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Aug. 13th, 2015 09:37 pm
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Just for the record it was 112° F today and I am sure over 40% humidity at some point. Nasty, nasty, nasty. The 5pm lesson almost melted and all the horses were soaked even standing under their shades. I made it a point to hose off the sweat.

Tristan finally decided he could start using the toilet to poop last week. However he still thinks he needs to completely strip naked to do so. We'll keep working on that, but it's nice not having any diapers for him.

Kelhan seems to want to potty train himself. He lifts his shirt and tries to pull off his diaper on the way to the toilet. We picked up a pack of pull-ups to make it easier for him. We'll see if we don't have two fully potty trained boys by the end of the year!

Kelhan is in the runwordstogethertosaysomething phase. I have heard things like "Igunnageetoo" and "Iovoo." He had "mama" down and says "up" quite well. He has a sound for cat that sounds a bit like kihhch (German ch) and does "chuh, chuh" for train (all the important words). He's tried to say something like horse and I am sure he has way more sounds than we recognize at this point.

Kitt had a good ride last week and while she initially balked at the crossrail she did go over really well and I could feel her actually engage and honestly jump over it. Hoping for even better this Friday.

It'll be so nice to have the property done and have a jump field set up so I don't have to set up and tear down every time I want to take a few in. Mom is ordering the storage container we'll use as a tack/storage room (8'x20'). I need to ask Chris about contact info for other trench diggers or maybe just wait until we're not roasting so we can do it.

So many things to talk about so little time.

Also: I am enjoying my German titles. It amuses me and does double duty keeping my German in vague, somewhat rusty use.
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Kelhan is starting to float on his own in his swim lessons. Tomorrow I get to be in the pool with him to work on his skills and be able to do some practice at home.

Wednesday I had some cancellations so I worked E-va and Tue-D. E-va is starting to show quite a bit of extra energy. I need to measure her tomorrow and see what type of progress she is making. Marty says her apetite is growing and she is it really well. In another couple weeks she gets a blood draw and we can see if her bloodwork has leveled out with all of the drugs out of her system.

I got Tru-D trotting in hand. She was very confused to start, but figured it out pretty quick. She is quite smart I think. Galen dropped by today to see how she was doing as he was in the area. He gave her a scratch and seemed pleased at how far she's come in the short time. He also asked if I knew of anyone interested in her half-brother that he still has for sale. He said he has a picture of her sire and should be abke to get me her sire's name. I am curious to know what line he is from.

I have done two of the three videos I need for my recertification. I also finished one of the two tests (outside of some minor editing). Three weeks left holy cow! I may see about redoing the driving video, perhaps going down to Horseshoe for smoother ground so we aren't rattling on the bumpy ground so much.

Today I took Kitt to training for the last time until my schedule calms down. While money is fine for it I want to take Kelhan to as many of his lessons as possible and I barely have the time between lessons to do that most days and trying to squeeze in the time to drive over (even if it is just six miles round trip) and take lessons just isn't happening right now.

The lase session was pretty bad. She refused a ton and doged out of the jumps. My speculation was some possible soreness from the spring shots a few days before. A couple of the horses had some visible swelling from it and Kitt had a decent knot still when I palpated her neck afterwards.

Michelle suggested Kitt was running through the bitless bridle so this time we tried something. I put the bitless on her and then her normal bitted bridle with the French link over it. This was my first experience working with two sets of reins and it wasn't quite as crazy as I was expecting. I treated the snaffle rein like you would a curb, coming out below my pinky and setting the rein to the side out the top of my hand and held the bitless rein like one would the snaffle, coming between my pinky and ring finger and up the hand with the thumb pressed on it dor security. It worked quite well as light engagement would only work the cross-under straps and greater engagement would put the bit into play, which I didn't have to do too much, but it was nice having that extra reinforcement when she got a little strong (i.e. set in what she thought she was going to do, not necessarily fast and rushing, she is a Fjord after all).

She got better and better as we worked and we ended on the three jump line with with two single stride distances. She did goober about the poles on the ground we started with, which was ridiculous after she went over the double bounce of cavelletti so nicely. I think last session did a combination of overfacing her and souring her to the specific line a bit.

I did get video of it all and plan on sharing when I have the time to cut it to a reasonable length (hahaha).

Our thoughts going forward are when I come back to it getting some consistent sessions in so we can see if the weirdness we had last time was just an anomaly, especially since the time before that she did absolutely fabulous.

Kitt is getting a hair cut tomorrow. Her mop of hair must go for the Summer. That and I couldn't see her ears through it while jumping today and she does not have small ears.

Did I mention Tru-D got her first bath last week?

Her coat was so nice and soft after it dried. She did pretty well with it, just ran around a little bit not sure of the wetness before settling in.

The program for her thusfar includes more walking in hand and maybe thinking about introducing the surcingle in the next few weeks. Asking her to start walking over, around, and on through/between things is in the works too.

In property news we have all the thorny desert trees gone. I need to take a moment to call someone about getting a shipping container to use as a tack room and lay out the water line next. Getting there! Hopefully it won't be too long before I am shifting the stuff over there and get to leave my jumps set up and don't have to put them up and tear them down after each use and also no more dodging pee spots and all that other good stuff. The only downside will be getting students adjusted to the bigger space (and not run over my dressage arena fence every few minutes).
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It rained Monday night and Tuesday off and on during the day. I went from five lessons to two (two sick one injured). I was initially intending to work Bud and then do the morning lesson, but she asked about bumping to the afternoon so I hooked up the trailer and headed to Higley Feed to get some panels for the first two stalls on the property. The panel prices are good, but unfortunately the price on most everything else is up. Riley sold it to one of his employees over the Summer. My thought is that the new owners are trying to get their money out of it. Hopefully it doesn't go the way of San Tan Feed, which seemed to raise it's prices any time they wanted a new toy and never seemed to have product in to boot.

Anyway from there I headed to Pet Club and grabbed a few bales of hay because with the rain Tuesday and more predicted this weekend I wasn't going to order a squeeze. I put it all in the trailer and by the time I got it unloaded I decided to bag working Bud until Thursday. I got the stalls set up and the panels work nicely. I think i like them better than the HWs as I can lock four panels in together rather than just two and using lots of baling twine.

I picked up the boys and was hoping to work Kash or Panda before the two evening lessons. Marty called and said there was a guy selling panels by the side of the road. The panels were $20 cheaper than the ones I picked up and the gates were about $30 cheaper than elsewhere plus no sales tax. I checked with Mom and ordered six gates and an additional eight panels. Lessons and then I met the panel guy at the property as he unloaded nad paid him. It worked out quite nicely. The second set of panels have the same height on the upper pin, but it is different on the lower pin, but the way it worked out the new panels went on the exterior and the first set went on the interior. I only have six spots I need to secure with twine, which is nothing compared to what it would have been with the HWs.

Today Chris helped me finish putting the stalls together and ensured that they were somewhat square. We dropped off the Jeep for a recall and went to the accountants. After that we met with a guy about getting the new section of fence painted and then I had two lessons and worked Sunny.

Sunny seems less unhappy in her face than the last time I rode her, Of course after I made her work through her temper tantrum last time she seems much happier to work realizing that yes, she HAS to work and I am mot going away even if she is opinionated. I was initially thinking she just didn't like the Dr. Cooks bridle so I tried her bosal, which was meh, the sidepull was the one she bucked in, today I did the Dr. Cooks again and she was good in it. She bends easier right than left and her canter was a little better. Other than lack of work part of Sunny's issue is she's been taught to go on autopilot and when you try to give her additional input about HOW to do something she's not quite there mentally to receive input because she is zoning into her auto response. Something to work on for sure.

I have decided I am going to focus on Sunny and get her where I can move her into lessons before starting to polish Cinnamon again. Once Sunny is going lessons will keep her in decent work and I can work on Cinnamon getting where I can ride her during lessons and ultimately work her through where she can be a good everyman horse as well.

More and more full days ahead!
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Chris and I put the arena together Sunday after church. A good family activity, unfortunately Tristan had fallen asleep at Farfar's by the time we were ready for him to help.

Special thanks to [ profile] suraineko for giving me the initial thought to build my own.

70 - 8' landscaping poles
75 - "A" Cinder blocks
half dozen stakes
Over 550' of twine

Trailer for poles
Big truck to haul cinder block

Pictures and Rambling )

Yesterday it rained mid-morning to early afternoon. The Wedge of Wetness continues to be the bane of my existence. I had a single lesson and a group and while the footing here was fine I didn't feel like fighting the Wedge or being restricted to the 50' roundpen so I told them to meet me over at the property. I was a little off in my time assessment and the first student beat me there, but I helped her tack up and we were going in about the usual amount of time. I had loaded up Kitt, Ruby, and Chewy as well as the tack required. Kitt got to hang out in the roundpen and I rode Chewy with the student on Ruby.

I apparently miscalulate my horses' laziness when it comes to going over things as within the first five minutes Ruby marched right over the rail and Olivia had to bring her back in. Ruby's knees are just above the rails so it isn't much effort for her to step over. I tols Olivia to be sure she doesn't let Ruby get perpenticular to the fence to avoid a repeat and she didn't have another problem. We worked along the perimeter to start and then built up to some serpentines. I need to get some letters up so we have some points of reference and at some point bring the cones and things over to help with visualization on the figures.

The second lesson was going to be a "group" of two. My usual 5pm student plus one who comes in the morning with his brother, but deferred to the evening instead. I ended up with three students as the older brother had a boyscout hike that was canceled due to the rain (whimps!). Their mom was good and said she knew I hadn't planned on both boys and if I couldn't accomodate the older boy that was OK. I happened to still have the dressage saddle in the truck from working Bud in the morning, but he usually rides Western. I asked him if he was game for it and he said yes. The girth I had for it fit Kitt otherwise I would have put him on Ruby and I gave Hannah choice between Kitt and Chewy as she got there first and technically the girth on Chewy for the general purpose would fit Ruby in the Dressage, but that's okay.

So I had Hannah on Chewy, Eli on Ruby, and TJ on Kitt. First instruction was to ride parallel to the rail and check steering and breaks. Then the fun started. Ruby wantered out of the arena again and then Chewy followed suit, but her little legs don't clear the poles so well and she knocked over three blocks and their attached rails. I did a lot of rail re-setting!

Chewy was giving Hannah a lesson on the importance of the outside aids. They would be parallel to the fence and either Hannah would ask her to turn in or Chewy would start to bow out, but the result was the same, Chewy would get over bent as Hannah relied on the inside rein to turn or correct and Chewy would swing her outside shoulder around, get perpenticular and over she went! I had ridden Chewy in the first lesson (easier to keep up with the students!) and she had considered this trick once, but a quick check with the outside rein and leg and she went on straight again. I talked with Hannah some, but spent most of my time working between the two boys who are less experienced. She kindof enjoyed figuring it out herself with some guidance from me.

While Ruby did wander out of the arena a few times on him once he shortened up his reins it worked much better. He even trotted on her briefly towards the end.

TJ has some confidence issues to begin with so the strange saddle and not being as familiar with Kitt plus new place wasn't the ideal combination. Kitt marched out of the arena on the South end once and was striding with purpose through the debris field as TJ just sort of held on until I instructed him to stop her. (Amazing what happens when you actively ask the horse to do something!) He did alright and I had him focus on simply walk and halt and told him to keep Kitt in the center of the ring.

Overall I think it was successful for the first official lesson in it. I do need to school my horses over there more and perhaps what needs to be done is riding them in the ring on a loose rein and when they choose to leave the arena make them work extra hard, return to arena and relax, leave it and hustle, rinse and repeat. Kash is going to take the most work with the theatrics he put on Friday over there (crow-hopping,charging, popping up his front end, etc.). The others should pretty much be their normal selves.

Long Days

Jan. 9th, 2015 09:37 pm
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Yesterday started late. I hung out with the boys until about 9:30 when I loaded up the trailer and headed off to get Bud. I also loaded up Appy because she was past due to go to the groomers. I had trimmed her a little between and also gave her a bath Sunday, but they have the good stuff that really cleans up the eye goopies and do a good job of spiffing her up.

I loaded Bud, oh, did I mention that I worked Bud with the soccer ball Tuesday? His initial reaction didn't give me much hope (spin back and forth trying to figure out how to run away from the monster at the far end of his turnout over 100' away), but he settled nicely and kicked it several times and even let me bump it off his legs.

So Bud and I went out with Roxanne and Gypsy to the San Tans and took some meandering trails. We wandered Little Leaf, which I haven't been on in years and took it to Goldmine halfway up the namesake peak before splitting off to San Tan trail. We were out for over two hours and did some good hill work and a bit of trotting once we got on the service road.

To start Bud felt a little "up" but didn't actually do anything stupid. I was sure to refocus him any time his mind wandered and worked him back and forth past some "scary" parts, which aren't nearly so scary as half of the things in his neighborhood other than. the fact that he hasn't seen them before.

He settled out as we went and kept the pace pretty well.

Donna sent me a text saying her husband wants her current horse sold before she buys another, pfft. She's still coming out for lessons, though, which is good. Part of me is tempted to ask about a straight trade, though I don't think Chris would be thrilled as the idea was to reduce the herd. Of course we'd still have six if Z was still here and he IS a potentially fancy Dressage horse ... Obviously I would have to try him out first before REALLY contemplating anything ... But if I don't think he'd be good under students I'm in the same place as I am with Panda. The only think holding Z back from doing lessons was the fact she was under five. She was broke well enough last year that others probably could have ridden her and that I could have stopped wearing the vest, but both of those conditions were set as minimum five years quite a while ago because it is a good idea to have a horse well-broke and mentally mature before contemplating putting students on them.

I taught lessons Thursday and ran to Fry's, but didn't make it to the bank. I didn't make it today either and it is driving me a little nuts having cash and checks sitting around because it is quite the sum! I am apparently three weeks behind on my bookkeeping, which is bad. I checked Sue's account yesterday because I knew we had to be close only to discover I was two weeks behind reminding her to pay me! Whoops! The good news is my bank account is perfectly happy despite all this and I am sure I have at least one if not two others due if not past due for payment.

Today I had one lesson in the morning and one in the evening. The time between was pretty much spent on the roof helping Chris pigeon-proof the areas next to the dormer windows and other overhangs. We got four out of six done. Things go faster when you put your energy into problem solving instead of being angry at the problem. I actually had fun with the challenge of getting the wire mesh tondo what we needed and wanted it to do. Chris was not nearly so happily engaged with the project.

We didn't get around to laying out the arena, maybe Sunday or Monday.

Oh, the lesson this morning we rode at the property. The student was on Kitt and I took Kash. Kitt had no problem other than trying tobeat the small bits of grass that didn't quite get turned under and pushing towards the gate. Pretty much good for any of my students to be on her over there. Kash on the other hand ... we're going to have some discussions. I tried demonstrating what I was talking about and while I think I managed to get some of it across Kash was being a complete knucklehead. He popped his front end, crow-hopped, throwing his butt almost vertical on me, tried to charge off and swapping gaits without permission. He also tried to get me to overbend him, which that trick doesn't work on me any more (almost every time with students though!). I imagine it was quite thebride to watch! A shame there was no video. Of course knowing Kash for 11 years now it was just working through and dealing with it. Funny how familiarity makes it feel like less of a deal!

Short version: Kash is not ready for students at the new property.

Tomorrow I am booked solid from 8am-2pm and then have a brief break before Sue and Bud 3-4pm. I will be picking up the block for the arena tomorrow and probably hooking up to the red trailer when I get home and seeing if I can't load up some of the poles for the arena fence.

I am so busy it's ridiculous. Time to stash as much as possible to prepare for the drought brought on by the summer heat!


Jan. 5th, 2015 09:54 pm
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That Panda can be ridden by someone other than me! Of course I do have that video of Trish riding her (three years ago...), but she's a professional trainer and Keara is not (yet... aspiring at 16!).

I am having Keara work off her hour riding Panda as I trust her skills on her and she has mucked plenty in exchange for lessons and her riding skill is such that I don't worry about Panda going backwards.

As you can see in the video my neighbor's granddaughter popped up from behind the block wall and spooked her, but that's about as big as her spook is anymore so long as her rider has the presence of mind to ask her for something else.

I have a lady coming out tomorrow to look at her and the Colorado guy is supposedly still really interested and talking shipping and everything, but he hasn't been able to get someone out (or himself) to look at her.

I wish I had the time for her, but I don't and I don't have the students to keep her in work between my rides on her.

In other news we got the property dragged today thanks to Marty being proactive. Apparently a guy in our ward does tractor work and she contacted him, we met, and he started dragging this afternoon. I couldn't tell if he finished as it was dark when I walked over to lock up the property. He was done with the South (less weedy) half around two and getting into the weedy part around 3:30 when I walked over to ask him about payment. It looks like it'll even be cheaper than us renting a tractor and doing it especially considering the hours it would have taken us to do it.

So now I can order the pallete of cinder blocks and we can get the arena set up! Next step is also getting stalls set up and trenching for water, but with the arena up I can start working the horses over there and getting them used to it before I start teaching lessons.



Dec. 13th, 2014 09:45 pm
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Yesterday we set up the roundpen. Chris got all the panels loaded up while d got the boys ready for the day. I walked them over to Marty's before meeting Chris at the property to set it up. I had to go teach a lesson before we finished, but we just had the last two or three panels left. It looks quite good if I say so myself!

The panels tilt inwards rather than standing upright like the other ones, but that might not be a bad thing (save knees and horse limbs from beating on the panels). The 60' is nice and I look forward to being able to use it!

Next week we have the "Clean-up Potluck" to help clear out the garbage that ranges from cans and glass to bags and wood. I'll be providing water and sandwiches as well as garbage bags and my clients bring gloves and something to share. Hopefully we can make a good dent in it so I can order the block for the arena and set it up. From there start bagging and moving stall leavings to use as footing and starting to familiarize the horses with the area.

The final inspections should take place next week and then we can submit for the driveways and get those done (as well as the wash rack area). We also need to drag the weeds and trench for water now that we have the meter.
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Chris and I both drove Charm-N this mmorning. She worked way harder than she needed to (she hasn't been driven often enough to get out of her "shut up and let me drive" mode).

We cruised around the new property and are thinking about hosting a fun day drive event when it is all cleaned up.
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The old fence is still halfway up on the East side. I can't call in the inspection until it's down.

Now that things are (er... were?) moving I am getting a little impatient. I want to set up the roundpen! Measure the arena out! Start dragging footing over (i.e. dried manure... use what you've got!). Riding the horses over there so they get used to the new location. They're a good lot, but no way I am starting to teach cold over there without my riding them first!

Tons and nothing going on all at once Chris is contemplating the job at the shooting range. Details later.
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Marty acquired a Dr. Cook's bitless bridle a couple years ago to use on Cinnamon and to try on Sunny. I am not sure if Sunny likes it, but Cinnamon seems to go well enough. My biggest complaint about the Dr. Cook's Bitless is the big rings at the end of the straps you connect the reins to. They have always felt clunky and unrefined. They put a weird weight in the middle of the rein, especially for Sunny and Cinnamon who have long, narrow heads. I have another cross-under bridle I am considering getting as well as a sidepull I would like to try . What is appealing about the linked design is the fact that there are no rings. They made one long continuous rein that just snaps in (my true preference would be a buckle attachment, but that could be remedied). This makes so much more sense to me as I imagine if the weird weight of the ring bothers me the horse has to feel it too. I think this might be part of Sunny's not-too-sure-ness about it.

The reason I am considering it is to help save my horse's mouths from beginner hands. They all use mild bits (I think all of them are in double-jointed snaffles actually), but I have a couple of students who tend to be a little snatchy and rough and I want to save them from that plus I am also curious how they might go in it.

Anyway! I borrowed Marty's bitless today to try on Panda. Since getting back she has been a little "eh" in the face. Chatham said she should be good on teeth until the Spring so I wonder if it is a combination of the time off and lack of consistency. I just know she's gone better and since Marty has the bridle I figured why not give it a shot

I bent her around a couple times on the ground to show her how the pressure works before getting on. She was a little weirded out to start, especially going right, but she figured it out pretty quick. I had a working student around so I asked her to shoot some video.

Olivia stood on the mounting block to take it, which explains the little bobble when she wasn't paying so much attention to where her feet were. Panda wasn't sure about the wild person on the mounting block, which is kindof obvious in the video, but she also got over herself fairly quickly.

Note: Panda is cone proof. Something I established when she was younger and freaked out about my picking up cones. The lesson stuck quite well apparently! I haven't done that to her in years (which explains the initial hand on the rein).

I am going to try Marty's bridle on the rest of the herd this week and then maybe stash a little away to pick up a bitless bridle. They seem to have a lot of adjustability and without a bit you don't have to worry so much about spit germs or bit sizes. I didn't have to adjust it at all going from Cinnamon to Panda. The reins felt a little better with Panda as her face took up more of the straps. Maybe I need to adjust them shorter for Cinnamon and Sunny.

So curiosity satisfied: Panda can be ridden bitless and well. She's a bit stiffer right than left, but that's her stiff side anyway. I might just play with her more in it and see what happens.

In addition: the new post and rail on the East side is DONE and they are working on chopping down and tearing out the old fence (which was as crooked as all get out).
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Permit was acquired this afternoon. The boys tagged along with me, which made it an adventure as we also hit the bank, picked up film, had lunch, and filled up the Whimobile not in that order at all.

Post cuttong starts tomorrow!

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Yesterday I took Zetahra out for a walk before my lesson. It had rained the night before and I wanted to walk around the property and see if there were any spots that really retained water. It was only about a 1/4 inch of rainfall so not a real test, but at least an idea.

I tacked her up in the saddle and even had my helmet and vest on as I was thinking about riding her around the property, but ended up with not enough time so I just walked her.

It had rained enough for there to be puddles at the intersection so we did a little bit of puddle splashing. She was skeptical at first, but mostly curious and forward. It didn't take much convincing to get her to go across.

It was a good test for my new boots too. They are supposedly waterproof and my feet did stay dry, yay!

There weren't any obvious giant puddles or anything on the property and no flow marks either. We'll have to wait for a more productive storm to get an idea of what the water does, which should happen before we start setting up the arena and round pen.

I got copies yesterday and Dave needs to draw a couple more small things before we got to Scott Blue for the full set of plans (what feels like 50 copies of everything sometimes) that we will submit.

I was thinking about ground driving Z this evening around the neighborhood, but we'll be picking up the Jeep instead. I'll have to do that tomorrow or maybe ride her during a lesson.

Molly and her owner are taking a hiatus until it cools down. It saddens me a little, but I am pretty sure they will be back and it will give me more time to expand my mule knowledge before getting deeper into her training.

The weather is pretty opressive right now. The heat index pretty much stays between 130 and 150 all the time. If it gets hotter the humidity (usually) drops slightly, but as it cools down the moisture just hangs in the air. After mucking for two hours this morning I was pretty well coated in sweat. I didn't feel HOT per se, but it was definitely gross. I'm just glad I don't stink too much.

The back pads came today for the surcingle and Z's harness. I guess I should have gotten a smaller one for the harness, but it's better a little large than too small I guess! It'll be interesting to see how it affects the harness fit. Maybe we can get rid of some of the slack around the belly band and, perhaps, the padding over her back may help her tension in the trot. Of course now that we've changed five different things we won't know for sure! Added a back pad, changing carts, and a little time off the cart due to selling the green one and waiting for the shafts to be made for the forecart.

Speaking of the shafts I hope to hear about those soon! If I don't hear by Monday I think I'll give them a call to check progress.
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"On July 23rd there will be a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting addressing Horse Owner Property Rights. As it stands currently the only people allowed to ride or work with horses on one's property are relatives unless one has a Special Use Permit. The new change will allow property owners greater freedom, flexibility, and rights in regards to horses and equestrian activities on their property. We are supporting the change and hoping you will also.

Please send an e-mail to show your support for the zoning ordinance change in Maricopa County.

You can e-mail and they will forward it onto the pertinent county representatives. Please reference the zoning change TA 2008006-Equestrian Uses (the text can be found here: Please let them know you support the change to allow homeowners more horse rights.

Thank you for your time and I encourage you to share this information with others you know!"

I am going to that meeting.

To my understanding the amendment refers specifically to R-43 zoning, which is residences on 1-5 acres. So as it stands I'm not operating in accordance to the County's Almighty CODE. Of course, I didn't know that until recently and, really, until recently it was not enforced at all. While I haven't been called on this particular piece of regulation, others have been, which results in much woe.

I don't know, I think it's rather ridiculous to limit one to only having relatives ride your horses. What if I have a friend over who wants to ride? What if I need a little extra money and want to, heaven forbid board someone else's horse(s)? Or how about the inverse, I have a buddy with a nice arena and I don't, why can't I ride there if she or he says it's okay? I have no property and have a horse, but can't afford a super-pricey overly snazzy boarding facility, where's my alternative?

I know that almost no one who reads this live in the county, but hey, if you can take a moment and support the change that would be tremendously awesome because these are the types of things that horse owners everywhere needs to fight for. The horse community as a whole has been terribly scattered and divided and it needs to get itself together because the greater world understands us less and less and if we don't fight for our own rights, who will?

On a completely not-serious note: I blew up a bunch of balls yesterday and clambered on Chewy, broom in hand to do some broom polo practice! Even though I failed at hitting the ball when traveling at more than a walk (I managed like one swipe at the trot), I had a ridiculous amount of fun just swatting the balls around. The little mare was wonderfully tolerant and if the balls hit her she'd just stop, which was especially nice because I was bareback, heh.

I need to pester the other horses with the brooms and balls. Granted, Ruby might be a little large for my reach, and definitely for my students ... I'll have to buy a bigger broom.

I just get this sense of giddiness thinking about chasing around large balls on horseback with a broom. One of these days I'll be able to do it at speed!


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