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2016-10-11 07:25 pm

Reiten und Fahren.

Thursday I had another lesson with Carrie K. from the North valley. I admit I haven't done nearly so much active riding this pregnancy as I was with the last two, Regardless I'm trying to get what I can from these lessons. I wasn't able to make any last month so I'm going to try and double up this month. I'm not sure if I'll try for one in November, but we'll see! I definitely plan on picking back up in February and see where we go from there. I'd like to rotate between Kash and Kitt at that point, but Mr. Fancy can wait to make his debut until I am no longer expecting. He tends to be a bit of a knucklehead the first time to a new arena and I don't need that.

Anyway, we worked on moving her hip over and leg-yield both nose and tail to the rail. She's much better going left than right andbwe discovered that when we put her on a circle. To the left she was volunteering a shoulder-fore position and to the right she was a bit stickier.

We had some really nice tail to the rail yields (not quite a shoulder-in) in the trot that she held well. I like the idea or her holding her "shape" better on her own without a reminder to keep crossing over. I just started reading Nuno Oliveira's "Reflections on Equestrian Art" and one of the things he mentioned is that the horse should carry the movement, whatever it is, until there is an active change in request. That means when properly trained and conditioned you should be able to "shape" your horse into a half-pass, travers, etc. and have the horse maintain it until you request a new movement or transition with minimal rider correction.

It's so nice finding an instructor who actually knows what they're doing and can make me feel like I'm moving forward and learning things. I know I have missing pieces and it's so nice to have started finding them! I'm still debating if I should try a lesson or two over at CARA to have a go on more advanced horses, but the things I've heard lend me to think the horses have not been trained in a manner that one might term as "classical."

I should have written about it the day of or Friday, I'll try to be better about that next time.

Sunday we packed up and headed to California. The boys got their first trip to the beach Monday and after wearing them out thoroughly we had lunch and visited my grandparents.

Opa insisted on sending us off with money for dinner and Chris was super stealth sneaky and phoned in dinner for them tonight. Italian and carrot cake from a place we found while we were there.

We drove home today and had an uneventful drive. This week is pretty booked up and the schedule is filling nicely for the winter months.

I can't remember if I mentioned Marty and Dave acquired a puppy from the shelter while we were in Utah. Her name is Charlie (sp?) and she is some Poodle cross, possibly a havanese. She looks a little like Appy, but taller and lighter colored. Rolo was not sure what to do with her at first, but Marty managed to get them to settle in and now they run and hase each other around until Rolo passes out because Bulldogs got no stamina.

Tomorrow I have four or five lessons. We need to hit Costco for some vitals. I do not have the art class because they are on their fall break. The farrier is coming tomorrow, Chewy's bloodwork came back good so I can stop with the SMZs (yay!), and I am making my way through month six. Ten more weeks before the Nudge has permission to disembark.

Also Kelhan and Baby Puppy looked pretty sporty in their sunglasses on the drive home.

Ah yes, and after sharing a hotel room with the boys for two nights we have discovered that Kelhan still is a Grünter. Just not as terrible as he was while an infant. He only grunts and mumbles occasionally rather than constantly, but it's still enough to get you up to check on him only to realize he's still perfectly asleep.
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2016-01-12 09:17 pm


Friday we took a trip to the snow about 30 or 40 minutes past Payson. It had rained Monday, but cleared up before the three lessons that afternoon. And then it POURED Monday night, which left my away lesson sopping wet, even though she is higher up the hill than I am and it rained more Tuesday so I ended up rescheduling Tuesdays lesson. Wednesday my morning lessons were underwater, but I managed to get Bud worked. We did some puddle hopping. It also rained MORE on Wednesday and into the night. I did have a single die-hard Wednesday afternoon.

Haley worked in the roundpen and we did some turns on the haunches and forehand. She was surprised how wet it was and I told her when I am thinking about cancelling a lesson it has to be really wet!

Thursday, SURPRISE! more rain and no lessons. It was just too horrendously wet and getting wetter. We decided it'd be a good time for a snow trip. I canceled Friday's lessons (too wet anyway and it RAINED MORE) and we loaded up the boys and headed for the snow.

Tristan was so excited for his first snow trip! The reality wasn't quite as exciting as hoped. It was about two feet of fluffy powder, which doesn't make a good snowman and he sunk up past his waist trying to wade through it. Kelhan wasn't really happy except for when he was on my shoulders dictating where we should go and that's okay.

When we got there it was all virgin snow, not a track. We worked up an almost sweat (kept my jacket open!) stomping down a good track through the trees and wandered here and there for a while before Tristan decided it was time for lunch and he needed a corn dog. Thankfully there was a Dairy Queen in Payson that could satisfy the starving little man. Kelhan had one too and Chris and I had KFC before heading back down the hill to home.

Saturday was rain-free, but soggy. I did manage five lessons, though it would have been more because 10am wasn't feeling well and Sue was still underwater. Lots of work in the roundpen! Saturday was also the first day the horses really got turned out. They had an hour or so here and there during the week, but they pretty much spent 22 or 23 hours a day stuck in their stalls. Ruby was in the "spare" covered stall with access to the arena and Tru-D had the turnout and access to Ruby's stall, but the other four were stuck.

Saturday Susanne and I managed to get the stalls all mucked at least and I picjed up five bags of shavings. I used four of them on the stalls (I just have spot-shaving use where the horses pee because I'm cheap and also we just have mare motels so no solid walls to keep shavings in anyway). The last one was vainly used to help dry the turnout, which is still a mess because it gets shade from all sides with the little house, trees, and the L-shape of the shade. The edges are drying somewhat, but we're bumping the farrier until next week so he doesn't have to traverse the mud puddle on the South side of the house to get to where the horses are.

My normal book of lessons is getting back in gear after the mayhem brought about by the rain. The private school classes start this week with the art class tomorrow(!!). Next week is the driving clinic and life is chugging right along.
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2015-08-23 04:48 pm

Tomaten, Stiefelchen, und fragt eine Heiligerin

Two days canning tomatoes ending up with over 50 jars.
Tomato pictures )

And I finally finished 2 pairs of booties that I started about three years ago. Oma finally showed me how to make pompoms too! Gaining skills!

Lavender and blue )

And I haven't done it in forever, but my friends list has changed 99% since I last did it so here it goes. If anyone hasn't guessed yet I am LDS, also known as "Mormon." I guess I could use the word "saint," but with the connotation that tends to carry in other religions it sounds a bit presumptuous. Probably outside of Islam the LDS faith is one of the most misunderstood religions out there and I know it is always best to go to the source rather than run on rumor so for the curious and so inclined I open myself up to your question regarding it. I'll probably respond to short questions within this post, but longer, more in-depth questions will be addressed in seperate posts. So ask away, no question is to silly (I've heard some pretty strange ones), and I love a challenge. If I have to do research all the better.

Tomorrow we leave REALLY early. The plane leaves at 5:45 Utah time, which means a quarter 'til 5 in Arizona. I may be home before the boys eat breakfast.
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2014-04-18 02:48 pm

The First Big Trip in the Whimobile

Yesterday we loaded up the boys and headed to the North country. It is usually 20° or so cooler up on the Rim compared to down here and with the whole week threatening to nudge us into our first triple-digit day it was a good time to pack it up and enjoy some cooler weather. Thursday happens to be my least busy day so I cleared out my lessons and we had the whole day.

Kelhan slept the whole way and Tristan fell asleep partway up. We stopped at the upper Canyon Creek first, which is by the fish hatchery. There are still areas that are virtually bare and full of dead trees from the Rodeo-Chedisky (sp?) Fire more than ten years ago, it might be closer to 15 now, but I can't remember. The upper creek was pretty dense and didn't have much area to dink around in so we back-tracked a little and took the road ro the lower part of the creekñ which has a nice, open meadow that slopes down to the rim that marks the creekbed's yearly flood stage.

The terrain is not condusive to even our big wheeled stroller (despite Tristan's best efforts at pushing it) and we had forgotten the Baby Björn so I carried Kelhan most of the time (Chris took him over for a bit too).

Tristan had a ball throwing rocks I to the creek and watching them splash. He also discovered that sticks float down the creek, though as he found bigger and bigger ones they floated more and more poorly, but they did make a satisfying splash.

Tristan soaked his lower half rather thoroughly and I got my socks and shoes a nit wet, ditched them for a minute to walk in the stream with Tristan, and then put then back on still slightly damp. It was a good thing we brought Tristan a spare set of clothes.

We had a late lunch/early dinner in Payson before heading home. I'm looking forward to more similar jaunts.

The Jeep performed quite well. We exercised the four-wheel drive a bit, though it wasn't really necessary it is good to give the gears a workout. The seats are pretty comfortable and they actually have REAL lumbar support. Silber had some lumbar adjustability, but on longer drives I usually ended up stuffing a sweater or towel or something behind my lower back because it didn't actually support the back in a truely neutral position. Most car seats don't and with their head rests they actually encourage a forward slouch that roaches the back and pushes one's ears in front of the navel. I actually turned the headrest backwards on Silber and if I drive my Parents Ford I pull the stupid thing off because it drives me insane. The Whimobile, however isn't half bad in the seat department. The head rest isn't quite my ideal, but at least I don't feel like my head is being shoved off of my shoulders.

This morning Chris got Charm-N our along with the forecart. I put Tristan in his room for a minute so I could help Chris hitch up (at two we are not quite trustworthy enough to not get into trouble while parents are obviously engaged in something else, especially outside.

Chris drove Charm-N in the front and side yard while Tristan and I watched and then joined him after setting Kelhan in his crib. With the trees on the South end it is almost like going on a trail drive. Tristan is getting to the point where he could go around the neighborhood with us without worrying about him randomly jumping off on us.

I am glad that Chris is getting comfortable enough to drive on his own (even with garbage trucks going up and down the road). My hindbrain still freaks out a little.
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2010-04-28 07:02 am
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Dangling Knees of Death

These are the cause of 90% of all falls in the cross-country phase of Three-Day Eventing. I saw my fair share of them on Saturday as well as two falls (one wasn't due to a dangling knee, but the other one definitely was). The danging knees became more obvious when we watched the Grand Prix Show Jumping Sunday night. By comparison some of them had their knees just about up to their eyeballs, but generally they were at least nicely tucked up in front of their chest. Of course the horses doing cross-country have to go over a few miles and are galloping and getting tired by the end, but I was seeing the dangling knees at the beginning of the course even, which I guess is more training than fatigue.

That said, it was pretty awesome to be there! Got to see some great riding, awesome horses, and met a bunch of nice people. I would go again given the opportunity.

Hopefully the TV coverage is halfway descent, I think it gets aired this Sunday on NBC.

And where has the time gone? I need to go work Panda.
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2010-04-24 01:28 pm
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The Rolex

We saw two riders fall. The first one both horse and rider were okay, though the rider ended up under her horse's feet.

The second was Oliver Townend who was going for the Eventung Yriole Crown/Grand Slam. It was pretty bad to be honest. His horse didn't pull up one of his knees at all so it was a rotational fall and to top it off it was at the Hallow with so there wasn't nice flat ground on the other side, but two bounce steps downward. They aircaved him out. The horse appeared okay. He had successfully navigated the course earlier in the day on another horse.

There were a couple other falls on course, two of them St the Hallow also from what I heard. Of course they do have the option of an easier route, but most chose the difficult option.

Taking lots of pictures! Currently in the hotel as it started storming and they closed the trade fair. We'll see if the show jumping is canceled tonight or not. It is a separate event outside of the Rolex. A test for the WEG in September. Should be fun to watch if the weather cooperates!

Met one of Jim's friends, which was great. Took a bit of chasing around before we were able to meet, but had a good visit.

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2010-02-03 08:48 am
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Took my computer in Monday and waiting for the call that says I can go pick it up.

I'm currently using Chris' lap top so, while I have internet access, I don't have access to any of my files. Well, technically I do because even though I have a computer with a massive hard drive most of my files are still on my little external HD.

Going to the Horsepark Monday was a flop as it was still closed. If they were to just get in there and rake up the footing it would be perfectly fine! However, they haven't (or hadn't) and thus the water just sits there rather than being churned up and absorbed. They haven't been as good about keeping the footing nice as they were when it first opened last year, which has been a bit of a disappointment, but it's still a lot better footing than I have at home.

So Monday I ended up working Sahara on the property in front of the house. She started out okay, and then fell apart, and it got a bit ugly, but we managed even if she completely lost her head a couple times and kept trying to take off on me. Thank heavens she has good breaks! That and she isn't the sharpest tack in the box either, which means simple things work, unlike Kash who is entirely too smart for his own good.

I worked both the training horses yesterday. Lunged Moab, who shifted between saint and idiot. He didn't goober (much) passing the horse trailer, which is a nice change. You'd think after staring at it for three months walking by the horse trailer wouldn't be an issue... I took Sahara for a walk around the neighborhood. She walks terribly fast and by the end of it I had a rather good cramp going on, was a bit hot, and I think overheated. The walks are good for them, but part of me says that ponying would be better because then I get to work one of my horses too. However I am a bit out of shape and the walking is good for me. Probably did a half mile yesterday at a pretty good clip. If I had to guess it was close to 4mph on less-than-level ground.


Something that I haven't mentioned! I'm going to the ROLEX! Mom's going with me. We're flying back to KY in April for the Kentucky Rolex three-day event. It's one of the qualifiers for the Olympics and the World Equestrian Games (WEG). The initial idea was to go to the WEG, but by the time Mom gave me the go-ahead to order tickets and everything, well ... I'm sure we could have gotten tickets, but all of the good hotels were either booked or charging $300 per night.

They will be running some test events for the WEG during the Rolex, which will be awesome. Grand Prix Dressage freestyles! Grand Prix Show Jumping! It'll be awesome! The tickets should be getting here in March I think and we have the flights, hotel, and car all booked. The only downside is that we'll be flying in late to Louisville and have to drive all the way to Lexington and find the hotel at 10 o'clock KY time (8 in AZ, but it's dark!). Neither of us have been to KY, so it should be a bit of an adventure.

When we're not watching the events we have access to the Kentucky Horse Park, which should be awesome! It's one of, if not the largest equestrian facility in America.

I've been fighting a runny nose the last several days. More annoying than anything. I'm hoping it doesn't turn into another sinus infection because I've had my sickness for the year already, thank you!

I received my package from Dover Saddlery yesterday. I now have a complete show ensemble from jacket to shirt, tie, and breeches! I'm still using a pair of paddock boots and half chaps, but they'll work. I might get some nice half-chaps later, but I don't know if I wouldn't be better served just purchasing a pair of boots (i.e. the knee-high English riding boots). We'll see. I need to try on the breeches to be sure they fit nicely. They are the right size, but some company's idea of a 28 regular can be a lot different than anothers!

And it's time to get off my butt and do something constructive. I slept in until almost seven this morning, I was rather tired I guess.
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2009-05-25 02:18 pm
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So the last two weeks weren't necessarily ideal. Mom had to go into the hospital for a GIANT blood clot that ran from her groin to mid-calf. She got out the day I graduated, but was not able to make the ceremony.

The next week we took Réo (pronounced "Rayo") up to Utah. He managed the trip quite well and I put Moab in with him the next day to give him someone to buddy up with before turning him out Tuesday evening.

Well, Wednesday afternoon I was heading off to run some errands and caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Réo wasn't moving right. On closer look my heart sunk and I swung the truck around. Something was seriously wrong. I crawled under the fence and ran out to meet him. He was stumbling about. He had a gash down the right side of his face and a huge scrape on his forehead (not bleeding, but all the hair was gone). His right eyelid was swollen and cut and his neck was tremendously swollen. He was having a really hard time walking and I knew that something was seriously wrong neurologically. I thought it might have been head trauma ... I wish it had been head trauma.

He stumbled and went down. I called Oma and told her she needed to call the vet. NOW. I sat there with him and took off my sweater vest and laid it under his head. I called my own vet, at this point I was rather distraught as my grandparents couldn't get a hold of a vet and I needed some advise as to how to make him more comfortable. I told the vet what was going on, having to pause on occasion to regain composure and asked what I should do until we could get a vet there. He suggested at least getting Réo up on his sternum so he could breathe better and, if we had it, giving him some bute or bannamine. Unfortunately we had neither.

Opa suggested colic and founder and at both suggestions I lost it a little more because I knew it was neither.

It was some two hours before a veterinarian finally arrived. Before she got there I did (with Opa's help) get Réo up on his chest, but as soon as he was there he was wanting to get up on his feet. For the next half hour I walked beside him and softly guided him towards the gate leading outside the pasture. He really wanted to head out in the field with the other horses and it took quite a bit to keep him guided in a loose circle somewhat close to the gate. At one point he paused as a dripper sprinkled him as he moved along the fence. He clumbsily backed up, sucked up some water, and let is cool his sides before starting off again, determined to head out in the pasture, but I kept him close to the gate. On one swing back towards the gate alongside the arena he acted like he was going to graze, dropping his head to reach for some grass, but his legs buckled and he was down again. I'm rather positive that he was not trying to lay down.

From there he would think about getting up, but he didn't stand again. The vet arrived and looked him over. We got him some water and hay. He drank greedily and chewed readily, swallowing both well. We talked about options and possibilities and what was close to another hour later, he finally got some pain killers.

I sat out there with him when the vet left and Opa went inside. The sky darkened and I asked for a blanket as Ré was getting cold. I leaned up next to him and sketched, keeping him company until the next vet arrived and it started to rain. We brought out a second blanket to keep him warm as they set up the x-ray machine.

The results weren't good. Réo had managed to break his fourth vertebrae. The vet said that it was a compression fracture and, judging by Réo's other injuries, he probably fell, hit his head against the ground, and the rest of his body probably pressed in and probably either flipped over or went to the side, but the point is that the bones of the neck were so compressed that the vertebrae failed, like a plastic cup that is crushed. The top and bottom of the bone essentially burst out. This was causing pressure on his spinal cord, thus resulting in the ungainly movement and lack of coordination.

We called Mom and told her, or rather, the vet told her and he was put down. I lost it again, though I tried my hardest to keep it together. I'm loosing it again now just thinking about it.

Egads, what a day. Of course, it happened to fall on Chris and I's anniversary and were were several hundred miles apart. He in AZ, I in UT. Four years now.

So Réo passed, just barely a year old. It's not fair that we took him up there to "grow up" and he went and broke his neck, but I guess life happens. I think I'm more upset over watching him suffer rather than the fact that he is gone. He wasn't even my horse.

It wasn't until around 9.00 that evening that the guys turned up to take his body. They were supposed to get there at 7.00.

Needless to say the rest of the week was much better. It had started out as a pretty good day, actually. Opa and I went out on the first trail ride of the year with Sassy and Cinnamon (not Strudel, this is Dakota's daughter and Sassy's older half-sister) and they did pretty well, despite all the water and flooding and the snow and such.

It's just tragic, though. Tragic.
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2009-03-12 09:03 am
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In Utah

I am now in Utah, yesterday was spent driving. I drove the first five hours and, must admit, it's much easier to be alert and awake when the sun is up than when it is not. I think my parents slept for two or three hours while I drove and while they drove I probably slept for 40 minutes, heh. I did finish reading "3001: The Final Odyssey," which was quite good and I should probably go back and read the first three ... I brought a couple other books with me to chew on, including "Natural Horsemanship Explained," which seems to be focused on how natural horsemanship uses/acts upon the horses' natural instincts and behaviors.

And we haven't left to go skiing yet as my parents are being a bit slow ... I had to wax all the skis this morning (cold wax) and am waiting for Dad to eat some breakfast, Mom's hair still isn't dry because they didn't bring a blow drier, and all sorts of good things.

I initially woke up around 4am this morning and said "heck no" and went back asleep for a couple hours before getting up around 7.00ish.

We've been listening to the snow and ice slide off of the roof this morning, quite an interesting sound. It sounds like a cart being rolled across concrete or a rolling door being opened before it suddenly stops and flops on the ground.

Chris has suggested the name "Kitt" for the new mare. We'll have to chew on it a bit.

After skiing there will be food and then Dad gets to go down and pick up Lance around 8.00 this evening.

I'm hoping to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight as the tendency is that I stay up obscenely late when hanging out with parents and such because they stay up obscenely late and I don't want to be antisocial and just head off to bed at a reasonable time. However, in order to preserve my sleep schedule, I need to get to bed earlier (didn't sleep until after midnight last night...).

Anyway, I'll chatter more later when there is more to talk about.
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2007-09-24 12:33 pm
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Back home

I have returned from the not-so-sunny state of California. It rained Saturday and was a bit cloudy and also rained as we came in on Friday. Sunday was cloudy again and we didn't really hit clear skies until we were back in AZ.

I have an annoying papercut on the tip of my ring finger on my right hand. Managed it this morning while going through my folder, which lead to an interesting story during my sculpture class from a fellow student concerning a traumatic experience in which he managed to get a paper cut across his eye. He now has a profound fear of large books.

I'm hoping to get back into riding a bit this week as I have been a bit slack. Not really slack, I've been too busy doing other things. I know there are those who have gone months or years without riding, at one point I was there, but having the horses right there makes it all the more painful and TEACHING it to others makes the itch all the worse. It's quite sad when my students, whose only access to horses are mine, get to ride more often and longer than I do.

It'll be nice if I can get back into a routine of riding regularly. I miss it dearly.

Less than two years. This semester is bumbling along at a sluggish pace, but soon we'll make it halfway, and quickly after that it'll be over and I'll be moving along. We're going to start a new painting on Wednesday, either a self-portrait or a still life. As much as I loathe doing self-portraits, I am also not terribly fond of still lifes, even if it's supposed to be more abstract ... especially since it is supposed to be more abstract. I still don't abstract well. I can simplify, but abstracting doesn't go well for me. Maybe someday I will be drawn to it, but right now the bouts are few and far between as well as short-lived.

Sculpture is going to pose a challenge. I came to the conclusion that for this assignment, which is themed "metamorphosis," I wanted to carve some wood and beat the crap out of some metal. Since I was out of town I was unable to acquire supplies, but I did manage to settle down with my idea and hacked away a bit at some wood to get an idea of how to work it. Wednesday I'll have my wood and possibly my metal, and be able to have at it some more. Crap, I left my chisels and stuff in my locker ... that's okay, I'll get them Wednesday.

Things to acquire tomorrow: Wood mallet, approx. 24X24" canvas, some bass wood, and a sheet of thin sheet metal (28 gage?).

Things to do tomorrow: teach a lesson in the morning, pay the farrier/get horses shod, pay the hay people/have hay delivered, go to training (probably have Kevin do Kash last then), wander about purchasing supplies (wood, metal, canvas, maybe a mirror), and teach a lesson that evening.

Since Painting today was just an intro to the next assignment and a quick "mini-critique" of the 10 "study" paintings we did over the last week and a half, we've been released early. Not quite early enough for me to catch the 12.00 bus, but early enough to be able to hit the 1.00, be home by 2.00, and have an hour or so before I teach my first lesson today.

Lessons are picking up. I now have both of the sisters coming Weds. rather than having them switch off every week, my twice a week lesson should be picking up the second one again here, two other clients are picking up again now that it's cooling off (it may be 99, but less than 100 is less than 100!). There are a couple others that are also considering so I might be getting a bit busy.

I'd like to be selfish and keep Friday evenings and Saturdays open, but if I get enough students they'll need to be sacrificed in order to earn money to pay bills and also to stash for a rainy day. I need to go through my account and look to see how much I might be able to give towards insurance, but I desperately need to pay off my credit card. It's getting there, but I'd rather have it at $0. Just the same, no orders from Germany this year, no music, no movies, it's going on hold, probably until next year.

Ag, hunger, I need to sit down and chew away at my lunch.

I must admit, it was rather nice to see the family again over the weekend. My mom's side is a bit expansive, she's the youngest of six kids and I have something like 18 cousins (round about), and several of them are married now and having kids, so it's quite a crowd when we all manage to get together. Caught up a bit, and still feel a bit of an outsider in some occations. Everyone else lives either in UT or CA and travel constantly inbetween, where we've been in AZ most of the time and we're always the ones going to visit them. I'm sure I can count on one hand the number of times I've had a cousin or aunt or uncle out this way. Oma and Opa have traveled and visited with a regularity, but not the rest.

Rambling aside, it's time to eat and then catch the bus.
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2007-09-21 08:49 pm
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Brain Rot

I don't know how people can watch some shows. I think I mentioned this before, but some of the things on Disney channel, like "Hannah Montana," drives me mad and it makes my brain melt. It further drops my opinion of the company and I wonder how long it can flounder about producing such inane things. For some strange reason my mom really likes the show and is, in fact, watching it right now, thus I'm desperately trying to distract myself, but for some strange reason its horribly attention-grabbing. Of course, Opa just pronounced his wondering about whether or not the show has any real substance.

In other news, Shilo came up yesterday from the southern depths of the state to join me in going to the Foreigner-Styx-Def Leopard concert. We left for the concert after dinner and managed to get there shortly before Mom, Dad, and the rest of the group. We sat up on the lawn, arriving shortly after Foreigner started. We watched all of Styx and watched a little bit of Def Leopard before running off to avoid the traffic. I managed to climb in bed around 11.30 and then got up shortly before 5.00 to feed horses, eat breakfast, and send Shilo off before calling Mom and then wandering off to CA, which is where I am now.

I really should not be on the computer, but there's not to much else to do as my sketchbook and everything is up at the hotel. All I have at the moment is my little notebook, which I might just return to and see if I can't hammer some other stuff out.
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2007-05-17 09:23 am
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And she's off!

We'll be leaving tomorrow for Utah. We have two weddings in two days and in TWO STATES! We're just hardcore like that.

The horses had their shots yesterday, gag. Thankfully it's only a semi-annual thing. And we have the Farrier coming on Monday, I wish I could leave Kash barefoot, but I'm using him too much not to put shoes on his fronts. I also wish I could leave Chewy barefoot, but the same thing. Hopefully we can drop Panda down to just fronts, but this is only her second rotation, so she might still have more work to be done to get her feet back into balance.

We will be gone for a week and will have extremely minimal 'net access, so don't count on replies to E-mails and the like until next Saturday (as if anyone ever e-mails me anyway ...).

My bank account looks sad. Thank heavens lessons will be picking up once I get back! Of course it'd be nice if I could manage to dig up some commissions to supplement. Must market self more.

Time to get my butt outside and do horse-related stuff before running off into town.