Mar. 5th, 2015

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Today ended up not much as I originally set out. I was going to work Bud first thing and as I am unhooking the horse trailer I said "forget it" and decided to just pick him up and work him on the property. Since I would have some spare time I was going to hit the feedstore and get has in the Lil Rig before picking him up. I am almost to the feedstore and realize I forgot my wallet. I had to find a place to turn around (crew cab long bed plus three horse bumperpull trailer) and went back for Bud.

With the 20 minutes I had before my first lesson was to start I grabbed True-D and took her to the roundpen for the first time. My goal was walking in both directions and we nearly got there. Granted we have had big dump trucks hauling dirt and going back for more plus street sweepers racing up and down Hawes for the last few weeks as they work on channelizing the Sonoqui Wash system. She's been at the back of the property and hasn't experienced them up close yet so getting close to the goal was good enough for all the noise and distraction.

I took a video, which did not help our communication any, but I wanted evidence. I need to pull out the real video camera now and again.

I waited for 9am to show up, but she didn't. I pulled out Bud and lead him over to the property. We started in the roundpen as I knew he wouldn't be thrilled with the bog trucks, but he got dead quiet so I rode him through the gate and to the dressage arena. We played with what I remembered of Introductory Test 1 (A?) and worked on getting him to relax and focus on me rather tha worrying about the trucks. We worked on some canter departs, which have been going pretty well out in the open, but obviously need work trying them on a 20m circle.

Following Bud was a lesson, returning Bud, running the two errands that were thwarted by my misplaced wallet earlier, and hit the post office to send off my exchanges (a bit and a pair of breeches). It was fun maneuvering the truck and trailer around the small parking lot. One of the rows was mercifully empty so I just took up a dozen spaces. When I came out a few cars were parked behind it, thankfully none tried to park in front.

I retrieved the boys and we chased the giant horse soccer ball around, fed the horses citrus, and pushed them around in the wheelbarrow. We hung in the little house for a bit, Tristan painted on some model horse blanks and I tried to keep Kelhan occupied enough to not play in the paints (only a little on one hand, success!). I managed to eat some lunch and then it was time to teach more lessons.

Keara rode Panda in the roundpen while I taught Roxanne's lesson and she said the mare did awesome and completely ignored the trucks. Good girl, Panda. Now I need to find you a home where people will mess with you daily.

The arena at home is dry enougb to work in after the rain Monday. No rain predicted for Saturday so we should be able to actually have our draft horse show in conjunction with the Rodeo.

I need to sit down with Chris and the Grand Plan for the property and draw up water schematics so we can get the water pipes all done and I don't have to haul water over. I also need to look and find a shipping container to use as a tack room because not having to haul tack over is my other prerequisite for using the property regularly.

Tuesday morning I got up a half hour early and didn't have time to eat breakfast plus had to run back for one more thing once my lesson started cleaning up their horses. Thankfully 9am couldn't make it so I got to grab breakfast before my 10am (would have liked to have spent it working Panda, but a gal has got to eat!). As it stands if I want to use it for lessons I probably have to get up a full hour earlier than I do now in order to have everything ready to go and not be rushed. Or, in the case of evening lessons, start prepping for the lessons about an hour before. Once there is water and 90% of the tack over there it will be much less as I will just have to either load horses in the trailer and haul them over or just walk them over depending on how many/who I use.

It will be nice when it is finished. I just now ha e to have time to finish it!

I have six lessons tomorrow. Two of them are away.


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