling with both Lemyes and Kashian. Sray's story is evolving slowly and "Shifting Times" is finalky getting some new pages written. I'm also digging into backstory and finally figuring some things out. Most of my Kashian files haven't been opened in over two years, some longer.

Funny how I put up my art desk to make room for the appliances, thinking that I hadn't used it in more than two months, what was the chance I'd need it in the next few weeks before the cabinets were installed? And now I want to sit at it and spread out all this stuff and sketch and write and push and stretch the story and its characters.

Now if only I had the time to sit down and do it all!

It's been refreshing having my head buzzing with developments in worlds and character, hearing scenes develop and unfold with an ease I don't remember since I don't know when.

On to more mundane things.

The painting is almost done on the exterior and we may get the cabinets in in about a week. At that point we can put locks on the doors and install the appliances so I can reclaim my art corner And the little house can be a little less cramped.

Over the weekend Chris installed the harness racks in the workshop and they look quite nice. The harnesses sit on them beautifully too. We need to post adds for Ruby's leather breastcollar harness and Charm-N's nylon hames harness.

It'll be so nice when we can move some stuff into the garages. It'd be nice to not have to climb around a ladder and negotiate the lawn mower or the high wheel as I pull out tack.

I worked Zerahra this morning. She lunged fairly well, but goobered with the singletree. She was responding to somethjng over the fence, but she jerked forward and without weight the singletree pipped her in the rump, which caused her to kick out and knocked one of the heel chains loose. She didn't go far and I just hitched her up again and drove back and forth along the Frazier's fence until she relaxed about it. I then had Addy take Z's head as Roxanne did Saturday and we dragged the tire for a bit. She thought about goobering about something over the fence again, but I squelched it pretty quick and she relaxed and ignored the boogeyman over the fence. We got some good turns and direction changes and I called it good. I think I'll ride her tomorrow and really work on her boogyman spots along the fence.
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Mostly [ profile] lemyes stuff.

Could Mishor see the dragon threat? Did he recognize that the prolonged break with the Clamon would leave Man vulnerable to the dragons, the Klezmier specifically. He knew the hisrory, that was for sure, his background and training was as a historian.

"And what happens, Tridan, if the dragons retake their home territory?"

"Dragons? Dragons, Mishor! You are talking fairy tales and impossibilities. There have been no dragon threats to any of Alast for centuries."

"That is because we have been allied with the Clamon for even longer. Do you not recall that it was the joint force of Clamon and Man that drobe them back? How long do you rhink it will take before some young, bored rogue wanders down and realizes that the great alliance that turned his people back and banished them to the wild reaches of the continent is no more?"


The Lemy were happy to eat the occasional animal from a herdman. They learned that humans themselves were troublesome and would seek out a human slayer. That and humans just didn't taste as good and weren't much meat for the trouble they caused. Klezmier, however enjoyed tormenring humans for sporr and were also fascinated by thw shiny things they made (treasure hoarders). Their tendency to live in larger groups made them even more troublesome to humans.

Read more... )

I need to write more.
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My final week of freedom before the Spring semester starts. And it's raining.

I am tremendously excited to be getting back into drawing classes, though, even if one of them is Life Drawing and, well, the nude is not my favorite subject, but at least it'll reinforce my human anatomy. I did enjoy painting and sculpture, but being outside of what I'm used to I had a terrible tendency to throw too much ontop of me and overshoot my current skill level. It's good for learning, but having to spend 20+ hours on a piece outside of a class isn't what I want to spend my time on. It's nice to be able to breathe and do something other than school once in a while.

I am also quite happy with the knowledge that I only have two more full-time semesters left. The last one should only be two classes and I'm done, finished. Life can move on and I will no longer be on hold. I have so many plans. Things to learn, explore, experience, not to mention getting to spend more time with my wonderful husband who has tolerated his wife's lack of homemaking and time for things outside of school.

Time to be off! I have to pick up Tye, drop off some things to copy, and run a couple errands.

Oh, before I forget, for those who are new(er) to this journal, or have forgotten, I have three communities for my "projects." I recently moved the Lemyes community and deleted the old one as the old spelling was finally getting to me and it needed to change.  As one of my resolutions is to update at least one of these on a weekly basis, they should be much more active than they have been in the past!

[ profile] kashian
My main project, home of the Shabenay and where my comic "Shifting Times" takes place.

[ profile] tae_kahn
The youngest of the three projects, home to the Guenitha, Zaub, and Grihfohn.

[ profile] lemyes
The oldest of the projects that is starting to move to the forefront again with my possible novel "The Fire Forged Key."

Thanks to those who have watched these groups in the past and those who decide to join!  I encourage people to post their own entries, make comments, ask questions, postulate, etc.


Mar. 26th, 2007 06:20 am
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Chris' parents purchased Eragon and we borrowed and watched it this weekend.

I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed.

My mind kept on jumping to comparisons with Anne McCaffrey's Pern and Tolkein's Lord of the Rings, except not quite meeting up to either. Part of me wonders if it was the screenwriters who thoroughly butchered the story (I have yet to read the book), and the other half figures that the screenwriters did the best with what they had.

I think the beginning could have done better without the narration, as the narration felt choppy and forced. In fact, many of the characters seemed a bit cookie-cutter. I just had a hard time getting into it.

The pronounciation of Eragon really bothered me, mostly because it sounded quite a bit like Aragorn and is simply one letter short of "Dragon." Having a blue dragon with the name of "Saphira" is just painfully obvious. It wouldn't have bothered me so much had the story carried itself rather than hobbling along.

I do admit that the dragon design was quite awesome.

Of course, I'd still like to read the book at some point, and you have to admit, being published at 19 and managing a movie deal shortly thereafter is quite impressive.

This also makes me think back on Lemyes and how forced and childish its first incarnation was. I'm actually a bit excited to start working on the Lemy and Klezmier again and their interactions with Humans and Clamon.

And now I must scootch.


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